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Dark adventure game 'Little Misfortune' from the maker of Fran Bow now has a demo available

From the creators of Fran Bow and sharing the same universe, Little Misfortune now has a demo available to get a taster.

Faerie Solitaire Harvest released and it's a fantastic game for relaxing with

Developer Subsoap teamed up with Puppygames for the latest addictive card game, as Faerie Solitaire Harvest is out now and it's absolutely worth a go or two.

Burning Knight looks like a pretty crazy roguelike, developed on Linux

Burning Knight from Rexcellent Games looks absolutely nuts and not only is it coming to Linux, it's developed on Linux.

A look at some great Linux gaming deals not to be missed this week

Another week has begun, it's hot and so it's a good time to stay inside playing games obviously. Here's a look over what's going cheap this week.

Talk to Strangers, a game of everyday survival as you become a door to door sales person

Here's a bit of an odd one, Talk to Strangers puts you in the shoes of a sales person going door to door.

Minimalistic puzzle game 'Simple Dot' releasing next month, looks like it could be interesting

Simple Dot seems like it has a nice idea, with you drawing lines to get balls from one end of a level to another. A simple idea but it looks like it does get quite complicated later on.

Free and open source racer 'SuperTuxKart' hits the big 1.0 release

A long time coming for sure, the free and open source racer SuperTuxKart has a big 1.0 release with LAN and online play enabled.

Linux Gaming News Punch - Episode 9

Coming in hot (please save me from this heat) is the ninth episode of the Linux Gaming News Punch, your weekly round-up of some interesting bits of news.

DragonRuby Game Toolkit, a cross-platform way to make games with Ruby

Now for something a little different! Ryan "Icculus" Gordon, a name known for many Linux ports and SDL2 teamed up with indie developer Amir Rajan to create a new cross-platform toolkit.

You Died but a Necromancer revived you is good fun in a small package

You Died but a Necromancer revived you may not be a name that rolls off the tongue easily but it's good fun.

Forager is a weirdly addictive casual grinding game that has mined into my heart

I'm not usually one for games that have you endlessly wander around, collect resources, build a little and repeat but Forager is so ridiculously charming it's lovely.

Altered, a sweet looking puzzle game where you're part of the puzzle is coming to Linux

Releasing sometime this Summer, Altered looks like a rather sweet take on the puzzle genre as you're a block that forms part of a puzzle.

Steam Play just got two updates with 4.2-3 and 3.16-9, some great stuff included

Valve and CodeWeavers are doing some great work for Linux gaming, with Steam Play seeing two updates in a single day.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI updated again, Linux client back in sync for cross-platform play

Aspyr Media managed to get the latest update to Sid Meier's Civilization VI for Linux approved and it's out now.

Post-apocalyptic roguelite shooter 'Danger Gazers' enters Early Access next week, early thoughts

I'm honestly not quite sure what to make of Danger Gazers, a top-down roguelite shooter that mixes Nuclear Throne style gameplay with node-based level picking.
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