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Multi-store big picture experience?
Linas 16 Jun

Hi there. I am mostly a Steam user and I run it in Big Picture mode in my living room with Steam Controller -- a setup that I am very satisfied with.

Now I do have a small bunch of games on Itch and GOG, and was wondering what would be the best way to incorporate them into my setup? Does there exist any controller-friendly multi-store launcher out there?

Guppy 16 Jun

You can add external games to steam just fine;

or are you trying to achive something else?

Linas 16 Jun

I would like to be able to see non-installed games as well. Ideally something that would merge libraries from different stores into one. The closest thing I can think of is GOG Galaxy, but that's not on Linux.

tuubi 16 Jun

I haven't tried it myself, but GameHub might be a contender at some point. It supports Steam, GOG, Humble and apparently an source is coming along as well.

RafiLinux 16 Jun

I have a few HTPC setups using Steam and adding non-Steam games to Steam to be controlled all my controllers and fight sticks. All of my GOG,, Humble Bundle DRM-FREE games and more are added to each setup and controlled without issue in Big Picture mode.

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