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What have you been playing recently and what are your thoughts?

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It's Sunday, it's a lazy day for some and plenty of you are probably playing through your backlog of games.

I've been testing out the Linux beta of the upcoming monster capture game Monster Crown. One that was crowdfunded some time ago, and it's incredibly promising. The developer has been great to chat to and they seem very committed to polishing the Linux build. Still a long road ahead though but a rather unique take on a Pokemon-like that I can't wait to put more time into

Additionally, a fair amount of my time has been spent playing Danger Zone in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Today I saw something quite hilarious actually; someone managed to use their Drone Pilot starting perk, to capture one of the late-game drops coming down and fly it across the map to themselves. First time I've seen someone do that, was a fun surprise. Naturally, I ran after it to attempt to take them down but they had some traps waiting for me. Those jump pads can be a real nuisance, sending me far into the air to come crashing down—dead.

Over to you: what have you been playing recently, and what do you think about it? Let your fellow GOL readers know in the comments.

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SirLootALot 8 Mar, 2020
Got Slay the Spire on the humblebundle. Love it. Very addictive.
SadL 8 Mar, 2020
Not going to lie.
These few days..Hearthstone. No, not the BG.
After so many years and so much money wasted on doctors..I have relapsed. Send help.
damarrin 8 Mar, 2020
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Indivisible. It’s great, too bad the Linux version requires 8GB RAM with 8GB swap when the other versions are fine with 6GB RAM only. I’m playing with the minimum memory required and some locations need 20 minutes to load (I’m not exaggerating). Still, it runs fine otherwise and the characters and setting and story and level design are all good.
DarkVantage 8 Mar, 2020
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Picked up Black Mesa. I missed the Half-Life train so I'm enjoying the storyline for the first time. Intense! Reminds me of System Shock 2, which is one of my all-time favorites.

Also playing through The Pedestrian. Love the puzzles and graphical style!
Vishar 8 Mar, 2020
Still play Project: Gorgon
over 1500 hours online
and do some testing:
Urtuk The Desolation
Both are turn based and worth to try it

All links go to steam game page

Last edited by Vishar on 8 March 2020 at 2:17 pm UTC
Tchey 8 Mar, 2020
+1 Gorgon, +1 Urtuk + 1 Wildermyth ! All really great games, i played them, and will play more for sure.

Farcry 3, via Proton, no technical issue beside the annoying Uplay registration process.
I cleaned the maps, all towers, all camps, but the story is too stupid, i hate QTE scenes, i hate unskipable scenes, and i disagree with the "mind" of the game (like, you have missions : find and kill rare animals to progress. I don’t care killing stuff, but the idea of "oh it’s rare, let’s kill it", i dislike). So i don’t feel i want to go further (i only have story to complete, and then "mini games"). Still, it was about 20 hours of fun + 5 hours of struggle because of cutscene, QTE and stupid AI you have to escort a few times. The same gameplay, but with a real open world not attached to story, i’m in.

Test Tube Titan, lots of fun while in alpha and Beta, now it’s released, it’s only better, and i love it.

WH40K Gladius (T’Au DLC out now). Two years i’m playing this from time to time, i don’t really see why not two more years. Really like it.

Last edited by Tchey on 8 March 2020 at 2:19 pm UTC
marcelomendes 8 Mar, 2020
Er... Guild Wars 2 with Lutris 90% of the time, a bit of Rise of The Tomb Raider...
Xpander 8 Mar, 2020
Warhammer Online

then Warhammer Online and then a bit Warhammer Online....

addiction is real.. Return of Reckoning is amazing. Runs really good under wine also. I would say better than under windows 10, where people have lots of issues with it lol
rea987 8 Mar, 2020

- Daikatana: Played and finished with Daikatana 1.3 source port. Just disable sidekicks and enable unlimited saves; it becomes a much much better experience. It is not a bad game as many say; first chapter starts so mediocre that it left a bad taste everyone's month, so people never bothered to play remaining chapters. Especially 2nd and 3rd chapters are quite impressive.

Quite recently:

Half-Life 2: Entropy - Zero: You play as a metrocop in HL2 universe. It's a different and refreshing experience to try the other side of the story. End game is a bit hard and meh but overall it's quite nice. Here's how to run it natively;


Half-Life 2: Year Long Alarm: A short but decent mod. Once again Gordon Freeman kicks some zombie and combine arse. Nothing out of ordinary but leaves a nice taste anyhow. Here's how to run it natively;

Right now:

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter: I am playing that natively via Serious Sam Fusion 2017 which offers so much options that even my mobile focused laptop can run it 120 FPS by using Vulkan renderer. Arguably, TSE is the best in the entire franchise. Get a friend of yours the play it on COOP (Classic); of course it supports cross-platform multiplayer.
Ehvis 8 Mar, 2020
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Outside of the regular 7 Days to Die, I've been building stuff in Planet Nomads. The survival stuff is rather easy now. The story bits are ok, but the most interesting part is still building crazy things.

I also started in The Longing. Good atmosphere, but obviously not a whole lot that can be said at this point.
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