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Latest Comments by ogon_bat
Editorial: No, Valve is not killing SteamOS or the Steam Controller
19 July 2017 at 12:49 pm UTC Likes: 2

I have mixed feelings about this... Yes, the Softpedia article has a lot of inaccuracies and no, Valve is not (directly) killing SteamOS. But I think the key here, that the article gets right, is

QuoteThis entire complacency might have something to do with the flat organizational scheme inside Valve that basically lets developers work on anything they want. With no clear future direction imposed for the company, Valve looks more and more like a rudderless ship, going each way and not finishing any of the projects.

It seems there's a bunch of Linux developers working at Valve that keeps puhing updates and patches, but they are on their own now, after the initial marketing push. They are contributing in making our os better, we owe them much, but is this enough? Maybe yes... I'm reasonably happy with the state of things, we have a great platform and even a lot of games to play natively. On the other hand it seems something is really missing...

Waaagh! Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III released for Linux with OpenGL & Vulkan, review & port report
9 June 2017 at 9:05 am UTC

Great review, I'll buy this game eventually even if I'm not an RTS fan.
Vulkan was a blessing for me with Mad Max, much improved experience compared to OpenGL, maybe because of my old i7 930 CPU (waiting to upgrade to Threadripper =)
I really hope Feral consider to implement Vulkan in Deus Ex (and Hitman too)

Mad Max meets Vulkan in a new fully public beta for Linux, benchmarks and OpenGL vs Vulkan comparisons
30 March 2017 at 2:16 pm UTC

Best news ever! I'm just playing this game in OpenGL and suffering some frame drops here and there with a GTX 970... Can't wait to see the difference!

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