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Latest Comments by Kithop
OBS Studio 21.0.1 released with Luajit/Python3 scripting support and plenty more
24 January 2018 at 12:38 am UTC

Oh neat, on the audio front:
  • Added sidechain/ducking support to the compressor filter.
  • Added surround sound audio output support
  • Added new audio meters to allow the ability to see the audio levels of each audio channel

Understanding the Mixer

The audio engineer in me is super excited, especially considering I just spent a bunch of time messing with my standalone digital mixer (Behringer X32) and mics just last night doing quality and level checks... this would've made things a lot friendlier. :p

Now to wait for the ebuild to land and upgrade.

OBS Studio NDI Plugin for Linux, send video from one Linux PC to another
22 January 2018 at 4:55 pm UTC

I did set up an RTMP-based 4-up setup one time, using the RTMP plugin for nginx on my home server running FreeBSD. It's not as good as a system with a proper capture card, but it was flexible enough to let me do things with friends running Windows in addition to my Linux systems (and even doing something questionable, pulling my remote friends' Twitch streams back into OBS for rebroadcast).

The spare machine I had with hardware encoding that was running OBS as the final master was my old mid-2012 Macbook Pro, and for whatever reason, OBS just kept crashing.

One day I'll have the budget to build a proper stream head PC and stick something like a Magewell capture card in there to do this all properly... that'd be an interesting article if you know anyone else who's already done it?

Eco, a detailed sandbox simulation game is launching on Steam Early Access soon
22 January 2018 at 2:29 pm UTC

I actually bought into this with a 4-pack to support it almost a year ago it seems, now. Even did some streaming.

They give you access to their Slack, and I did help them test a couple regressions with the Linux builds. The server on Windows has a decent enough GUI for setting all the options, at which point you could copy the config files it generates over to the Linux version of the dedicated server, but the real-time management (e.g. viewing a list of and potentially banning users) wasn't really there.

Unfortunately, the client side bugs drove my friends away 'until it's on Steam and more stable', so this is good to see.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is now on Linux
27 September 2017 at 9:47 pm UTC Likes: 1

My girlfriend has been watching other people's videos of this for the past few weeks - for now she's using an older PC of mine (Core2Duo + 9800GTX, nothing fancy), running Xubuntu because - well, it came with a WinXP license, sure, but I'm not running and taking care of that. :p

Anyhow, she was super excited to see this get ported, and bought it as soon as she found out. Happy to report it seems to play flawlessly for her so far on that old machine - and yes, there are a couple hidden minigame portions that are 3D rendered, despite the game being mostly a 2D visual novel.

One reason this game's got a lot of press is because it's apparently a pet project of the Game Grumps, so if you know their type of humour, that's what you can expect here. From the bits and pieces I've seen looking over her shoulder, it genuinely does seem to be a sincere, light-hearted take. With lots of dad humour.

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
25 September 2017 at 11:09 pm UTC

jayceeCould you look at the controller with a version of jstest which uses the evdev api, and see how things are detected?

Apologies for the delay - I'm not 100% sure if the version of jstest on Ubuntu (package 'joystick' is using evdev or not, but I've put together a quick video just now running through all the axes and buttons on my X52 Pro:

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
19 September 2017 at 8:58 pm UTC

slaapliedjeTry modifying /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf and put uinput into it.

# /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time. # # This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded # at boot time, one per line. Lines beginning with "#" are ignored. uinput

Did that, didn't help - then I uninstalled Steam from their repo and reinstalled it from the Ubuntu provided one, including the steam-controller package that has the udev rules. Apparently the way I did it before may not have taken, because after all that, I finally got things working again.

Sort of. I mean, other games work fine, for the most part. Arma's still pretty unplayable, unfortunately. You can use the stock 360 controller mapping, but that still double-maps right trigger to 'yaw right' and 'fire guns' in a chopper. There was some promise in being able to disable the pre-mapped controller and enable a customizable one... but I can't get it to actually recognize things when trying to map controls. In fact, in-game with it set that way, my character looks hard right over his shoulder and starts running backwards of his own accord - something's seriously not right with some axis control somewhere.

I moved on then to my X52 Pro. The actual joystick itself works for the collective...aaaand that's about it. None of the buttons work, and the throttle portion is completely dead, both using the pre-mapped controls and trying to customize it. It just doesn't register at all.

For my own sanity, I fired up my copy of X-Plane 10 instead, and confirmed that yes, my joystick is still working properly, and 100% fine in there, throttle and all.

So yeah, unfortunately until someone figures out how to make Arma, well, controllable, it's... not really playable beyond the infantry stuff.

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
18 September 2017 at 11:10 pm UTC

evergreenDid you try it? Did they implement Joystick support on linux too? I'm also waiting for joystick working.

I actually have a different issue with Steam (Beta) right now where basically none of my controllers work... in game. Oh, my Steam controller works totally fine in Big Picture mode to browse the menus and things. Then I go to fire up a game and.. no controller detected. Arma 3 doesn't, tried Broforce as well (which used to work).

I swear I did the udev rules fine, but maybe not, and I have to revisit just what's going on there. Unfortunately that means I can't test much at the moment.

jayceeIt has nothing to do with "the wrapper". We implement DirectInput. However it's implemented on the back of the SDL Gamepad mapping system. To support raw HID devices fully would be a lot more work.

Ouch - this is... unfortunate. One of the biggest draws to a game like Arma 3 is that it's not just a foot-soldier thing; you can hop into vehicles, and especially in the case of aircraft, have relatively realistic flight models and controls. Trying to mouse-and-keyboard that is painful.

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
14 September 2017 at 3:07 pm UTC Likes: 2

...did they finally fix HID support? Like, can I use a controller to fly a chopper without right trigger being double-mapped to yaw right and 'fire guns', with no way to remap it? :p

Better yet, can I use my G27 wheel+pedal combo to drive ground vehicles and my X52 Pro HOTAS for flight and mouse & keyboard for on-foot without them all messing each other up, like I can under Windows?

I guess I'll have to test these at some point and report back. I can live with being a bit behind the Windows version in terms of raw features/patches, but that was an absolute deal breaker for me playing under Linux. What's the point of having a HOTAS + wheel if I can't use them, etc.

Studio Wildcard have announced another DLC named "ARK: Aberration"
1 September 2017 at 7:02 pm UTC Likes: 1

To be fair, I even have friends playing the Windows version who complain about this game's absolutely atrocious performance on even high-end gaming rigs, nevermind the other bugs, and whether the game is, you know, fun and balanced well or not.

Last time I tried to fire it up a week ago, under Linux, myself, it just crashed to desktop trying to play a new Single Player world. I gave up trying again right then and there.

Slime-san, an incredibly fast-paced platformer that takes place inside a worm
29 May 2017 at 4:10 pm UTC

One of my friends (not really a Linux gamer though he does keep a Linux laptop on the side as his stream chat monitor/general purpose machine, while gaming on a Windows desktop) did a bit of a playthrough of this one a while back.

The little mini-arcade games are quite neat time-wasters that rip off established genres, and we spent a bunch of time watching him go through a Zelda-esque one fighting off progressively harder waves of baddies.

Then, 'oh, right, there's this platformer main game to get back to!'.

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