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Why do you use Linux?
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Poll results: Why do YOU use Linux?
It works better for what I use a computer for
33 vote(s)
Proprietary software is the devil's spawn. Only open source should survive!
12 vote(s)
A monopoly is never a good thing, viva la competition!
6 vote(s)
Huh? That's what everyone uses, you mean I can replace it with something else?
4 vote(s)
I like to make life difficult for myself and everyone else around me
4 vote(s)
I just like to tinker and tweak so I don't have to do any actual work
3 vote(s)
Paying for software is soooo noughties
2 vote(s)
I want to do my shady computer deeds without anyone knowing!
1 vote(s)
It's the ultimate gaming OS!
1 vote(s)
Because BSD is too hard!
1 vote(s)
damarrin 5 Jan
Hey all,

Following all the conversations on here and in other places, it's very clear we all use Linux (yay! \o/), but it's also clear the reasons we do vary wildly.

So, why do you use Linux?

It's all meant to be rather light-hearted, please don't take it too seriously.

Last edited by damarrin on 5 January 2022 at 10:53 am UTC
damarrin 5 Jan
And I closed it by accident :-( Come back when (if?) Liam reopens it.
Quoting: damarrinAnd I closed it by accident :-( Come back when (if?) Liam reopens it.

damarrin 5 Jan
Looks like it's open! It also looks like you get one shot at answering it, so don't go clicking willy-nilly.

Last edited by damarrin on 5 January 2022 at 10:51 am UTC
Put my vote in
Alm888 5 Jan
No "Because I like to customize an OS to fit my twisted tastes". :(

So, "shady deeds" it is then.
I wonder if it'll be one vote for each option 😂
"End of Windows 7 support"
damarrin 5 Jan
Quoting: furaxhornyx"End of Windows 7 support"
Hah, that is a good reason. Too bad I see no way to edit the poll.
Xpander 5 Jan
Missing option "Flexibility of the system, that makes my workflow much quicker after a bit of tinkering!"

i guess "It works better for what I use a computer for" is close enough, so i voted this

edit: Btw switched to linux in 2007, never looked back. With windows i never felt like im in control of my OS, was the main reason.

Last edited by Xpander on 7 January 2022 at 11:04 am UTC
Ehvis 5 Jan
I experimented with Linux since the mid 90s and used it as a server for a long time when I was in university. On my desktop I used Win95, which I made work very well for me. Then came win98 and I wasn't happy so skipped it. During the wait for XP I used Win2k for a bit and when XP came I find it going in a direction I wasn't happy with and again skipped it. After graduation from uni in early 2002, I switched everything around. Put my Linux partition as the primary booting one (and switched out my qwerty keyboard for Dvorak). Never looked back.

So basically, Windows just stopped being what I was looking for in a desktop and by 2002 Gnome had caught up far enough to serve as the main desktop.
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