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New Desktop Screenshot Thread
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Hamish 13 Sep, 2018

I finally finished extracting honey for the year this week, so I have now switched from August's honey combs to a fresh set of wallpapers for September at last:

Spud13y 29 Sep, 2018

Had to change to Xfce from Cinnamon. The straw that broke the camel's back was that Nemo choked when I needed to use my external hard drive and Thunar did not. Startup applications didn't work on Cinnamon (on Arch and Debian). I was tinkering with i3 but couldn't lock it anymore when that worked on Debian. Xfce on a cold boot has a bit less RAM than what I had setup on i3 (not that it mattered ultimately). Also Halloween month very soon with a wallpaper by My Nintendo account.

Hamish 4 Oct, 2018

This Halloween marks twenty years since the shareware release of Blood II: The Chosen, so I have dual Caleb's glaring at me to look forward to for the rest of October:

Also have a new BioShock icon down with my WINE and DOSBox games.

Xpander 8 Oct, 2018

No changes, except wallpaper

Hamish 1 Nov, 2018

Very little to report on for November other than my new wallpapers:

Hamish 10 Dec, 2018

I am late and lazy so I just used some colourful festive wallpapers for December:

ninelore 11 Dec, 2018

My Laptop, not my Main PC
Arch Linux | KDE Plasma | Latte Dock (Wallpaper: Trivium - The Sin and the sentence Cover)

Avehicle7887 19 Dec, 2018

I have finally moved away completely from Linux Mint and onto the Debian bandwagon. Part of the reason why I chose Stable and not Testing is because I can have a fully offline repo wherever I am. Also learned how to compile the kernel for Debian, boy there's surely lots of stuff in there. :)

Hamish 3 Jan, 2019

I am still feeling lazy for January so I just grabbed some more wallpapers from the guy who created my theme:

dvd 21 Jan, 2019

Quoting: trawzMy Arch i3 setup with polybar and wal.

Wow, this looks gorgeous.

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