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CoreBreach out on Desura!

[url=][IMG][/IMG][/url] [url=

Cobalt coming soon! Platformer published by Mojang

[url=]Mojang[/url] the creators behind the super indie hit [url=]Minecraft[/url] are publishing (and helping to develop now too) a game called Cobalt and have posted an update on it. Just to keep everyone up to to date they are planning Linux, Mac and Windows version and will be going along the same route the went with Minecraft...

Humble Indie Bundle 4

Wow what a year to be a Linux gamer, [url=]Humble Indie Bundle 4[/url] is now out! Including some really awesome never before seen on Linux games (some really are awesome and I've been waiting for!). As usual [B]pay what you want[/B] for some great games...

Reminder - Win a copy of the Humble Introversion Bundle

Just a reminder that there are only 4 days left to enter to win a full gift-able copy of the Humble Introversion Bundle. [url=]Click here to find out how enter![/url]

Lariad a space adventure

[IMG][/IMG] A new-ish platformer game has come out for Linux, Mac and Windows by the name of [url=]Lariad[/url]. [QUOTE] Lariad is an exploration based action/adventure game for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X...

Dungeons of Dredmor expansion - Realm of the Diggle Gods!

One of the best indie games to come out this year, infact dare i say it [I]ever[/I] has announced an expansion pack to their game [url=]Dungeons of Dredmor[/url] named "Realm of the Diggle Gods" Trailer; [youtube]fa0VzUhawVQ[/youtube] The 1...

Towns having a comment contest giveaway!

The newest Alpha Funded game on Desura - [url=]Towns[/url] is doing a [url=]comment give-away[/url]. All you need to do is make an "epic comment"....or just leave your name and they will be sending out free copies on Monday...

Steel Storm 2 info

Alex sent me word on some more information he has released on [url=]Steel Storm 2[/url] the in-developement FPS game based in the same universe as [url=]Steel Storm Burning Retribution[/url] which was a top down shooter...

Win a copy of the Humble Introversion Bundle!

Okay folks now that the [url=]Humble Introversion Bundle[/url] is finish it's time for me to give up the gift copy I purchased, with it you can keep it for yourself or gift it onto someone else! This gift copy was above the average payment to make sure it includes all of the games from the bundle for you! [B]How do I enter? Simple![/B] Tell us the funniest Linux-related joke you know, the bigger the laugh I get the better your chances! [I]Simples![/I] Ps...

Ensign 1 space shooter updates!

While I have covered [url=]Ensign 1[/url] a couple of times, I decided to hold off on further updates until we had something fun to show, Brandon the main guy behind [url=]Only Human Studios[/url] who also made a highly underrated 2D+3D platformer [url=http://www...

Trine 2 next year...we already knew!

Well folks it seems the [url=]Trine 2[/url] hype has started again since it has now been released for Windows and Mac. A couple of other websites are now reporting it's not coming to Linux until 2012, well folks just to point out....

CoreBreach racing coming to Desura for Linux!

[IMG][/IMG] While I am a little late with this news (real life issues) [url=]CoreBreach[/url] a futuristic racer (think Wipeout) has been updated for cross platform play for Linux and will soon be coming to [url=http://www...

Desura open source info

While trying to keep up with everything going on right now it is good to see that the Desura client open source is still going ahead and an unofficial update has been [url=]posted on the forum[/url] just to give anyone interested in it some further info, quote is posted below; [QUOTE]I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say, but currently the project is open source (GPL'd), but it's only open to a few select developers (myself included) to clean up, fix and get working for a public release...

GameMaker coming to Linux and other game creator info!

[url=]GameMaker[/url] one of the popular game creators for Windows is coming to Linux it seems! Their official news post [url=]is here[/url] for those wanting sources and what not. For those who haven't heard of it, it is one of those applications that I feel Linux terribly needs It allows you to create games without any knowledge of hand coding, it's all using point and click interfaces...

Aleph One 1.0!

Greetings gamers, Aleph One has reached 1.0! The games the Bungie did before their famed Halo series are open to everyone to play on the Aleph One engine, I have yet to try them but they look pretty good, they look like the earlier Doom and Quake games only with slightly better graphics and other general improvements...
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