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Stadia Founders Thread
drlamb commented on 21 November 2019 at 4:29 pm UTC

Liam DaweMy Stadia has arrived. No code, so completely fucking useless. Their customer service has so far been the worst of any launches.

I've been through: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Steam Machine/SteamOS - Stadia is by far the worst launch so far of them all.

I agree. The pure vitriol on the subreddit is insane but I cannot say Google doesn't deserve it. The sheer amount of trolls/misinformation being spewed is overwhelming. I wish I could respond and correct all of it but honestly it's just damaging my mental health. I have a passion for Linux/Gaming/Technology that doesn't mix with the cancel/outrage culture of today.


Back to stadia. I did end up purchasing Metro Exodus to try and it does run well but not as smooth as Destiny 2. I do not know the resolution the game is running at.

Ultimately I returned it because Metro Exodus, like Borderlands 3, is a game with series history on Linux. Both of those games have Linux builds but only for Stadia because of Epic's anti-steam bullshit. I truly hope we see both of these games on Linux, via steam (or Epic Launcher now *laughs*) once Epic's deal expires. Manipulating the market to be against ONE competitor smells highly of antitrust to me.

This is also why I've held off on RDR2 as I want to see if it works in proton well next month first.

slavezeo commented on 27 December 2019 at 10:33 am UTC

Dec 27th here and Stadia has been running great on my home 1000/600 cable internet. I've been playing the 'free' pro games quite a bit and I'm pretty impressed over all. I've not bought anything yet as I'm still playing Destiny 2 and Tomb Raider. Samurai Showdown plays as well as a locally installed game and the controllers feel tight and accurate. Despite the initial issues and customer service misfires I'm pretty sold on it. I play on my desktop under fedora, on my wifi chromebook and on my 4k tv with the chromecast ultra connected via ethernet.

On a down note, I occasionally get controller lag when we have 2 or more video streaming services going while I'm trying to play. I'd rather it reduce visual quality and keep the controls tight. Maybe that'll be something they work out later on.

Also, I'd probably not pay full price for a game on the service but when they start having steam-like sales i'll bite.

Redface commented on 27 December 2019 at 10:53 pm UTC

I have a 100/100 fibre connection, where I had some 6 year old powerlines from the router to my switch in the living room. That was totally ok for running the games through Chrome on my Ubuntu desktop, probably because that is only 1080p and a good connection for streaming netflix etc and downloading but for Stadia with the chromecast to a 4k TV it sucked. I then ran a ethernet cable from the router to the switch and that was an amazing difference.

The first Tombraider of the new trilogy runs amazing at 4k with a wired ethernet connection. I played like the frst third previous on Linux but never finished it due to just having to hy games, now I am over half way through on Stadia and with the next Tombraider coming with Pro in January I also might get the third on Stadia, I missed the recent sale though.

After some hours of really good gaming with Tombraider on my TV I then bough Red Death Redemption 2 in the current sale and got some really good hours of that as well. Until my controller then suddenly disconnected. I thought it might be low on battery but when I got it connected again it was still 2/3 charged. And I lost over half an hour progress in a mission.

That is a letdown to have the controller disconnect and then not reacting to any input for a while.
If my Steam Controller acts up, which is like months between when it suddenly gets low on battery, I can switch batteries, or continue with Keyboard and Mouse, but with Stadia on Chromecast you really only can play with the controller on wifi

It is really bad the controller is not easily opened up to switch batteries, and the charge time sucks too. How long will they last before you have to either try to replace the batteries yourself or get a new one?

Besides that I plan to continue with a pro subscription to get new games every month, and then maybe buy some big AAA games that never would be published on regular Linux from time to time on sale.

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