DiRT Rally GOL League - Group B Extended Season
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Soltrumman Jun 25, 2018
Greece done. Had to recover my vehicle 3 times in one minute on the first stage... The other stages went better thankfully. Was fun participating in the league even though the Group B cars are a bit too much for me to handle. :)
Fakeman_Pretendname Jun 29, 2018
I had a few fall-off penalties on the first Greek stage, then things went reasonably smoothly until those bits in Stages 5 and 6 where I always fall off the cliff (in both directions). I wish the co-driver would say "DON'T CUT! I REALLY MEAN IT! DON'T CUT AT ALL! DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THAT EDGE!". Still, I'm pleased I made it to the end of the season without any "terminal damage" failures... though I am a good few minutes behind everyone - but I've noticed I'm getting faster and better in single-player as a result of the practice :) I always really sucked at Group B cars. Now I only slightly suck :)
Xpander Jul 1, 2018
Greece done. Had 2 segfaults, 1 on the 4th stage. Had to do 3rd and 4th again and then on the 5th stage right at the start another segfault. Thanks nvidia. First stages i was flying like crazy, if i didnt have those mistakes there it would have been massive lead. Something happened with muell on the last stage though as i won him by 24 sec there.

S1: Roll on the high speed,Lucky i landed on the wheels again.
S2: Spin with reverse, Roll on the corner, too much cutting
S3: Crash into a post with reverse needed
S4: Clean
S5: Lucky Roll again lost maybe 3-4 seconds
S6: Clean
Xpander Jul 1, 2018
So, season is completed. First post updated. Give suggestions for the next Car Class.
in about 1 week i will create a new season.
The Group B cars were quite difficult to control. As someone who slightly sucks at Dirt Rally, I wouldn't mind one of the easier to drive ones (either a later fancy model with amazing grip, or an early model that's too slow to be dangerous), but to be honest I don't mind too much if someone has a better suggestion, or especially wants a particular era :)
Arnvidr Jul 5, 2018
Seems like we've done A and B several times the last year, and also 2010s more than once, so maybe one not done for a while, Kit Cars or something?

edit: But no idea how much I'll be able to play for the next month either way, that time of year when I suddenly will be away for a weeks.
Xpander Jul 5, 2018
Kit Cars are front wheel drive i think? So they are really not fun at all imo.

Maybe 2001s would be fun and quite easy to drive.

I'm going away at the end of the month for a week also, so probably won't be able to participate on one of those events. Going to Jyväskylä Finland to watch the real WRC event :)
tuubi Jul 5, 2018
Welcome to Finland Xpander. Hopefully you'll have fun watching cars fly past. :)

The R4 class is IMHO an easy 4WD class to drive relatively fast. That could be a good choice, and one we haven't tried yet.

Summer has conspired to keep me from finishing a league event for a few weeks, but I haven't given up or lost interest.
Skully Jul 6, 2018
Congrats on your win Xpander! I would also prefer not to drive group B or 2010 for a bit.
Xpander Jul 6, 2018
Quoting: tuubiWelcome to Finland Xpander. Hopefully you'll have fun watching cars fly past. :)

Thanks. I have been there like 7-8 times already. Jyväskylä is like second home lol. Gonna enjoy the event even when you don't manage to get good positions for watching the cars flying past.

Quoting: tuubiThe R4 class is IMHO an easy 4WD class to drive relatively fast. That could be a good choice, and one we haven't tried yet.

Sounds like a plan indeed
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