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Humble Bundle keys part 1
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vgnmnky 2 Oct, 2018
Help yourself! Preferably for those with tighter budgets of course.

They won't all be native to Linux.

Edit: Scroll down for more keys

[Dungeons 3](
[Destiny 2 (emblem also available, message me)](
[Styx: Shards of Darkness](
[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III](
[Tomb Raider](

More to come, having a clear-out.
Liam Dawe 3 Oct, 2018
Hopefully bots didn't get them, as a tip for future giveaways, don't add them as plain links. Key stealing bots are everywhere nowadays.
vgnmnky 3 Oct, 2018
Yeah, I realised the potential error of my ways within minutes! I'll invite people to ask for them next time and hand them out myself. Thanks for the advice!
damarrin 3 Oct, 2018
Also, you might consider looking a user's history up before giving them the key. People (bots?) have been known to register only to nab a key even here.
vgnmnky 3 Oct, 2018
Really part 2, but keeping it here rather than starting a new thread.

More Humble Bundle Games that I'll never get around to playing, or I don't have a beefy enough PC for. A mixture of Linux and Windows.

Not posting links this time, I was way too naive! Just the names, then if you want them, I'll send the links if you don't look like a bot, etc.

Acceleration of SUGURI 2
Bear With Me - Collector's Edition
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Crazy Machines 3
Dead Rising 4
Moon Hunters
NBA Playgrounds

Cheers for now.
skyrrd 3 Oct, 2018
If you still have the key I'd like Yooka-Laylee

Thanks in advance ;-)
Skully 3 Oct, 2018
I would like to grab Jalopy if it's still available.
s8as8a 4 Oct, 2018
Hello, vgnmnky. :)

Could I please have NBA Playgrounds?
vgnmnky 4 Oct, 2018
A few more:

GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst
Lara Croft GO
Laser League
Mafia III
Mafia III: Sign of the Times

Black the Fall
Snake Pass
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
The Sexy Brutale
Grey Goo Definitive Edition
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Standard Edition
tuubi 4 Oct, 2018
I wouldn't mind HIVESWAP, Bear With Me or Lara Croft GO, in that order of preference. :)
s8as8a 4 Oct, 2018
Actually, not to sound ungrateful or anything (because I'm not), but how many games can we ask for? I ask because I'm also interested in Grey Goo Definitive Edition, Black The Fall and the Mafia IIIs (and also Lara Croft GO, but tuubi asked for that first)?

(You hadn't listed those games when I commented earlier.)
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