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Latest Comments by ricki42
An interview with The Final Station developers
17 March 2016 at 1:29 pm UTC Likes: 3

ungutknutLike someone is automatically a racist just because he doesn't include the token black guy.
No one is saying that not having people of colour means the devs are racist. The question was simply "are there plans for a more diverse cast?" That doesn't mean anyone is racist, it just means this stood out to sobkas. Simple answer would have been: "no plans".

QuoteTIL that being non-white is analogous to being a cripple or a cat. Wow.
You're aware that this was satiric, right?
They were using analogies to ridicule the question about diversity. These analogies were supposed to make the question about non-white characters look as absurd as asking about cats and cripples. I'm baffled that you can't see how this would be hurtful to anyone not white.

Mountain ManBecause the question is entirely predicated on the fallacy of political correctness.
Political correctness isn't a fallacy, it's [...] a term primarily used as a pejorative to describe language, policies, or measures which are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people. You calling something PC doesn't invalidate it. It's just a lazy way of dismissing somebody else's concerns.

Mountain ManWhat does it really matter if all the sprites in the game have faces that are one color instead of another?
You don't get to decide what matters to other people. If it doesn't matter to you, that's OK, but don't tell other people they can't mention it just because you don't care.

An interview with The Final Station developers
17 March 2016 at 11:48 am UTC Likes: 1

Mountain ManMy respect for the developer actually went up a notch when I saw that because, to be frank, it was a stupid question and deserved to be ignored. I mean, seriously, why would you even think to ask a question like that? Who really cares if all the sprites in the game have tan colored faces?

Why was it stupid? The devs can put whatever they want into their games, and critics / interviewers / journalists can criticise and critique whatever part of it they want. You could ask why they chose a green colour palette for the environments, and you can ask why they chose all white for the people. Doesn't mean that all-green colour palettes shouldn't exist, or that all games must have a statistically realistic representation of every human skin colour. They could easily have said something like "this is what everyone here looks like, and we modeled the population based on our town." (which is probably more or less the case) or "We haven't thought about it." (which I supect is also quite likely) or "It's just what we wanted to do."
I very much believe critics should be allowed to question whichever aspect of the game they want, even if you personally deem it irrelevant, it may be relevant to others (like the person doing the interview), and nothing should be beyond criticism.

NyamiouI'm sure 3D people are sad too not to be included in this dimensionalist 2D-only title. This is clearly an outrage.

By that reasoning the Mona Lisa is just a 2D blob of colour rather than the portrait of a 3D person.
The people in the game clearly represent real people - probably not each a specific person, but artistic representations of people like you'd meet in real life. Just like the train is an artistic representation of real world trains. Saying they aren't real and 2D is really a complete non sequitur. But I suspect you already know that, or you'd have a hard time reading comics.

sonicI also noticed that there are no cripples
norsettoThey also seem to be lacking cats, the outrage!

TIL that being non-white is analogous to being a cripple or a cat. Wow. I barely finished breakfast, and I'm already done with the internet for today.

An interview with The Final Station developers
17 March 2016 at 12:00 am UTC Likes: 2

I'm not sure I understand: have they actually tested the game on Linux? They say "it didn’t take much time to make it", which sounds like it's already running. But then they say they don't know if there will be problems, which sounds like they haven't even tested it.

WorMzyIs there an explanation to go with this answer? Did they just ignore the question?
I'm curious about this as well.

GOL Asks: What have you been playing recently?
16 March 2016 at 2:46 pm UTC

Haven't had much time recently, but I'm slowly going through the Shadowrun: Hong Kong expansion.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn't look like it will come to Linux any time soon
15 March 2016 at 5:22 pm UTC

ShmerlVulkan support in CryEngine will come later, so don't expect it to happen too soon.

Or maybe sooner?
Could be anything though...

How big is Linux gaming? Some estimates
15 March 2016 at 12:42 pm UTC

BeamboomStill, the jump is puzzling because it is so enormous - if at all true.

I don't think it's a sudden jump, Steam has been growing exponentially for years. If you look at the link to some older data that I posted, gamasutra is noticing already in 2013 that the growth is exponential. They used numbers from 2005 to 2013. I looked at data from 2007 to 2015, and the exponential growth continues.
It may have accelerated a bit since gamasutra predicted 130 million by the end of 2016, while Steam reached 125 million in early 2015. But that may also be fit uncertainty.
We don't have any data later than Feb. 2015, so it's anybody's guess whether this trend is holding. There are only so many people in the world who have PCs...

How big is Linux gaming? Some estimates
15 March 2016 at 12:33 pm UTC

CheesenessI can't find the original source, but I had seen developers who'd spoken about seeing Android purchases in their sales data (mentioned in this reply to that article).

I wouldn't panic too much.

I seem to remember reading that mobile goes automatically to Windows, but I can't find that quote, so I may have misremembered. But according to Aspyr_Blair on Reddit mobile purchases default to Windows of they aren't played on Linux. So it's: "Don't buy on mobile unless you're sure you'll play the game on Linux during the first week."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn't look like it will come to Linux any time soon
15 March 2016 at 1:28 am UTC

ShmerlAbout Cry Engine. I've heard Chris Roberts mentioning, that current Linux support in it is quite poor and they basically will need to work on it to make it acceptable (and they'll be doing it implementing Vulkan backend). So probably Kingdom Come: Deliverance developers were bitten by this issue and realized they don't have resources like Star Citizen to pull it off.

This sounds likely. I wonder if they are under some kind of contract that they can't just come out and say it's a problem with the engine. Although, the quote in the article sounds like they aren't sure if it can be fixed at all, while Lordpkappa's quote sounds more like the tools aren't efficient enough yet, and they are waiting for Crytek to make the engine easier to use.
Either way, I hope Crytek improves CryEngine performance and tools on Linux.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn't look like it will come to Linux any time soon
14 March 2016 at 11:58 pm UTC Likes: 4

Lordpkappa"We are quite small developer, so we have to use whatever easies our development."

Understandable... except they already knew they were a small developer when they announced the Linux version on Kickstarter and took money for it.

This reminded me that I hadn't checked back on SNOW in some time since it's also on CryEngine. It doesn't even start anymore, just sits in the 'press anything to continue' screen. Not a good sign.

This has me worried about Umbra (or Wolcen as it's now called). Also Kickstarter, also CryEngine, also no word on Linux since the campaign, and the Alpha is to go into Early Access on March 24.

How big is Linux gaming? Some estimates
14 March 2016 at 7:09 pm UTC

EikeIf they use the data taken from (e. g.) you over all the months (not only in the month it has been asked for), there's no need to ask again. You'd just be in the data pool. They would only need to query again if, say, your hardware would have changed.

That said, it would make my test from post 2 meaningless. Maybe I can trigger the survey, but it would just change my recorded data, not add 1 to the Linux users counted.
I've been thinking that maybe that's the case. But then there'd potentially be a lot of double-counting when people switch between systems. Or they'd have to know how many systems each user has and divide by that number. But given what Cheese said above, I doubt they do that.
Your test would still be interesting, whether it changes the number or not, I'm just curious if you manage to trigger the survey.

VoltageI think I have read that games bought on steam depend from which platforms you did it, making statistics.
Today I saw a windows game in sale so I thought that if I buy it from linux that may be a sign which be counted.
In addition, don't buy using mobile, apparently that always gets counted as Windows.

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