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ARK Server Cluster PvE
TheHooly 25 Jun

UPDATE: An instance with mods disabled, and cross-play enabled, is now running 24/7.

I am running an ARK server cluster (PvE) without BattlEye, all DLCs (paid and free) available.

XP = 2x
Harvest = 3x
Taming = 5x

Mods / ID:
SuperStructures / 1999447172
Awesome Spyglass / 1404697612
Primordial Saddles / 1741916864
RP Decor / 741203089
Aberration Decor / 1266909337
Tek Decor / 816908578

The server shuts down from 1AM to 10AM (UTC+2).
If you live in a different timezone, let me know and I'll disable it. (This is just for convenience, not having to check on feeding troughs as often)

My current server hardware can run 2 maps at once, but I plan to upgrade when AMD releases their next hardware generation.

Address: (Query Ports for TheIsland - CrystalIsles)
Search for "Hooly" in the server browser, check "Show password-protected servers" and choose the filter "Unofficial"

Obviously the server is protected via password (might switch to whitelist).
Discord: TheHooly/Dirk#2748
Steam: 107508626

The server also runs an instance of Mumble, a free and open-source alternative to TS3. Again, PM for address:port and password.

EDIT: Added installed mods and server rates.
EDIT2: Crossplay-enabled instance on "TheIsland", server address and search options added.

Last edited by TheHooly on 1 July 2020 at 2:13 pm UTC

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