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Game Sales
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muntdefems 29 Mar, 2013
I've submitted a couple of offers from a new indie games digital distributor called [Shiny Loot]( The've got not many Linux titles but they're on beta yet, so there's space to grow.

Could you add it as a Game Sales provider? And maybe also add it to the Crowdfunding Wiki's main page as a site for buying Linux games?
Liam Dawe 29 Mar, 2013
Will do, any suggestions for others you use?
muntdefems 29 Mar, 2013
None that I'm aware of... I'll let you know in case I discover a new one.

muntdefems 29 Mar, 2013
On second thoughts yes, I know of 2 more digital distributors: [FireFlower Games]( and [IndieCity](

The first one you already added to the wiki at my request. It's offering only 5 Linux games since I discovered it and it had all of them on sale around Valentine's Day, but it hasn't held any more sales ever since. Add it as a Game Sales provider at your own discretion.

The other one, IndieCity, features Linux games in principle but I really couldn't say as there's no way to filter games by platform. The only hint it's a faint penguin icon overlay on some games' thumbnails, but still it's quite confusing since I've managed to find some games with theoretical Linux support which are lacking the icon on their thumbnail.
What's more, they seem to have no sales so I wouldn't recommend adding it as a Game Sales provider, nor putting it on the wiki.
Liam Dawe 30 Mar, 2013
Added [FireFlower Games](, indiecity will be a future one once they get their client out.
muntdefems 1 Apr, 2013
I love the new sales layout, great job! :)

Just a comment, though: I'm afraid the 'Price' column might get somewhat inconsistent, as everybody will report sales in their own currency when regional pricing applies. What could we do? Maybe replacing the 'Price' column by 3 columns (£, € and $) and adding the possibility to edit other people's submissions to add the missing pricings?

Edit: I've just realized the providers filter has ceased to work. :S:
Liam Dawe 1 Apr, 2013
The filter should work again now, not sure how I broke it though gah!

I am a little unsure on that pricing thing, that may be the best way to do it, to split it up but it may be a lot of work for every sale..hmmm.

Admins/Editors can edit them, I wander how hard it would be to add in a edit suggestion ability for users will look into that too.
muntdefems 1 Apr, 2013
Also I've spotted an error, there are currently 2 Dungeon Fray sales:

1) 40% off on Desura (expiring in 21 hours):

and 2) PWYW (min $2.99) on the game's website:

I think you accidentally merged them into one incorrect entry. :P
muntdefems 1 Apr, 2013
Yep, filter works alright, thanks!

On the other hand, now what seems to fail are quotes here on the forum. Clicking "Quote me" on any message has no effect. I think your quoting nightmares are not over... :O
Liam Dawe 1 Apr, 2013
I actually meant to merge them since the official website has a link to both their sale and the Desura sale ;)

I haven't moved the new quote system over to the forum yet :P
muntdefems 1 Apr, 2013
Quoting: liamdaweI actually meant to merge them since the official website has a link to both their sale and the Desura sale
Oh, I see, hadn't thought of that... Still I think there's a chance someone looking for Desura sales might overlook it. How about multi-provider sales? (they'd also be useful for bundles, when there's DRM-free + a key, or Desura+Steam keys)

Quoting: liamdaweI haven't moved the new quote system over to the forum yet
No worries! I can manually quote until then. ^_^
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