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The HITMAN: Summer Pack let's you download and play Episode 3 for a limited time

Get your best spy outfit ready, as the The HITMAN: Summer Pack is live today with Episode 3 which is free for a while.

Retro FPS 'Ion Maiden' is officially getting multiplayer, a delay in the final release and a limited run boxed copy

The retro FPS from Voidpoint and 3D Realms is officially getting multiplayer along with a note about a delayed final release.

The Linux version of 'Outer Wilds' is still 'to be determined' despite being a platform on the Fig campaign

For those interested in exploring the universe, Outer Wilds seemed like an extremely exciting game that was planning Linux support.

King under the Mountain, a fantasy settlement-building strategy game is on Kickstarter, Linux demo available

King under the Mountain is a new fantasy settlement-building strategy game that's now crowdfunding and it even has a Linux demo available. It sounds pretty good too!

Albion Online turns one, it's getting a 'massive overhaul' of open-world PvE which sounds good

The Albion Online developers have put up a news post going over the release of the game up until now to celebrate it's first official birthday.

Battle High 2 A+ is a weirdly named fighting game that has Linux support

Not enough fighting games on Linux for you? Perhaps Battle High 2 A+ will scratch that burning itch.

Sparky is a cute little terminal game about a dog making friends

Need a game for when you have a coffee break? Sparky is a sweet and simple game that's played in the terminal. Woof!

Looks like survival game 'Stranded Deep' is now officially available on Linux

Fancy trying to survive after a plane crash on a desert island? Single-player survival game Stranded Deep will see you do just that.

TUNG (The Ultimate Nerd Game) made me realise how stupid I really am

The Ultimate Nerd Game or TUNG for short, is a first-person sandbox game about building intricate machines and it made me feel so very dumb.

Humble Store is doing a 'Pixel Perfect Platformers Sale' and it has some top Linux games for cheap

For those of you who love your platformers, regardless of them being 2D, 3D, puzzle or action adventures there's bound to be something for the bored Linux gamer in the Humble Store Pixel Perfect Platformers Sale.

We have some keys for the online team-based building and raiding game 'Scrunk' to give away

Scrunk is a 2D online team-based building and raiding game that recently release with Linux support, it's surprisingly fun too and we have a few keys to give away.

City Game Studio will have you run your own video game company, coming to Linux in October

There's a few games that allow you to run your own company, with City Game Studio allowing you to build up your own video game company.

Procedurally-generated adventure 'MoonQuest' will be coming to Linux

MoonQuest is a new procedurally-generated adventure game from developer Wizard Mode, one that looks a little like Terraria and it's coming to Linux.

Naval RTS 'Victory At Sea Pacific' to have over 120 types of ships and planes

Victory At Sea Pacific is sounding like it's going to be a pretty big game in terms of content, as the developer has announced many of the ships and planes that will be in their new naval RTS.

Silly single-player FPS 'Ravenfield' adds in parachutes, a kill cam, transport helicopter and more

Ravenfield is a pretty fun single-player FPS that keeps on expanding and becoming more interesting with each release. This latest release is especially fun.
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