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The BLM bundle - a public collection
scaine 24 Jun

I've been searching for a collection of all the Linux games that were part of Itch's recent BLM mega-bundle. Sadly, the Itch interface doesn't let you search by title, so I had no luck, despite quite a few attempts at googling one.

In the end, I've buckled like a cheap belt, and dedicated an hour of frantic clicking to solve the problem.

Public collection here:

You can also use this link to see the BLM Bundle, then filter by O/S, but I wanted them in a collection so that they'd show up in the client:

It looks, annoyingly, like I've missed about 3 or 4 titles in all my clicking. I suspect it's because I removed things like tile-sets and other non-games, but I'm happy to have the bulk of them in there and if anyone finds it useful, then so much the better.

tuubi 24 Jun

Did you see this one:

scaine 24 Jun

Yep, and another... whose URL I have forgotten! But as I say, I wanted them in a collection so that I can see them from the client. Even if [rant] the stupid-ass client doesn't actually recognise that I've bought them!11!! [/rant]

tuubi 24 Jun

Yeah that was intentional, as stated on the bundle download page:

QuoteNote: Projects in this bundle are hidden in your library by default untill you first access them in order to avoid flooding your library. You can return to this page at any time to access any projects you wish to show in your library.

This is the only bundle that works this way due to the enormous amount of stuff. Normal purchases go straight into your library. But yeah, the app is nowhere near as integrated as Steam. Some of that is by design I suppose.

Thanks to both scaine and tuubi for the lists.

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