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No Man's Sky 2.52 No Multiplayer on Proton 5.0-9 running Pop!_OS 20.04
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Just tested with Proton 5.0-9 and get the "no connection to matchmaking services" error. However, if I launch the game using Proton 4.11-13, I am able to connect and play with friends.

thohal 26 Jun

Same here and as it was working before the Crossplay-Update (2.52)

The following versions were failing:

  • Proton-5.9

  • Proton-ge-5.8 (with some minor mods/patches)

  • Proton-ge-5.11 (with some minor mods/patches)

, while 4.11-13 worked as stated by BearedWidget...

This seems like a huge step back after all the progress in NMS

ALazyDope 26 Jun

It worked! Thank you everyone for your time and help. I suppose that is why they provide the older versions, even when newer versions are available, sometimes they just work different, and hopefully Proton 5 will get the compatibility of Proton 4.

Ehvis 26 Jun

It's an interesting conclusion that wine 5 broke something in networking. Satisfactory apparently has networking issues as well. From the proton github it looks like those were related to virtual network interfaces being used by the game instead of the actual one. Could these two issues be related?

ALazyDope 26 Jun

Perhaps, but I don't know enough about the networking behind NMS to say for sure, although it's entirely possible

Liam Dawe 26 Jun

A patch just went up today:

It mentions multiplayer adjustments for Win 7, might be time to re-try latest Proton?

ALazyDope 26 Jun

Literally today huh, maybe it was just convenient timing

ALazyDope 26 Jun

Yep, both versions of Proton work now it seems!

Last edited by ALazyDope on 26 June 2020 at 3:50 pm UTC

thohal 26 Jun

Im still facing those those issues and im not not alone

QuoteCrossplay? LOL ...

Since the update, multiplayer no longer works on the PC (whether Windows 7 or Windows 10).
Thanks for nothing ...

, as you can read here

ALazyDope 26 Jun

Well it's working fine for me after today's update

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