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Castlevania Nocturne is now on Netflix!
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Pengling Sep 29
Castlevania Nocturne hit Netflix yesterday, and I'm just quickly writing this after having watched the first two episodes, since I know there are some other fans here on GOL.

It feels a lot more refined in every way compared to the first Netflix Castlevania series; Though I never minded them, the gratuitous swearing and blood have both been toned down here, and the overall effect is that the scripts, the horror, and the emotional beats are all much stronger for it, which works great. I've had a few genuine gasps of shock so far, particularly in the second episode, because it just works so much better when those elements aren't so in-your-face all the time.

The story is kicking off quickly, and the atmosphere is great, and of course so is the voice-acting. The animation-quality has improved over the previous show, and the art-style seems a bit grittier/sketchier, which is a look that I enjoy in general, and it fits Castlevania very well - I love the visuals, here.

Anyone else watching and enjoying so far? Don't forget to stick any plot discussions in spoiler-tags, if so!
Im always weary of video game adaptations......
How does this compare to the Street Fighter Movie or the Mortal Kombat Movie????..........
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderIm always weary of video game adaptations......
How does this compare to the Street Fighter Movie or the Mortal Kombat Movie????..........

The Castlevania series is LIGHT YEARS head of those films.
Pengling Sep 29
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderIm always weary of video game adaptations......
To be honest, so am I, ever since being severely disappointed by several when I was a youngster. But, times have changed, thankfully.

Quoting: StoneColdSpiderHow does this compare to the Street Fighter Movie or the Mortal Kombat Movie????..........
Oh, it's worlds apart! The first Netflix Castlevania series was excellent, and so far, so is this one. Instead of directly adapting any specific games or claiming to be part of the main series, these shows are their own separate continuity that blends various fitting elements together, and that works well. The previous one focussed mainly on Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, and was loosely inspired by Castlevania III. This one is focussed on Richter Belmont and Maria Renard during the time of the French Revolution, and is drawing mainly from the games that Richter appeared in. (I'm hoping to see Alucard again, too, as he's my favourite Castlevania character, and in the games he and Maria were together at one point.)

I was also very pleased to hear a quick namedrop for the villain from Castlevania Bloodlines/Castlevania: The New Generation, which is one of my favourite games in the series, and the one that made me a fan (after you recommended it to me, actually ).
Liam Dawe Sep 29
Been watching it, a good few episodes in since I liked the first Anime and yep - pretty good!

Have to say, Richter's voice actor takes some growing on you, wasn't a fan of it at the start but yeah it grows on you.

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Liam Dawe Sep 30
Just finished it and phew what an ending.
Pengling Sep 30
Quoting: Liam DaweJust finished it and phew what an ending.
Awesome to hear! I'll be bingeing more of it between Bomberman sessions today.

EDIT: Didn't get to playing yet - ended up hooked on the other episodes until reaching the end!


Spoiler, click me
... moment where Richter has his epiphany and Divine Bloodlines starts playing...



Spoiler, click me
... I was delighted to see Alucard show up at the end in the cliffhanger before we get more episodes! That got a fangirl "Squee!" out of me - as noted above, he's my favourite Castlevania character.

I can't wait for what's next!

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Pengling Oct 30
Don't know how I missed this, but they put up the official announcement trailer for season 2 a few weeks ago! Some nice animation-art* being showcased, there. No word on when it'll be out, though, naturally.

*I wonder if they plan on selling any of it off? I have a few animation-cels and sketches from gaming-related productions, already (yes, including a Bomberman-related one ), and I don't think I could say no if a good Alucard frame from either of the Castlevania Netflix shows came up.
Shmerl Nov 2
I checked it out. I didn't like the writing to be honest.

Spoiler, click me

I was already very disappointed with S4 of the last show because how badly they handled Council of Sisters and whole Styria story. So I didn't expect much from the spin off either. But what I didn't like in particular is just how cringe and one dimensional villains are. Previous show had villains with complex motivations and personalities (not counting Death and some like Ratko in S4, they were also bad).

Erzsebet here with her "everyone will kneel before me" feels boring and bland. Her plan to plunge the world into darkness makes no sense either. Why would vampires benefit from new ice age? Everyone will be starving, even vampires in result. And even more interesting ones like Drolta feel simply too evil and don't even get any development besides being killed off (and not even in some epic battle but just in an inglorious sneak attack).

Basically, too much "humans - good, vampires - bad" there for me. Previous show (before S4 ruined it) was much better in showing that humans and vampires aren't better than one another and delivered that "who is the real monster" theme well.

Here, they literally have a complex and bloody historic period of French revolution, and it's not even used in an interesting way. Yeah, they show some execution and Abbot makes a passing point about revolution being an abomination, but it's very minor versus their general attempt to portray revolutionaries as "good guys". And that's especially for the region where revolutionaries massacred people to suppress a revolt in a bloody and cruel fashion.


I get that their world isn't really historic, but they picked a specific location and time period borrowing some historic details, so they at least could avoid this heavy handed "humans - good, vampires - bad" especially projected to "revolutionaries - good" in that context, and instead could show how any of them could be monsters, but not all of them are. I.e. like show some vampires who want more peaceful coexistence with humans, show how Jacobins can be murderous villains without any need for vampires and so on.

In short, S1-S3 of the previous show reminded me The Witcher in their story complexity and often moral ambiguity of characters and their choices. S4 in contrast was very disappointing and spin off reminds S4 in its problems and didn't bring back that feeling that S1-S3 of the previous show had.

Last edited by Shmerl on 2 November 2023 at 3:41 am UTC
Shmerl Nov 3
To add to the above, after S3, Tony Amendola (who played the Elder in the previous show) said this in an interview:

QuoteIn part it's sort of a classic story, and yet with Castlevania there is a modern twist on it. You have powerful females for instance and also because you get back to the pain of each individual character. So you see what makes Dracula who he is, what makes all of the various characters, you see a personal stake.

So it's not longer just good and evil. It's no longer in the old '30s and '40s and '50s where it was so clearly good and evil. It's always motivation and I really loved that. When I think about it, I think about heart and blood.

That describes my sentiment above very well. It's something that S4 unfortunately ruined (with shifting to that "humans - good, vampires - bad" issue I mentioned) and something that I found completely lacking in Nocturne too.

Last edited by Shmerl on 3 November 2023 at 6:54 am UTC
Pengling Nov 3
Quoting: ShmerlThat describes my sentiment above very well. It's something that S4 unfortunately ruined (with shifting to that "humans - good, vampires - bad" issue I mentioned) and something that I found completely lacking in Nocturne too.
That's totally fair.

I think I've been able to have fun with all of it partly because I was there to experience the earliest video game to animation adaptations*, and most of them were absolutely bloody awful for quite a long time - sometimes to the point of seeming like they were written to be something else and then had a license slapped on them and got a hasty refit that let down both the original content and the games that they were supposed to be based on. Even at its weakest points, the Netflix Castlevania shows have never been anywhere near as bad as those!

*I can't say "video game adaptations" overall, because some of the earliest in general, like Cloak & Dagger, were imaginative and really good fun.

Last edited by Pengling on 3 November 2023 at 7:13 am UTC
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