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I'm a Scottish Ubuntu user since 2006 and an Ubuntu-only gamer since 2013. I used to contribute to GOL's Funding Crowd articles, but now contribute the odd article directly, most recently the Play It Now series.

I also dabble a bit in Python, I do Internet Security for a living and finally, I'm a big fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson. And not just because he has a cool first name.

Find me in these places:

Gothic RPG roguelike Darkest Dungeon coming soon to Linux

By scaine,
Having released for Windows and Mac on the 19th January, Redhook studios have now confirmed in their latest announcement that their Gothic roguelike RPG "Darkest Dungeon" will be coming to Linux next as a short-term goal.

Last Dream RPG now available for Linux

By scaine,
Last Dream, first kickstarted in June 2013, has now been ported by White Giant RPG Studios to support Linux.
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