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Metro Exodus is now live on Steam and Deep Silver say it's coming to Linux
15 February 2020 at 6:21 pm UTC Likes: 2

Fuck... okay maybe if they do those things I might forgive them and actually buy their new shit.

Lets be honest we all know what Operating System they are using in the Metro.

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection
12 February 2020 at 10:59 pm UTC Likes: 1

scaineI ditched DOTA2 after about 5 hours because of the 'community'.

Yeah so the disciplinary reporting of DOTA puts bad players in "prison" where they have to earn their way out by fighting with other prisoners and winning X amount of games.

And also IIUC matchmaking differentiates as the player climbs in levels so the level 0 experience is going to be like "general admission" -- your choice to not stick with it but it does get better as you level up.

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection
12 February 2020 at 8:12 pm UTC Likes: 2

ArdjeWould be nice if they can apply some ip matching to match the original Steam account with the Smurf Steam account, and address warnings there too. But then again, that might be a privacy issue.
Maybe they should ask the right to process your IP against fraud cases like this.

Banning by IP doesn't work so great. It detours some of the problem but creates others.

Steam hitting nearly 95 million 'monthly active' users and other Steam news
6 February 2020 at 8:37 pm UTC

ElectricPrismSounds like EPIC [FAIL] is .... (drum roll) Running Out of Steam.
Hope that was very early morning when wrote that

Lol, don't worry it's eternal morning when the coffee takes hours get its job done XD Yeah I know it's silly, but it's so much fun

Steam hitting nearly 95 million 'monthly active' users and other Steam news
6 February 2020 at 8:10 pm UTC Likes: 2

Purple Library GuyI'm not too surprised Epic's store hasn't taken much of a bite. [...] at which point you realize it's actually very small.

Sounds like EPIC [FAIL] is .... (drum roll) Running Out of Steam.

For serious now -- this is a very important metric and data collected today -- 95 million and EST ~855K Active Steam Linuxers.

Very cool they are mentioning proton, though I think it's just a "Bering land bridge" to get gamers from Windows to Linux -- I am very choosy about what Proton-only games I buy and I suspect many others are too as they don't want to pay money only to be disappointed.

My gaming library is packed like a fridge full of good stuff thanks for Valve and awesome devs making Linux their-own.

The Atari VCS team give another update - plus a proper look at the UI
6 February 2020 at 8:05 pm UTC

elmapulcorona virus gave then the perfect excuse to abort the project

non listed and comments disabled...

i just downloaded the video and saw frame by frame, there is doubt, it takes almost one second from the logo apearing on screen to the guy pressing the power button.

there is no doubt, its fake.

also, the app that he uses to play metal slug is an streaming app.

That's really fishy that the frame-time is exactly 1 second on power up, and the lighting blip at 0:40 makes me =\ too. I too noticed the Windowed Application.

I also feel like the video capture point is fishy because it's so close you can't see everything going on with the controller.

There are just elements that feel "weird" like "Why is there a notification box with a little [x] icon "Restore Game" @ 3:13 that looks like a Computer Desktop style notification when this is clearly a Controller-only machine.

And Disney+ App ??? Well okay I guess it is theoretically possible after they added Linux support over Chromium or whatever IIUC Chromium.

It's been pointed out the # of people who bought it is about 10,000 so that means a game can only sell max 10,000 copies on this thing if they launched today -- what dev is going to make a game with only 10,000 potential customers. Linux itself has at least 855,000 -- more than 85,500% as many gamers and people still complain royal about it "not being enough of a userbase".

I would be interested to see what a hardware engineer says about the screenshots of the "fabrication" boards that have recently come out to see if there is anything odd about the interior of the device as depicted since this "Atari [by-name]" company has been known to be sneaky/deceitfulbefore about this kind of thing.

The Atari VCS team give another update - plus a proper look at the UI
6 February 2020 at 6:01 am UTC

I'm still not convinced this is anything more than vaporware after their history. However maybe they finally got so much investment they have pulled off a legitimate situation after years of crookery.

I see a background color change at 0:40 which could indicate video splicing. Anyways, I have to be pessimistic on this one but given the history it's hard not to until the bitter end. After that I'm happy to change my mind if/when products are in real consumer's hands.

Nightdive Studios have released some extended System Shock footage
31 January 2020 at 4:48 am UTC

Wow that was a really awesome watch. From the stream it seems like a lot of their technical decisions have been paying off at producing a really immersive and fun world. I don't want to get my hype too crazy but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't smirking at the prospect of playing this on Linux on release. SystemShock helped inspire Portal and I love the universe, I hope that the universe doesn't merge with fan-fare too much and become self-aware of us like StarWars 6-9.

Black Mesa 1.0 preview coming soon - still getting big improvements to visuals and the AI
28 January 2020 at 8:17 am UTC Likes: 1

I did a playthrough a while ago and it was good. I started another playthough and got halfway through a month ago or so and it's stupid good.

Hats off to Crowbar Collective, they really have been stepping their game up these last few years and going hard, and the story is a absolute legend. Love it.

'ReDoomEd', a port of the original Doom level editor, was released on Linux
27 January 2020 at 12:15 am UTC Likes: 1

That's pretty dope. I really love modder content in my feed, probably because it feels like "secrets" -- special software few know about. (And before anyone argues with me over them not being amazed because XYZ and they knew about this for years even Linux itself historically represents a "secret", or a "select elite" few know about which creates allure.)

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