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gogonlinux client to help bring gog games to Linux

A new application has popped up called "[url=]gogonlinux[/url]" which aims to hopefully help people play their games under Linux. It seems very much like "playonlinux" in the way of it using Wine but this also uses scummvm and dosbox since a fair few gog...

Star Shipping released for Linux!

[url=]Star Shipping[/url] a space trading game has been released for Linux for £3.32. [youtube]8oLcUA6DU00[/youtube] In Star shipping Inc. you take the role of the captain of of a cargo ship traveling between star systems to trade goods and commodities in strive to become the richest star ship captain in the galaxy...

Galcon 2 is Kickstarting!

[url=]Galcon 2[/url] will be the successor to the indie hit [url=]Galcon Fusion[/url] and will be on Linux if it gets funded! [youtube]IAZaOEwKO9Y[/youtube] The game itself is quite different from the previous ones though! [QUOTE]I am designing Galcon 2 as a Free-to-Play game...

Please test our new website

Those of you who follow us on twitter [url=]@gamingonlinux[/url] will know I have been working on a new website for us for many reasons It is now ready for wider testing: [url=][/url] Please tell me of any bugs you find and give your suggestions...

McDROID released on Desura with 50% off

[url=][IMG][/IMG][/url] Defend your shuttle against mutants and farm strawberries in this fast-paced action strategy game...

Cheese Talks To Desurium Contributors (about Desurium - what a surprise)

Hi guys I've got a new interview up, this time talking with key contributors to the Free/Open Source Desura client known as "Desurium" (including the lead developer of the original client and DesuraNET's managing director).

iBomber games coming to Steam for Linux! Steam also expands the Beta!

Some new games have appeared on Steam's [url=]CDR[/url] list! [IMG][/IMG] [B]First up is [url=]iBomber Attack[/url]![/B] The legendary iBomber series returns but this time it’s time to ATTACK! Jump into your tank and get ready to blast your way around Europe and defeat the enemy in this visceral tour of destruction! With 24 missions full of explosive action to go at, iBomber Attack is a dose of high-octane entertainment that you won’t be able to put down...

Shmupacabra is a simple bullet hell shoot-em-up for free and open source

[img][/img] [url=]Shmupacabra[/url] is a simple bullet hell shoot-em-up for free and open source too. [youtube]frsrYox-a34[/youtube]

Teleglitch a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics

[url=]Teleglitch[/url] is a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics. The game takes place in procedurally generated military research & training complex that has a different map every time you play. Our mission is to give players like you a chance to walk in the dark corridors, gripping their gun and few last rounds of ammunition...

Games on sale list!

So here is the current list of games that are for sale, time to grab yourself a bargain. If I have missed any please let me know and I can add it to the list. I will try to keep updating the list over the holiday period. [B]Keep an eye on the latest comments as sometimes people update before I do![/B] [url=https://www...

SuperTuxCart 0.8 RC1 Released!

[url=][img][/img][/url] Over a year after the 0.7.3 release, we are proud and excited to announce the release of the first release candidate towards.

Running with Rifles - large scale top-down sandbox shooter with multiplayer!

[IMG][/IMG] Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I am one of the two persons behind "Running with Rifles". The game is in beta (75% done) and the first LINUX beta is almost done (should be a matter of days now)! RWR will be available for Linux on Desura (it is already for windows) and on [url=http://steamcommunity...

A Double Fine Update

I kind of got distracted thanks to recent events, but after having recently won Psychonauts I wrote to Double Fine about the future of the games Linux port, and here are the responses I got. About updating the port and fixing the still remaining bugs: [QUOTE]We’re aware of these issues but are having a hard time getting them fixed in a timely fashion...

A round-up of all things Steam right now!

Time to do a round-up of all the latest on the Steam front for all of you, especially those not including themselves unofficially in the beta. [U][B]Steam Client[/B][/U] Firstly Steam itself got updates: [LIST] [*]added [B]libgl1-mesa-glx[/B] and [B]libgl1-mesa-dri[/B] dependencies to the Steam package [*]fixed the minidump generator to upload properly versioned minidumps [*]initial bootstrap now generates minidumps [*]fixed window titles for the Gnome desktop [*]fixed overruns when drawing multi-line text [*]fixed crash that occured when downloading TF2 [*]bootstrapper now continues execution even if UI can't be displayed [*]fixed numpad key symbol occurences when in Num Lock mode [*]fixed a common joystick crash [/LIST] There are still of course a number of issues still present like when visiting Discussions using the Steam Linux client it gets laggy because of the hover over text (where it shows you a snippet of the post within)...

Potification platform indie game trailer released

[url=]Pontification[/url] is an upcoming 2D side scrolling platform game that will be playable on Windows, Linux and Mac. It now has a nice trailer for you! [youtube]Xp85IRvnyxk[/youtube] I love the comic style they have in the trailer...
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