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Stadia Founders Thread
drlamb commented on 21 November 2019 at 4:29 pm UTC

Liam DaweMy Stadia has arrived. No code, so completely fucking useless. Their customer service has so far been the worst of any launches.

I've been through: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Steam Machine/SteamOS - Stadia is by far the worst launch so far of them all.

I agree. The pure vitriol on the subreddit is insane but I cannot say Google doesn't deserve it. The sheer amount of trolls/misinformation being spewed is overwhelming. I wish I could respond and correct all of it but honestly it's just damaging my mental health. I have a passion for Linux/Gaming/Technology that doesn't mix with the cancel/outrage culture of today.


Back to stadia. I did end up purchasing Metro Exodus to try and it does run well but not as smooth as Destiny 2. I do not know the resolution the game is running at.

Ultimately I returned it because Metro Exodus, like Borderlands 3, is a game with series history on Linux. Both of those games have Linux builds but only for Stadia because of Epic's anti-steam bullshit. I truly hope we see both of these games on Linux, via steam (or Epic Launcher now *laughs*) once Epic's deal expires. Manipulating the market to be against ONE competitor smells highly of antitrust to me.

This is also why I've held off on RDR2 as I want to see if it works in proton well next month first.

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