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Valve have released a new dedicated mobile Steam Chat application
22 May 2019 at 7:18 pm UTC

Purple Library Guy
QuoteValve said they're going to be bringing in voice chat later too.
My God, we'll be able to chat on the phone with voice! It's revolutionary!!!!

Considering Steam has given us SOOO MUCH -- a Client, VR, Big Picture, Controller Support, Kernel upgrades, SDL Upgrades, DXVK, Proton, a Official Linux Distro, and so much more...

Meanwhile GOG has given us: A Web App. ZERO LINUX CLIENT

I am not sure why any non-novice Linux Gamers would applaud GOG and put Steam down -- and yet I have seen it over the years. Sure DRM-Free is nice, but FOSS/Open-Source/Libre-Source is better if you are trying to go down the road of morality and user power.

I'm super stoked to have another communication tool since Discord AUR basically breaks everytime Discord pushes a update and disables old clients. Meanwhile Google is axing GSuite Google Hangouts, and the fate of Hangouts is uncertain, leaving us with IRC, Matrix, and what XMMP?

We are desperately in need of a 2K20 Libre Chat App.

JuliusI just wish they would open their protocols and allow Federation. It is most likely internally using XMPP anyways (like the Epic Fortnite chat and the previous League of Legends one).

Assuming Steam Chat is XMPP, I would officially use my Steam Chat as my primary chat app if they did that. Good idea, someone should inquire.

Outer Wilds becomes another Epic Store exclusive for a limited time
12 May 2019 at 8:03 pm UTC Likes: 2

It might as well not exist in my world then. Only tux get my bucks.

It's not good to keep things all bottled up so Wine 4.8 has been opened to breathe a little
10 May 2019 at 10:51 pm UTC Likes: 2

If we could standardize WINE BOTTLE instead of "wine prefix" I would be so happy.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that's true then a WINE BOTTLE could be summed intuitively as app(s) in a bottle:


Edit: I would also accept Wine Container as a improvement on the iteration convention.

BattlEye now say they're working with Valve to support Steam Play
10 May 2019 at 10:47 pm UTC Likes: 5

Great. I will dial up my expectations a little in anticipation.
As a purely Linux Gamer, friendly behavior towards our platform should always be recognized, praised and rewarded.
Bad behavior, insults on the other hand will get my backhand and I'll caution the economic dangers of having a isolated player-base.

Lots of good content, Only Tux Get My Bux and I got money to spend, so keep shoveling Linux content on to my doorstep bby.

Facepunch Studios have given an update on the future of Rust for Linux, issues with "third parties"
6 May 2019 at 2:35 am UTC

Whitewolfe80Well yes and no legally you dont own any of your games you have on steam you have a licence for that game which remains property of the game developer. EULA are technically not enforceable legally but there is every chance they would get away with it in court

Fuck that. I couldn't give a damn what technical legal bullshittery slingers try to sling at customers. In every industry you exchange money for a good or a service, even a license key is a non-changing string of characters that you literally own.

Over intellectualizing the simple reality of buying goods is bullshit. Sony was sued through the nose when they marketed Playstation as having "Linux OS support" and later pulling the plug on a feature that sold the product.

Lets not be whimps and give off the message -- Look Linux Devs, "We don't mind being cheated and fucked in the ass. We won't stand up for our rights"

We are fucking equals in the industry in all respects and when every other platform fails from disease the Linux sanctuary will still be standing because of the
"nobody owns it" reality.

dubigrasuSo these are the problematic third parties after all?
But I thought that things were going good on that front, wasn't Valve in talks with EAC?

If I was RUST as a business venture. I would be alarmed that my software supplier is having technical difficulties and is NOT able to complete the job. If they are having engine vulkan issues NOW, then what BIG problems are on the horizon in the near future.

It sounds like RUST is dependent on a clusterfuck on wheels. They should be VERY concerned at their suppliers unprofessionalism and lack of qualifications as seen in their poor craftsmanship to prevent cheaters and be free of graphical glitches.

Edit: Here we go with the "blame game" and deferring responsibility being being BAD at your job.

Supergiant Games now have Bastion, Transistor and Pyre up on
4 May 2019 at 7:12 am UTC

Props is the new Humble Bundle in my book

Black Mesa looks pretty incredible in the latest teasers, new roadmap shown
4 May 2019 at 5:30 am UTC

ElectricPrismIMO "Open Source" should be split into two new definitions:

Public Source
Libre Source
It would not be a "split". It would be something else. Open source was never meant to refer to proprietary code whose source you could read. There were already software with "readable" but not modifiable code decades ago, like the PINE email client. The Open Source definition is a very strict one, with 10 points the license must meet to be considered as such.

Now, for Black Mesa... Will it leave Early Access before or after Star Citizen?

I wouldn't be surprised if the term had a loose meaning before the OSI came around and created a official definition for what "Open Source" is.

And if the OSI was there @ the beginning instead of tacking on meaning later, then they sure did a poor job selecting a naming schema that is articulate and accurate.

How much more could you fuck up. You might as well be Verizon + the FCC with the "Freedom Internet Act" which is basically the _ opposite _ of internet freedom for the individual and 100% bullshit.

Seriously I am not in the mood to be fed a line of bullshit about how the term "open source" was created with intentions on a specific meaning which is 100% clearly not in the name and confuses people down to this day in 2019.

Public Source and Libre Source will suffice for naming schemas following syntax that actually fucking makes sense so I am inviting anyone who wants to to use them when describing the nature of the code.

Black Mesa looks pretty incredible in the latest teasers, new roadmap shown
3 May 2019 at 6:26 pm UTC Likes: 1

IMO "Open Source" should be split into two new definitions:

Public Source
Libre Source

AFAIK the source code for the Source Engine is Public Source, of course the license is not Libre, and Documentation and Support are not up to the minimum standard most devs would require to bind themselves to selecting it as a fate.

IIRC Unreal 4 Engine is in the same boat, Public Source but not Libre Source

Facepunch Studios have given an update on the future of Rust for Linux, issues with "third parties"
3 May 2019 at 3:00 am UTC Likes: 3

1. Invent "broad undescriptive" narrative of problems outside your control.
2. Make sure to publicly defer blame via blog with "Hey guys, it's not our fault"
3. Pull the plug on a customer base that has given you money for a product thereby revoking their ability to use their license.

When the shit hits the fan every Linux gamer who has a copy needs to spam the fuck out of their refund system to remind them how much of a pain in the ass and mistake they made for themselves.

To clarify: Their profit model isn't SaaS (Software as a Service), it's selling licenses.

A look over the ProtonDB reports for April 2019, now over forty thousand reports logged
2 May 2019 at 7:42 pm UTC

Yeah if we could start measuring success as having great apps, drivers and working out of box pretty good instead of numerically comparing things that would be great. There are so many numerical statistical comparisons that are malnourished of actual useful meaning.

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