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NEO Scavenger Survival Game Adds Mod Support & More

NEO Scavenger is a fantastic little game from Blue Bottle Games that blends survival with turn-based mechanics making for an interesting game.

Always Remember Me Visual Novel Released On Steam For Linux

Always Remember Me is an anime style visual novel game from Winter Wolves, previously released on Desura it has now joined the Steam ranks.

Linux & SteamOS Earn The 400 Games Badge

An interesting little note is that when you look into how many games Steam has that are now on Linux, the figure has surpassed 400!

The Samaritan Paradox, A Point & Cick Adventure Released On Steam For Linux

If pointing and clicking is mainly your thing then The Samaritan Paradox will interest you. Billed as an Old-school style point & click adventure.

Gearbox Looking At Customer Interest For A Linux Version Of Borderlands

It seems the president of Gearbox is looking into how much interest there is for a Linux version of their extremely popular Borderlands series of FPS/RPG games.

The Last Federation Released For Linux, Our Game-play & Thoughts

I have been chatting to the developers of The Last Federation for some-time now and have been able to play it before the release. I took a video and wrote down some thoughts on it.

The Wine Development Release 1.7.17 Is Now Available

Wine development team was able to produce a new experimental release today. 1.7.17 brining many new features and as many as 89 bugfixes.

Valve Has Turned On The Greenlight For 34 More Linux Games This April

That's right folks Valve are bringing the easter cheer lighting the way for another 34 Linux games to come out on Steam!

Interplanetary Strategy Game Released On Steam Early Acces For Linux

With a mix of beautiful space backdrops, planets and a solidly built looking strategy Interplanetary looks godly.

Airships To Be Scored By Curtis Schweitzer Of Starbound Fame

David Stark,
I'm excited to announce that Curtis Schweitzer has agreed to create the music for Airships, which is now also available from Desura.

Children of Liberty, A Historical Cartoony Stealth-platformer Released On Steam Early Access

When four spies of the Sons of Liberty are arrested infiltrating The Province House, their children join Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and the Sons of Liberty to finish their mission and break them out as the threat of Revolution looms over the Colonies...

DRM Boosts Profits & It's Here To Stay

Did that headline catch your attention? Good, it seems Square Enix sure does think highly of DRM and I am not amused.

Sacred Fire, A Narrative RPG Coming In 2015

Sacred Fire is a narrative RPG, integrating story and gameplay by using emotions in both combat and dialogue. It's not quite what I thought it would be.

Door Kickers, A SWAT Tactics Game Alpha 10 Released

This update to Door Kickers is a doozy, featuring some really big features! It's a fantastic game and should be checked out by all of you.

NeonXSZ, The Cyberspace Spaceship Combat Game Has A Whopper Of An Update

In NeonXSZ (pronounced Neon Excesses) you are injected into cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus versus machine. It has just received one massive content update!
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