Which SSD to buy for Linux?
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F.Ultra Jan 8, 2022
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Quoting: F.Ultra
Quoting: denyasis
Quoting: F.UltraWhere does this come from? I have BTRFS on all my drives (a Samsung 970 EVO Plus as / and two WD Red 8T in Raid1 for /home) and cannot say that my performance stinks when compared with when I used ext4

Actually, how is the performance for /home for you? My main anxiety towards moving /home off of my NVME is that I'd lose out on performance in a major way.

Or in other words, how much difference does NVME vs SATA have in terms of games?

Never had /home on NVMe, I moved from single SATA for whole disk to Raid6 on 3 SATA for whole disk to splitting / and /boot to a NVMe and later moved /home from my Raid6 to two new SATA drives. Would have preferred to be able to have /home on NVMe as well but 8TB drives don't come cheap there...
Your /home is 8TB? What the hell. I don't know what makes up that storage consumption, but maybe you should mount other drive types inside a /home/[user]/subfolder and then use NVMe for the rest of /home. Take as much advantage of your fast storage as you can (including swap file if you even use one).

FWIW, this is how my storage is set up:
NVMe for OS
Another NVMe for games and development apps
RAID0 SSD for, yes, more games
Spinning disk for large, mostly static files

I'm a dev so I have thousands of large log-files, sql-databases, build environments. Then there is my entire Steam library and music/video collection.
Koopacabras Jan 8, 2022
I might be arriving too late to this thread, but I have an ADATA XPG Spectrix, and it works great.

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kaiman Jan 9, 2022
Quoting: BlackBloodRumA word of warning on the Kingston A2000
That's a known issue, but should be fixed by a firmware upgrade.

Personally, I've been using a NVME SSD since 2015 without issues. Though the first one was rather small (128GB if I recall) and has since been replaced. The current one is a Western Digital WDS500G2B0B. The only thing I did is moving /var, /tmp and swap onto a regular HDD, but not quite sure if that is really required.
BlackBloodRum Jan 9, 2022
Quoting: kaiman
Quoting: BlackBloodRumA word of warning on the Kingston A2000
That's a known issue, but should be fixed by a firmware upgrade.

Yup.. updated the firmware and tried the boot parameters.. still happens.
Eike Jan 9, 2022
Meanwhile I'm overwriting my HDD to get rid of the last one in my system. :)
(Running for over 3.5 hours already.)
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