Another Vintage Story server (EU) 1.14.8
woox2k 27 Nov, 2020
I have been running my own "stealthy" GoL unofficial server for few months now and since there has been a rise of interest towards this game again i'm finally deciding to let you guys know this thing exists

It's a simple survival (PvE oriented but PvP is not turned off) server with some tweaked settings to help people who do not have enough time to spend grinding through default.
Server is running on version 1.14.8

Main server settings:
*100kx100k map size
*Polar to equator distance: 50k
*12days/month (will change it if more people play and seasons start passing too fast)
*Inventory items are kept upon death

Other changes include higher base HP, higher ore density, bit weaker enemies, slightly faster walk/mining speed and slower food drainage. It might seem much but trust me, game is challenging enough even with these settings.

Well... be the average GoL player and you'll be fine! :)
Game includes blocks protection and it is enabled but I haven't used it and pretty sure some other players also haven't so stealing, breaking other peoples stuff is forbidden.
Killing unsuspecting players is also forbidden. If you want to have battles with other people, you can, but make sure all parties are okay with it!

Server IP:

Last edited by woox2k on 4 March 2021 at 12:32 pm UTC
Xpander 29 Nov, 2020
I can recommend this game to anyone who loves these types of games. It's pretty hardcore in the crafting appartment..the seasons and all the jazz makes it really interesting as well.

Just don't be put off by "Ohh it looks like yet another Minecraft clone"
Its far from Minecraft experience, only the looks can be similar.
woox2k 6 Dec, 2020
Since 1.14 just got into stable i also upgraded the server to that version
Have fun!

Since there are no changes to world generation i kept the old world so there already is player stuff to discover!
woox2k 10 Jan, 2021
Updated server to 1.14.5. Will continue updating to latest version until devs start working on 1.15.

New map will come with 1.15, apparently there will be some big changes coming with that version.
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