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Indie Royale includes Lume for Linux

The Valentines day Indie Royale bundle of 5 games includes native linux game Lume which can at the moment be purchased for a minimum of £2.71. Looking at the trailer below Lume is quite an attractive looking game and looks to be worth the £2.71 not sure if the other games can be played through wine, but its still not a bad price...

Toki Tori port for Linux! via HIB

[youtube]ngSmysQlDmA[/youtube] Toki Tori is now available for linux which is now included in the latest Humble Indie Bundle. Toki is a great little puzzle game that i first came into contact with on the Wii wiiware service. [QUOTE] [B]Description[/B] Toki Tori is a highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before...

OpenMW 0.11.0

[B]Project Name: OpenMW[/B] OpenMW is an open source GPL v3 reimplementation of the game engine for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Work began in 2008 by Nicolay Korslund. Our motivation is to create a cross platform (linux, Mac, Windows) game engine, that improves performance, and fixes design problems and bugs that were unaddressed in the original engine...

X-Plane 10 Mini-Review

[B]Overview[/B]: I haven't spent a lot of time with the game, so this is an initial opinion. But I wanted to detail how the install process went and how easily it works under Linux. I like playing flight simulators. The realism is a neat aspect, but so is trying to land jumbo-jets on freeways...

Voxatron Updates

[url=]Voxatron[/url] the game that was in one of the "Bundles" (The Humble Voxatron Debut) has had a couple new versions since all the fuss from it's bundle has died down, it's still full steam ahead in development. Here is a video of 14 user made levels showing off the game; [youtube]vVcqqXAaAZQ[/youtube] [QUOTE] [B]:: Recent Changes[/B] [B]0...

"UFO: Alien Invasion" developers' interview

Alex V.Sharp,
This... Tuesday...? Well there goes my Monday schedule... Let's just stick with "once a week", eh? :p Anyway, this time GoL brings you an interview with two lead programmers for the open-source game "UFO: Alien Invasion". We will find out about how these projects fall and rise again, as well as the problems that accompany such challenges...

Is Victory worth a Linux version?

Alex V.Sharp,
Have you guys ever heard of a game called "Nitronic Rush"? Well, you would like to see it on Linux anyway, right? [CENTER][youtube]vNuSvuzPL10[/youtube][/CENTER] [LEFT][QUOTE]Nitronic Rush is an experimental survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology...

Hostile Takeover updates

The awesome looking [url=]Hostile Takeover[/url] has a new development video for your viewing pleasure showing off some new features. You are such an assassin. Working for whoever hires you. Killing whoever they tell you to...

Project Zomboid, the final countdown!

[url=]Project Zomboid[/url] has added a new video and some screenshots of new locations that will be available in the upcoming update! [youtube]HjQklCi2Cc0[/youtube] [QUOTE]Project Zomboid - Just add water! Character will automatically drain water items in their inventory, or you can use water sources directly...

SIX a family friendly interactive fiction game!

Okay so that title was a mouthful, something i have been meaning to mention to you folks is a little game called [url=]SIX by Greengum Games.[/url] The game itself looks to be an oldschool text adventure game where you have to type in where to go and what to do, looks to be a good tool for helping kids learn computers...

A Hate Story Released

The text adventure game [url=]A Hate Story[/url] has been released! Screenshots; [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url][url=

The Humble Bundle for Android!

Looks like the folks at [url=]Humble[/url] may be expanding a bit as this latest bundle debuts Android support for the games (although i doubt this will happen all the time!). The next Humble Bundle is here, [url=http://www.humblebundle...

Linux Game Publishing...the return?

So anyone who has been in the Linux gaming scene for a while will have probably heard of LGP (Linux Game Publising) who port and distribute games for Linux at quite a premium as they tend to go for older AAA titles as opposed to indie titles. I have made my feelings clear on their operations over the past few years due to them being quiter than space...

Interviewing the Naev Development Team

Alex V.Sharp,
Hello folks! This Monday GoL brings you parallel interviews with members of the core team for the free open-source game "Naev" [quote]Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, taking inspiration from the [url=]Escape Velocity[/url] series, among others...[/quote]

Towns 0.40 released!

[url=]Towns[/url] the fun little town building game with RPG elements has had a big update! [youtube]J8iqIKrJIV8[/youtube] [QUOTE] As you can see, there are a lot of new changes, in particular is the directional facing and the height we threw in for good measure...
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