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Phasmophobia gets new Voice Recognition to work on Steam Deck and Linux
13 June 2022 at 12:31 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quotesell onto a ghost removal team

So basically what theses guys did!

Serious Sam 4 gets Steam Deck support with a small but 'notable' update
30 May 2022 at 4:49 pm UTC

Quoting: Rob-Retro
Quoting: pete910Is this native finally via the fusion engine ?

No, Needs Proton.

I'll pass!

They did a cracking job with the others on their new engine too.

Serious Sam 4 gets Steam Deck support with a small but 'notable' update
28 May 2022 at 3:35 pm UTC

Is this native finally via the fusion engine ?

Manage your Linux PC remotely as KDE Connect lands on iPhone and iPad
11 May 2022 at 8:35 pm UTC

Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: CyborgZetaI have never, ever, gotten KDE Connect to work. The one thing "problem" I've had in my almost two years of Linux that I've never been able to solve. Sorry, just needed to rant a bit.
Weird. I just today for this article loaded it onto my iPhone. Loaded up KDE Connect on Fedora, paired them, started transferring files. It was blissfully easy.

Have been doing the same for donkeys years on mine, Although an android phone.

Assumed it was already on IOS TBH

Nifty fact when someone rings you whilst having spotify/YT or whatever it pauses it until you hang the phone up! Godsend at times .

Quoting: ripper81358have to unlock the phone while my PC is running, otherwise my phone isn't detected by KDE Connect. I don't know if this caused by Android or my Kubuntu system, but this issue is rendering KDE Connect useless for me.

This is because modern Amdroid versions stop the apps when the phone is off. You need to allow it to stay running. I forget what/where it is to do that.

HoloISO brings Valve's SteamOS 3 from the Steam Deck to everyone
7 May 2022 at 4:09 pm UTC

Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: mihalycsabaSo is there any performance improvements on an AMD machine compared to a regular arch install?
I don't think so. If you really want to test, install Valve's kernel (neptune) to regular Arch.

Would that not be tuned for the SOC in the deck though ?

Linux gaming overlay MangoHud has a new release
7 May 2022 at 4:00 pm UTC

Quoting: linuxisdabestBroken gpu usage percentage on amd cards lmao

Why lmao ?

Good job you didn't pay for that software then

But just a FYI, usage works fine for me on my AMD GPU.

Embracer Group to acquire Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montréal
3 May 2022 at 3:54 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: F.UltraI think you people are a bit to negative here. Fully understandable with the experience from EA and other big firms but Embracer Group, at least so far, looks to be genuinely interested in producing games and having the studios run independently.

In their Annual Reports each studio is presented individually with a list of what games they currently sell and what they are working on for the future, zero mentioning of "consolidation goals" or "business optimization". I also note that they buy studios by way of share issues so each studio becomes shareholders of Embrace Group.

They are also no big venture capital owners of the company, 61.12% of the votes are owned by 3 people Lars Wingefors from Nordic Games (that became THQ Nordic that become Embracer) and Matthew Karch and Andrey Iones that founded Saber Interactive.

QuoteIn my belief, a key factor to our success is that entre-
preneurs who become part of Embracer maintain their
creative and operative freedom while they can go faster
and boost their growth by being docked into our growing
eco-system and available resources. We are steadily
seeing more cooperation between the independent oper-
ating groups – for the simple reason that it makes sense
for everyone. We hope that access to the Embracer eco
system will be an even more decisive reason when gam-
ing entrepreneurs chose to become part of the Embracer
family in the future.
Lars Wingefors
Co-founder & CEO
Dude's name is Lars, and I have never met a Lars that I didn't like!

Metallica fan I bet !

Embracer Group to acquire Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montréal
2 May 2022 at 3:28 pm UTC Likes: 9

Just a FYI THQ Nordic AB became Embracer Group

Grab a big load of the X Universe space games from Humble Bundle
27 April 2022 at 3:56 pm UTC

Quoting: gilboa
Quoting: pete910LGP released/sent the keys to valve to redeem via steam, That's why I have X3:R on steam.

How did you get them keys? from LGP?
At least when I used it, LGP never used Steam.

- Gilboa

The original key from LGP activated through steam as thats what they did when they folded. I forget the guys name that let us know. It was a good few years ago now.

To be frank it could have been egosoft, no clue which way round it was done now.

Twitter agrees to Elon Musk buyout, a reminder we're on Mastodon
25 April 2022 at 9:45 pm UTC Likes: 4

Quoting: KithopDeleted my Twitter & Facebook accounts many years ago at this point

Never had any of them to begin with Not even snapcrap or whatever its called!