Orx - 2d Game Engine - version 1.11 has been released
Fully_Bugged Jun 6, 2020
Hello guys

I would like to share an information of a less known Linux (and other OS) game engine i'm using and that is definitely worth checking if you have the time. To sum it up, Orx is a 2.5d data-driven game development engine. It is open source, ultra-fast, multi-platform and full-featured for C/C++ programmers.

The version 1.11 of the Orx Portable Game Engine has been released.

Some of the more notable features of the release are:
- Project build tool "Init” now supports the creation of orx/Scroll, Dear ImGui and orxArchive based projects
- Support changes for MinGW-w64, including new support for 64-bit, the addition of Visual Studio 2019 and removal of VS2013
- OSX/Retina and Windows high DPI display issues corrected
- Control over polled physical peripherals
- Text animations
- Object Lifetimes based on FX, sound, spawn, track and child, not just time
The full list of changes are available at: https://github.com/orx/orx/blob/1.11/CHANGELOG

You can download the 1.11 release here: https://github.com/orx/orx/releases/tag/1.11.
The up to date development version is located at: https://github.com/orx/orx

Orx's Website: https://orx-project.org/ (you can get to the Chat or Forums to get help from there)


TobyGornow Jun 8, 2020

I tried it and so far it's great, everything is on wheels.

I don't know if you're part of the dev team but I encountered a problem with one of the tutorial on the wiki entitled "Mouse over Effect", and I'm losing it on this.

I understand it, it should work but it doesn't.

I've tried to subscribe to the forum to expose my problem but I must wait for an administrator to validate my application, don't know why...

Please, answer if you can help.


Edit :

Ok I've been approved on the forum and asked there. I find it weird to have to justify why you want to subscribe. Nevermind...

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Fully_Bugged Jun 8, 2020
QuoteI don't know if you're part of the dev team
No I'm not,
but I'm part of the 'helping to promote' team, as a user :P.

QuoteOk I've been approved on the forum and asked there
Awesome, you have a Chat here too: https://gitter.im/orx/orx
And they will open a Discord server soon.

QuoteI find it weird to have to justify why you want to subscribe.
I think it's for avoiding spamming?
'not sure, you can ask there. It's a small but nice community.

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TobyGornow Jun 9, 2020
Thanks for your answer.

The community seems really friendly, dedicated to their software (got an answer one hour later) and really kind to C++ butcher like me.

I think it's automated and, you're right, to avoid spamming.
'Just realized we never posted that 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14 each year has been released. Maybe I'll do a separate post to announce at least the last one.
Until then, the complete list of changes from all those versions can be found here : github/orx/CHANGELOG
and the engine still here: https://orx-project.org/

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