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Helena The 3rd

By Liam Dawe,
Well after a while of waiting, the the next update to [url=]Helena The 3rd[/url] should be available soon with a new demo, our very own Rustybolts has been working on the levels to! New Trailer: [youtube]n5xf3Juqta0[/youtube] [B]Demo[/B] [URL]http://dl...

Voxatron New Progress Video

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]epwh1qJVoB8[/youtube] Lexaloffle has posted a new progress video showing his upcoming game Voxatron. [U][B]Blog Comment:-[/B][/U] [QUOTE]None of the pickups in Voxatron are as useless or as fantastic as the sword. Choosing to use one against oncoming hordes is much harder than any of the robot's long range weapons, but at least if you die, you can go down with a bit of honour...

Minecraft BETA 1.5

By Rustybolts,
Beta 1.5 is now available for Minecraft below are the listed its new features. [B][youtube]qy882ILYJMM[/youtube][/B] [QUOTE] [B][url=]Minecraft Beta 1.5[/url][/B] (You will need to [url=http://www...

Sorry about the downtime folks! + New interview soon!

By Liam Dawe,
Sorry about all the downtime over the weekend, our old host was taken over by another company about 6 ish months ago and they just wheren't very good. Have now switched to a new host who has already proven their worth by having awesome support in getting us all setup...

Interview with Michael Bok developer of The Zod Engine

By Liam Dawe,
So today I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Bok of [url=]The Zod Engine[/url] via google talk. This is the most fun I've had chatting to developer so far (mainly because it was live and not via email, not to say the others haven't been awesome)...

Family Farm Linux Demo Available

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]6PY3gPmOQEI[/youtube] Hammerware has released a demo version of their game family Farm for Linux. They have said the release date will be April 15th for the final product. Family farm is currently available to pre-order with 20% off at €11.99...

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

By Liam Dawe,
[youtube]ZaM6LHC_uXA[/youtube] [URL][/URL] Woohoo bundle number 3! Good job my payday is only about 9 days away now! Although i already own Shadowgrounds it will be a good investment to have a nicer download link for it and to have the other games :D Colour me excited, who else is in?! From [url=http://frozenbyte...

Moar games sales!

By Liam Dawe,
Shhhh....Quick everyone get games while they are cheap. [url=]Wupra[/url] has reduced all LGP games. [url=]Fun 4 Tux[/url] - seems to have cut prices on almost everything! Go on and grab a bargain!

Tux Games Sale!

By Rustybolts,
[B][/B] [IMG][/IMG] [QUOTE][B]GIANT SALE is now on[/B] The Tux Games Giant Sale is now running. We are discounting everything! LGP, Loki, you name it! All standard boxed games at $13 (about £8) OR LESS from tomorrow for a whole week, until midnight at the end of 14th april! Special editions also have big discounts, and nothing that is in a box is the same price as it was before the sale started![/QUOTE] Website:- [URL]http://www...

Basilisk Games Projects Update

By Rustybolts,
[IMG][/IMG] Basilisk Games creators of the superb RPG series Eschalon have today posted via their web page a projects update post, which reads as follows. [QUOTE]So we had our fun on April 1st, but that ended up just triggering a bunch of emails from people wanting a [I]real[/I] update on our [I]real[/I] projects...

Spiral Knights Released!

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]xUMxpYLJQiM[/youtube] Three Rings have today released their multiplayer rpg Spiral Knights. [QUOTE]After nearly four years of development, Spiral Knights has officially launched today. This is a huge moment for me, the Spiral Knights team and all of Three Rings and I am so happy to be able to share it with them...

SuperTuxKart 0.7.1 Release Candidate 1

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]tAgDWSfEESA[/youtube] SuperTuxkart has reached 0.7.1 Release Candidate 1 with the below listed changes. SuperTuxKart has has made big changes in the last few releases, so for those who have not revisited this game in a while you may find a pleasant surprise...

Stunt Rally 1.1

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]-KDZGnM0jDM[/youtube] Thanks to Ancient Goat for mentioning this one on Freegamer, apparently it now compiles under Linux and judging by the above video it looks absolutely fantastic! [U][B]About:-[/B][/U] [QUOTE]The game features 49 tracks in 6 sceneries, 7 cars and a Track Editor...

Dirk Dashing 2 Production Update

By Rustybolts,
My Game Company who are at work on their upcoming title Dirk Dashing 2 have sent out their April news letter, in it is a snippet of information regarding the production of Dirk Dashing 2. [IMG][/IMG] [QUOTE]Dirk Dashing 2 Production Update Last month, I reached another major milestone...

Volley Brawl available in Ubuntu Software Centre

By Rustybolts,
Volley Brawl is now available to purchase in the Ubuntu Software Center priced at $2.99 [QUOTE]Volley Brawl is an awesome feature rich slime volley game designed to be fun and easy to learn for all ages, developed by Sigmoid and published by Ohs Sporting over 12 different characters, intelligent computer players, full local, LAN and online multiplayer and a variety of other gameplay features, it's a bargain at any price...
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