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Latest Comments by sleort
GRID Autosport Tested on R7 370 4G
10 December 2015 at 7:54 pm UTC Likes: 2

Very cool indeed!
Can't wait until my Fury X gets better open source support.

Could it be that the opensource / mesa driver is more "nvidia-compliant"

Speaking of GRID releasing today.
Total War: Attila also just released!

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare, a beautiful Unreal Engine toy soldier game looking for Linux testers
9 December 2015 at 3:11 pm UTC

I must have this!

It reminds me of the Dreamcast, where I had Toy Commander . Only this time, you're only playing as the toy soldiers and not as all the other toys - which would be amazing!

Unity 5.3 released, hello modern OpenGL system for Linux gaming
8 December 2015 at 8:03 pm UTC

BelarriusAmazing news no?! More FPS?

Actually there is a fair change that fps will improve. How much I cannot say,as I am not an OpenGL developer, but there should be some smarter memory management and other optimizations in 4.x extensions, which cannot be done in pre-4.x since hardware is the limitation.
Again I'm not a ogl dev, but by supporting ogl 4.x it might indicate better overall support of ogl - at least thats what I hope

GRID Autosport releasing for SteamOS & Linux on December 10th
3 December 2015 at 7:08 pm UTC Likes: 1


Thats a totally different view on things; I like it

Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power Officially Available On SteamOS/Linux
7 November 2015 at 9:01 pm UTC

I have a Fury X and FX8350 and NO problems whatsoever. Of course this is "high-end" - from AMD - , but I am able to play the game with a constant 60fps on everything maxed out (1920x1200). When playing Trine, it never passed my mind that this game was bad optimized in any way. I did have v-sync on, so I am no sure if the 60fps was the max or if it was the v-sync cap.

Arma 3 Available For Linux In A Beta
31 August 2015 at 9:56 pm UTC Likes: 1

This game is totally playable with my AMD Fury X setup.

On Ultra I get around 35fps - I know its not 60fps, but this shooter is much more slow-phased than traditional FPS-games.
I also ave yet to encounter any graphical glitches. This is actually a VERY good port right now(I bought it on windows when it was in alpha, and have played it some times in the final version).
Back then I got 40fps with crossfire 7970Ghz - on very high though. So for me the port seems quite good.

My specs
AMD Fury X
AMD 8350@4ghz (not overclocked atm)
16GB ram @ 1600mhz
1920x1200 monitor
ElementaryOS (= ubuntu 14.04)
fglrx 15.7

Company Of Heroes 2 Released For Linux, Port Report & Thoughts Included
27 August 2015 at 11:16 pm UTC Likes: 3

I will not be buying anything from feral from now on, until they fix their AMD driver support. The AMD driver may not be as good as the nvidia-one, but I own a Fury X and in the stress test I get 14 fps max... How can feral interactive be this miserable at programming opengl?
In Unigine valley I get 110fps on 1920x1200 - that's more than michael from phoronix does with the 980ti at 1080p...
I have very good performance in Houdini 14 and aspyr games - even eon games is fairly good, but the only feral game I have played with good performance on AMD cards is Empire Total war. Rest of their linux library is extremely poorly optimized. Especially with COH2 it feels like they just made a generic conversion from directx and then asked nvidia to do the rest.
I do know that in most cases some nvidia card at a lower price level might perform at the same level or even better as my furyx. What I'm trying to say is that if the opengl is done right, then catalyst actually performs quite well in my case.
Hopefully feral steps up their game (together with AMD ofc) as they recently showed in their twitter post with amd hardware.

Before anyone starts bashing about why I would get a FuryX for Linux, I must say I don't care what you think of it. I choose to invest where I think the better *future* is.Therefore I keep my right to speak up and against the consolinux that is going on where developers only support one hardware manufacturer. Don't get me wrong, I really want SteamOS to succeed and thereby Linux gaming in general. I also understand that this is the reason steammachines atm only uses nvidia, but it doesn't mean game developers/porters should only target nvidia - its bad for them, for linux, for amd users and ultimately amd itself.
In the end though it is the developer's/porter's decision to choose which platforms and hardware to support, as it is their money and investment from which they need a profitable return.
Anyways I'm just expressing my thoughts...

Arma 3 Public Linux Beta Soon, Being Used As An Evaluation
26 August 2015 at 3:47 pm UTC

I bought it back when it was in alpha on windows for the price of 25 euro I think, so I will definitely try this out!

As for the approach to releasing the game in beta and maybe never getting out of beta, I think it's an interesting way of testing a game - provided they do it only for testing purposes. I think it's very important not to look at the number of players, hence ofc the release approach.
However, I think it's a good way for smaller companies like Bohemia to test their games this way. If they were to release it, they would need to maintain it on a totally different level than this. This way people (like myself) who already has the game can contribute to testing the game, which may be much more informative for them compared to internal testing.

Keep in mind that this might not be truly "public" on Steam regarding the sales counting, since it's not really/officially on the platform.

No Surprise, Looks Like Dota 2 Reborn Will Be The First Source 2 Game With Vulkan
24 August 2015 at 6:56 am UTC

nocriNot related to Vulkan directly but, there is an interesting comparison for dx11 vs dx 12 (the same idea as Vulkan) on arstechnica (AMD vs NVIDIA):

In short AMD almost double the performance NVIDIA lowers.

That's impressive for AMD, and shows that Nvidia isn't exactly going all out on supporting DX12 yet. But we haven't seen vulkan stats, the scores might be closer on that scene.

But then again, even on DX11, Nvidias cards are outperforming AMD on DX12 on that benchmark in the end.

It might very well be that the nvidia card are winning in the end, but keep in mind that the nvidia card was released this summer and the amd card was released late 2013.

I think it's quite interesting to see a nearly two year old card from amd almost matching a top notch 980Ti. I would have liked to see the benchmark with a Fury X vs the 980Ti though...

If Vulkan bears resemblance to DX12, I can imagine how amd cards may improve in Linux when using the Vulkan API.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Released For Linux, We Love You Feral Interactive
30 July 2015 at 10:48 pm UTC Likes: 2

My experience on an AMD setup

Initial performance
My Specs:
ElementaryOS Freya (Ubuntu 14.04LTS)
2x 7970HD Ghz@1Ghz
16GB memory@1600mhz
Game runs on 128GB SSD
FGLRX 15.7
Lowest Settings:
- Between 40 and 50fps
Medium Settings:
-Around 33fps (pretty steady though)
-No graphical issues/glitches at all.
-At 30fps the game certainly is playable. Even though I would like higher fps, it really doesn't break the experience.
High Settings:
- Between 25 - 30fps
- The game crashes

*Tesselation and DoF is NOT turned on.
*I did not test the game in Crossfire-mode turned on - not that I would suspect the game to run better because of that.

Hopefully this gives some insight and indication for some users on the (maybe?) AMD performance state in the game.

*Keep in mind that this was tested on release date (Linux ofc) and may not be correct or any indicative after a while due to patches or maybe improved drivers. The test is not done through the ingame benchmark but my experience while actually playing.

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