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Cyberpunk 2077 in Wine
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Shmerl Nov 10, 2021
Quoting: ArehandoroNever managed to pass even the first boxing fight lol

Approaching boxing in CP2077 requires more preparation than let's say in the Witcher. It's surely way more difficult in general, especially if you try it without figuring out a way to do it.

Firstly, note that melee attacks ignore armor level. So using something like Armadillo mods is pointless for it. You can however use mods that benefit melee / boxing. Such as ones that improve stamina regeneration, critical hit chance and critical damage, evasion and movement speed. The latter can be especially important, because you can approach boxing matches like real boxing. I.e. evading opponent attacks is critical so you need to be fast to move out of their swings. Especially if you focus on other attributes for V and not on body. I.e. with some of those heavy hitters, V can be knocked out with just a few blows, while you have to hit them a lot to win.

You can make like a special clothing set just for boxing vs one you use for other quests. And apply all those melee mods to it.

Another thing, you need to get legendary Gorilla Arms. And their damage is scaling when you buy them but frozen after that, so you need to buy them like at level 45-50 supposedly.

Also, you should probably train Athletics to some level that improves stamina regeneration better. At least you can have fun RP-ing training it.

Note, that perks and mods that improve stamina level and regen make it harder to train athletics! Because you gain XP in it when you deplete stamina. So for faster training avoid perks and mods for it until you are satisfied with your level.

Last edited by Shmerl on 10 November 2021 at 10:18 pm UTC
Shmerl Nov 10, 2021
Here is my commentary while exploring how to train athletics the fun way :)


For training athletics, they can add some mechanic like actually using a gym. Stuff like using skipping rope or punching bag and so on. And allow using some good music for that in the game

Something like this:


Heh, just got an idea to visit the gym in V's apartment building since there was a punching bag there... only to find out you can't even punch it because it's a safe area and you can't take out your fists. lol.

Annoying though. Seriously, something like that should be fixed for immersion.


OK, that's becasue the coach sits there and he is a vendor and the punching bag is right near him. In a distance you can successfully punch some hanging tires :)

Just careful not to punch into oblivion some folks who train there and can walk around, lol

Probably would be safer to punch some cement bags in some yard.


V geared up for boxing training (didn't add any mods yet)


I think I'll train V at least to level 5 in Athletics to improve Stamina amount and regen.


This guy came there to rant about V training, telling to stop scaring people lol


Found a better place to train, in one of the former Animals' hideouts in Pacifica (you can discover it during "Two Wrongs Makes Us Right" gig if anyone needs).

Good punching bag there.


For more fun they can also make athletics advance faster if you use some equipment in the gym with weight lifting and etc.

Last edited by Shmerl on 10 November 2021 at 10:53 pm UTC
Beamboom Nov 11, 2021
Quoting: ArehandoroNever managed to pass even the first boxing fight lol

Yeah those are very hard, I managed the first one after a few tries but it was really quite random the whole thing.

The problem is unless we deliberately focus on it with our character, we have no close combat experience *at all*. But I think the whole deal there - in addition to be precise with our blows - is to dodge properly. That's what made me do the first fight, I dodged like crazy and got a few well placed hits and down he went.

EDIT: Oh, I just now noticed Shmerl's excellent posts. Thanks, Shmerl!

Last edited by Beamboom on 11 November 2021 at 7:55 am UTC
robbyhurtss Dec 21, 2021
I love this game, but the devs have once again let the fans down, and they need to rectify it. Not having police chases is absurd, and a bad explanation isn’t good enough, reverse course and fix/optimize or just allow for console mods…
dvd Jan 15, 2022
I just finished this game for the first time, and i have quite mixed thoughts about it. Going in, i knew very little about the plot, i knew the plot twist was gonna be that the chip ends up in your head somehow, and that there will be a "countryside" area, all of which i knew about from the trailers/general hype before the release. During the playthrough similar to the witcher series i experienced very few bugs and no crashes (the game was even alt-tab friendly, which is always a nice surprise when running stuff with wine). I was also pleasantly surprised that i was able to play it on my potato without noticable fps drops on low-mid settings.

As for the actual game, i think it suffered a lot from the general hype and the studios ambition to make it the prettiest thing ever. I think the strongest point of the witcher games was the story, the dialouges and how they were presented. That's also true for CP77 at some points of the game, but overall i feel like it was a lot weaker. I didn't really care for the stories save few in this game.

The ugliness of the city really struck me while playing. That may have been by design, as at multiple points when you are sitting "far" away or above it, the characters comment on how nice it is from there.

Technically the gameplay was ok, although i felt sneaking was way too easy. The worst technical part of the game was driving, even though in a small map like this driving could've been my only way of travel the SR2 driving mechanincs made me abuse the fast travel points. (it was perhaps better in SR2) I also encountered the rubber men and the occasional collision glitch with live enemies.

I started the game on high difficulty, but to my surprise this game felt a lot less difficult than witcher 2 or 3. The difficulty really only showed itself in that my V could be killed in 2-3 bullets from certain guns, so i had to use distance or sneak mode against enemies that weren't getting big crits with headshots.

The hacking was the other skill i put in points for my V, but it also felt useless and shallow. I think the whole hacking/cyberspace stuff was one of the most underwhelming parts of the game. Netrunners for example are only potatos, they do nothing in the game. Also as far as "cyberspace" games go, saints row 3 has the upper hand on cyberpunk 2077 easily.

Some missions also feel really short, ie. when you are breaking out Saul from the raffen shiv camp, the game lets you plan out your route by watching the drone footage (this is one of the best elements in the gameplay imo).

I also decided to get out the comfort zone and play the game with with a non-english dub. I went with polish, which i really liked, even though i didn't understand but 2 words. For the subtitles i went with hungarian, which was a huge source of irritation for me, as the translators didn't get second person correct many times which ruined a lot of conversations in the game for me.

Last edited by dvd on 15 January 2022 at 12:54 pm UTC
Shmerl Jan 16, 2022
Could be a matter of taste, but I personally liked the city, the badlands and etc. As long as you don't pay attention to garbage everywhere, lol. And I did like the stories.

I also started on hard but switched to very hard, since it felt more balanced. And even with that, on later levels V felt too overpowered.

The only really hard fight was the boxing match against Razor. You really need to prepare very well for it if you don't focus on the body attribute, especially if you max out your level since I've heard it has some uneven difficulty scaling. I even dropped difficulty back to hard to finish that quest, because it was almost impossible on very hard.

Last edited by Shmerl on 16 January 2022 at 10:50 pm UTC
dvd Jan 16, 2022
I ignored the body attribute so i had maybe two fights i needed to try a couple of times. I started the game again with a second V this time ignoring intelligence/hacking too since that basically only helped me with money from access points (i havent upgraded any implants/quickhacks, as they felt like useless for my character. I haven't completed the boxing matches because of that (the first guys went down in 2 punches the next one with the sniper took a thousand hits and could 2 hit me).

I read somewhere they plan 2 big expansions, i hope they will add additional quests for characters, maybe even post-Johnny content. Although it is hard for me to imagine how that would look, besides maybe expanding the story for the companions/friends you get in the game.

Going through the game again i still find myself bored with the gameplay though, waiting for the dialouge/story parts. They do that so well it always felt like a reward to me in witcher 2/3 as well, but i wasn't as bored with the gameplay in either.

On the other hand things like finding Dex' body are excellent details. Btw is there a timeline for the release of the expansions yet?
Shmerl Jan 16, 2022
I'm looking forward to expansions too. I haven't seen any official details, but some speculate the first expansion could come out in Q4 of 2022.

Last edited by Shmerl on 16 January 2022 at 11:04 pm UTC
Shmerl Jan 16, 2022
The only official info is here:

But it doesn't give a date for expansions.
Shmerl Jan 30, 2022
If anyone needs it, with recent Pipewire and Wine-staging, that audio crackling issue is gone even when prefix is set up in the default pulseaudio mode, so at least for me there is no need for that ALSA mode workaround anymore.

Last edited by Shmerl on 30 January 2022 at 5:46 am UTC
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