Minecraft Competition Win 15 Great Linux Games
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SteamPenguin 8 Aug, 2013
You heard me right if you win this competition, you will get 15 great Linux games! There also maybe more prizes added later :D

Space Pirates and Zombies Steam
Scoregasm Steam
Faerie Solitaire Steam
King Arthurs Gold Desura
Oniken Desura
Uplink Steam
Defcon steam
Darwinia Steam
Multiwinia steam
Puddle Steam
Dungeons Of Dredmor Steam
Botanicula Steam
MC Pixel Steam
Thomas Was Alone Steam
Amnesia: The Dark Decent Steam

Prizes provided by SteamPenguin, n30p1r4t3 and muntdefems

How do I win these great Linux games?

I am glad you ask, other by a secluded mountain lies a not so well hidden secret, Linux Land. You can find Linux Land around about these coordinates:
Its a fairly big place you wont miss it just head in that direction :D So anyway part of the purpose of Linux Land is mini games that people on the server can play. So the basic point of the competition is to build the best mini game at Linux Land, follow the rules/guidelines below.

. Server Info 
. Only games can be entered no other type of structure
. Linux Land is big but not infinite keep your builds below 10x10 (can be larger underground, unless it effects other builds)
. You must build on the stone checkered floor (or where it was if you need to dig it up)
. Leave space in between builds so people can get about
. If you cant find a space I will build you one
. Any questions at all contact me with a private message or any other way you like (YouTube etc)
. The end date is open ended as I may allow extra time depending on what people are doing for now I will say by the end of the month.


SteamPenguin 8 Aug, 2013
Awesome cant wait to see your idea and thanks so much for the article when you do it :D
killx_den 9 Aug, 2013
Finally the location of Linux Land, I think I already spent over one hour looking for it without finding it xD
SteamPenguin 9 Aug, 2013
Quoting: killx_denFinally the location of Linux Land, I think I already spent over one hour looking for it without finding it xD
Could have just asked lol
SteamPenguin 10 Aug, 2013
I cant wait to see what you build :D
killx_den 12 Aug, 2013
Wow 10x10 doesn't sound much. It will be tough to build what i wanted. I definitely have to start at bedrock ^^ 
SteamPenguin 12 Aug, 2013
I may make size limit negotiable if you contact me and explain why, its just I need to keep this fair and obviously I want room for everybody. I would be on right now helping everyone but I am working on something big I might post on the forum soon.
killx_den 12 Aug, 2013
Well let me try it first then I will tell you if it is enough ^^

I definitely understand that everyone needs a space to build :> 
Also I still have room from the bottom to the top right ;)
SteamPenguin 12 Aug, 2013
Yeah bedrock to build height limit is all good :D
EliteGamerShadow 12 Aug, 2013
Can I have extra space for my mini game paperjon told me to go here to ask for it cause I have a bow shooting competition so... I need a lot if space lenghthwise

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