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Valve misses an opportunity to encourage users to switch to Linux.
ageres commented on 17 December 2018 at 10:08 am UTC

What was so good and innovative in XP? Zero security? The need to install and update every driver by hand? Freezes for seconds when you open a CD or FDD? BSoDs? Performing slower and slower with every installed update or program? Not be able to deal with SSDs properly? Huge disk fragmentation immediately after the installation? Gosh, I'm very glad that OS died. Maybe it was good in 2001, but even Vista was better for me than XP.

cynicfm commented on 17 December 2018 at 12:07 pm UTC

hahah yeah you're right

well okay i shouldnt say innovation but back in a days in poland for me that was something nice, games for winxp were really nice and there was huge amount of them. and u were able to buy them in the shop physical boxes and cds and that was even better.
that was era before social media and google wasnt that popular too. These were happier times i think for most of people.
you didnt even need internet to be stuck on computer for 15 hours before you go to sleep.

today everything is digitalized, i think but i may be wrong that win xp wasnt that spyware, and whole spyware thing started with windows vista in my opinion.
That was ages ago though, i remember these times pre-vista were good for me. But its what i recall anyways.
i regret that i never tried linux though back in a days but i was only like 7.
I wish there was some shop or store that sells cds with free games designed for linux. not digital.

ageres commented on 17 December 2018 at 12:45 pm UTC

Like these?
(they are not mine, just a random photo from the Internet)

damarrin commented on 17 December 2018 at 4:36 pm UTC

ageresWhat was so good and innovative in XP? Zero security? The need to install and update every driver by hand? Freezes for seconds when you open a CD or FDD? BSoDs? Performing slower and slower with every installed update or program? Not be able to deal with SSDs properly? Huge disk fragmentation immediately after the installation? Gosh, I'm very glad that OS died. Maybe it was good in 2001, but even Vista was better for me than XP.

Oh come on. Those were completely different days. Though I'll give you the slowdown after updates. I remember having a speedy laptop on SP1, then getting SP2 and my boot time practically tripling IIRC.

XP was the last version of Windows I used extensively. I still have no idea what they were thinking with the skin and colour theme. I moved to the Mac around 2005 and then a few years later became the Linux nerd that I am now.

stretch611 commented on 17 December 2018 at 5:00 pm UTC

ageresLike these?

Damn, I'm jealous now...

I actually just bought Railroad Tycoon II from GOG during their sale last month. I didn't know that there was a linux version of that. (And IMHO, the less said about Railway Empire the better; it was a huge disappointment for me and I had to get Railroad Tycoon to remove the thoughts of the horrible knock-off.)

I knew about Descent, but I though it was SimCity 2000 not 3000... but then again, I might be remembering SimCity 2000 for OS/2.

Salvatos commented on 17 December 2018 at 6:45 pm UTC

To be fair, I've never had a BSOD on Windows XP and I don't remember having problems reading disks either (I could say the opposite about Linux when it comes to that). When I saw Win7 go unresponsive at session launch on various computers I knew I wouldn't be "upgrading." Which is why I continue to believe that Microsoft are among the biggest factors in Linux adoption

cynicfm commented on 18 December 2018 at 12:42 am UTC

yeah that looks nice. Though i suppose you are from United States, back in a days i lived in eastern europe and things have been different. Linux maybe was created in Finland but i think that most popular distros were created in united states, debian for example.
Don't compare Poland and eastern europe where no technology is created, maybe apart from CD Projekt that created witcher 3 and GOG is cdprojekt too, well they're polish, lol. But the CEO of the company is young billionairie, but he has got a billion of polish zloty not dollar, that for dollar is maybe about 250 mil dollar.
Things would be better for linux if consumers wouldnt spend their earned money for high end pc to play newest witcher 3, but if instead of focusing GREAT SPECS to run one game, they could create computer for linux.

Unfortunately we live in a generation where there is so mch waste of planet resources. We dont appreciate what mother nature gave us. People are so dumb (actually i am dumb as well) that they will throw the pc that wont run witcher 3 to the bin and buy new one.
Or microsoft philosphy that is slow the computer down so customer gonna think he need better one. So many computers are being turned into scrap, but truth be told installing some linux distro would give them another life and could be used as a servers for example.
But nobody cares, majority of people think that if they laptop is slow and they use windows they think its their laptop is shit and they need to upgrade, spend 600 dollars for new one and put the other one to bin.
This is unfortunately very sad and its not consumers fault, but producers.

But i recall windows well, when i installed non systemd distro called devuan that is fork of debian 9, that reminded me off win xp very much like load system and done kind of thing. But nowadays if i buy laptop with win 10 it wants to speak to something as soon as it get internet connection, maybe back in a days there were only updates. I remember that you were able to create nice gaming machine using windows xp.
But nowadays its hard to make nice gaming machine using windows 10 to be fair, if the system is connecting to microsoft cloud and servers all the time and consumes actually wastes PC resources for microsoft, not for END-USER. I wanna have 100% control over my system.

But Linux becomes another windows bloatware as well, its because of adoption of systemd, its simply its not like its simply init system, but its also software that is part of systemd. Pulseaudio gnome networkmanager what else is there, if u delete systemd from your computer you not gonna have desktop environment, internet and sound. Is the person who used systemd distros for years and was baby sitted by redhat able to connect with internet get sound and some basic GUI using commands in terminal, i am not for example. What you gonna do if you delete systemd where systemctl command doesnt exist. I dont know much about this stuff, cuz im not technician or scientist, but i know that all crap with spying customers and bloatware started with windows vista. And developer of systemd that is red hat employee said he liked how windows vista had sound processed and blablabla and thought that traditional init systems are old and crap, but im not sure if windows had something like init system because im dumb, but i think systemd for windows was started with windows vista. Uhmm i cant really tell if microsoft was spying on their users back in the days when winxp was out there.
I heard that military still use win xp.
And lots of things were happening on win xp, i was playing games like might n magic series, win xp still had support for windows 95 and windows 98 games.
But the reason why i say this is because when i was a kid and teenager i never had any contact with linux unfortunately. So my brain shaped windows way and not the other way.

debianxfce commented on 18 December 2018 at 12:59 am UTC

XP era computers do not have drivers and power to run newer virus hoovers so valve is in the wintel conspiracy to force users to buy new hardware. Hardware sale would have been smaller if valve had recommended Debian.

chancho_zombie commented on 18 December 2018 at 6:11 am UTC

for me windows 2000 was the best windows, windows xp was the same thing but bloated. But anyways the problem with windows xp and windows 2000 was the ActiveX plugins and all sort of internet explorer plugins, the windows explorer had internet explorer embedded (very bad security practice) so if you accidentaly run a script on windows explorer it will bog internet explorer .

like this arrrrrgggg, my eyes hurt.


let's not forget sasser virus.
Looking things in perspective windows at those days was a mess, surely it has come a long way with windows 7 and 10 as far as security concerns (sure, privacy that's another issue). I remember back then loosing plenty of time running lavasoft adware program, scanning and scanning over and over again, there was no efficient way of getting rid of all the adware.
Now the problem they have is botnets running DoS attacks or mining cryptocurrency and that happens mostly on computers that are really outdated, nobody should be using windows xp these days.

Cyril commented on 19 December 2018 at 12:34 am UTC

chancho_zombielike this arrrrrgggg, my eyes hurt.

This screenshot is priceless!

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