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120 Hz on Lemur Pro?
slembcke 19 Jun

So it was about time to get a new Laptop for work to replace my 2013 Air, and I decided to get a Lemur Pro to try something different.

In the Gnome display settings it lists 120 Hz options:
120 Hz

This was a bit of an unexpected bonus... but it doesn't actually work. GL/Vulkan programs still just run at 60 Hz. xrandr also just lists 60 Hz. Is this a bug that Gnome lists 120 hz, or a bug that it doesn't work? Not quite sure what else to look or search for.

Last edited by slembcke on 19 June 2020 at 6:17 pm UTC

damarrin 19 Jun

Closest I get is this:

The Lemur possibly has a 60Hz screen, which would make this a bug.

I'd write to them and ask.

mos 19 Jun

Quoting: slembckeNot quite sure what else to look or search for.
I'd start with looking if the hardware actually supports 120 Hz
My impression it does not.

slembcke 19 Jun

Yeah. I mean I assumed it was just a vanilla 60hz display when I bought it since it didn't say otherwise. Gotta be a bug in Gnome though, I can't any X tools that produces any of the 120-ish hz modes. (Admittedly I have no idea what I'm doing. \o/)

I sent them a bug report for it. Will see where that goes. Ta!

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