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Latest Comments by Kimyrielle
The big Albion Online 'Kay' update is live, it's also on sale
6 December 2017 at 8:44 pm UTC

KimyrielleEven if Albion would add PvE content one day, there is still nothing at all I find appealing about it. It's a niche game with eyesore graphics and hardcore MMO concepts from the olden days, which, like dinosaurs, died out for a reason.

Is that why Blizzard is reviving WoW Vanilla?

Of course to attract the masses it helps to ensure everyone regardless of skill-level can succceed. But not everyone likes that. Just like not everyone enjoys the latest dumbed down action movies labeled "Star Trek" which aim to attract the masses.

I really enjoy Albion Online

I know that there are people around who love old-school MMOs and there is nothing wrong with that. But I guess my point was that for every hardcore MMOer who loves open world PvP, perma-death, looting corpses, competing with other players for mining nodes and rare world bosses, endless grind, and super-hard raids, there will be 10 others that will be like me and hate all of the above. It's really about where the money is. MMOs become a mass-phenomena only when developers moved away from that hardcore stuff and made games more accessible for us filthy casuals.

The big Albion Online 'Kay' update is live, it's also on sale
6 December 2017 at 7:11 pm UTC

marcelomendesI sometimes think in buy this, since Shroud of the Avatar is unplayable and buggy. But the PVP oriented aspect makes me think twice. I'm really happy playing GW2, even if not native. Still waiting for THE MMO of Linux world. For now I'll stick with GW2.

In addition to GW2, Star Wars The Old Republic also runs pretty fantastic in WINE.

I have come to terms with the idea that there will be no native AAA MMO anytime soon, probably not for many years. I am not even aware of an upcoming AAA MMO project for Windows at this time. There is simply nothing at all in the pipe right now. These two games at least can be played in Linux, for those of us who want to play a AAA MMO without having to boot into Windows all the time.

Even if Albion would add PvE content one day, there is still nothing at all I find appealing about it. It's a niche game with eyesore graphics and hardcore MMO concepts from the olden days, which, like dinosaurs, died out for a reason.

Albion Online to get the big 'Kay' update on December 6th, lots of new content coming
30 November 2017 at 3:52 pm UTC

kalinAs I see I need to buy starter pack to test the game. I was left with impression that the game is free to play.

Free to Play is sometimes used loosely by both MMO devs and players, for games you need to buy but do not incur a monthly subscription (like apparently this one). Correctly, these games would fall under the "Buy to Play" category.

Wine 3.0 RC1 should be out in early December, final release likely in January
29 November 2017 at 4:14 pm UTC Likes: 1

I don't know why they feel they need to release a major version either. Most people don't care. They just download each new release, because every new release is an improvement over the previous.

That being said, I really like where DX11 support has been going lately, and there is some hope that we will be able to play more recent AAA games soon. I even got back into GuildWars 2, because it now runs really nice in WINE, when it produced single digit FPS rates for the longest time.

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition is coming from Beamdog, Linux support confirmed
21 November 2017 at 8:13 pm UTC Likes: 1

I still consider NWN the best computer game ever made. Only reason why I am not playing it anymore is the dated looks. If they can polish them enough to look not totally out of place on a 2017 PC, I can see me playing it a lot again. I think having the editor is a must, though. The game was great because it was essentially a $50 RPG game engine people could make their own games with. The official campaign isn't' all that good, though.

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger announced, will add to the Chinese Front and more
15 November 2017 at 10:19 pm UTC

I love the alternate history scenarios. I just wish the AI would sometimes pick alternate routes for countries it is playing, too. Playing as England, and kicking Soviet butt at the side of a democratic Germany? That would be fun!

SteamOS is still alive with a new Beta, although it's a rather uninteresting one
10 November 2017 at 4:55 pm UTC

johndoe86xLinux needs three things to succeed as a competitive gaming platform.

It needs -something- over Windows, not necessarily any of the features you mentioned. But something. A unique selling point. And unfortunately, "freedom" won't cut it. People at large don't mind the NSA reading their email and them getting filmed by 1,000 different CCTV cameras a day. They don't care about Windows 10 being unfree and spyware, either. Sad, but true.

A better performance than Windows across the board would definitely help getting us some attention. But as long as most games are designed to run on Windows and ported to Linux as an afterthought, this will be not too easy to achieve.

Btw. Installing Windows is just as painful or easy as Linux. The point is that it doesn't matter, as nobody has to install Windows. It comes pre-installed on close to 100% of all PCs sold on Earth, after all. This is the exact reason why we need to achieve a -better-, not equal experience for gaming on Linux. Why else would a Windows user switch from something that they already have and works for them?

It's really the same with SteamOS vs Ubuntu. SteamOS doesn't offer anything tangible over Ubuntu (or any other major distro) at this point, so why would anyone switch? It's not a better gaming platform than Ubuntu by any stretch of imagination.

I don't think we necessarily need EA or Ubisoft on board, though. My personal indifference about them and their games aside, but for console users it is totally normal NOT to have access to games that are exclusives for other consoles. They accept that. We don't need to have 100% of all publishers on Linux, either. We DO need a reasonable amount of AAA games though, and we still have painfully little (although there has been some slow progress in the past two years).

Steam for Linux entered Beta five years ago today
6 November 2017 at 5:54 pm UTC Likes: 8

Mountain ManMy question is, is there enough momentum in the Linux gaming market for developers to continue supporting Linux in the event that Valve gets bored and kills off their grand experiment? That's my primary concern at the moment, that we're almost entirely dependent on Valve and Steam for the majority of our games, and if Valve goes away then we're going to be right back where we were five-years ago with a niche market that only a handful of independent developers even bother to support.

I guess the critical moment was when all major engine creators added Linux support to their products that make it (comparatively) easy to publish cross-platform. There is barely any reason NOT to support Linux these days.

Let's be honest, as a game developer/publisher, Valve has been a non-factor for a while now, so if they chose to stop porting games to Linux, really, who'd notice? And Steam Machines never picked up any steam to begin with. Linux gaming has grown without them just nicely.

No, their great contribution is and was porting the Steam client to Linux in the first place, opening a mainstream publishing channel for developers on Linux for the first time ever. That deed is done and time won't get rolled back on that. The biggest help we're getting from Valve these days is them getting involved in improving Linux drivers and components for gaming. Which should hopefully drive down Linux related support costs and performance issues, which is the LAST sound reason larger studios still have not to publish on Linux.

Linux marketshare on Steam dropped again in October, as China takes a massive chunk of the market
2 November 2017 at 3:53 pm UTC Likes: 5

FredOWhile the number of Chinese users is exploding on Steam, Gabe Newell has quietly moved into the top 100 rich list in the U.S
That's pretty amazing considering his company doesn't seem to finish off many of their projects

They do. Just many of us won't live long enough to see them completed.

Wine 2.20 released with more Direct3D work and more fixes
2 November 2017 at 3:48 pm UTC

KimyrielleHas anyone tried to run ESO or Fallout 4 with the newer WINE releases?

Playing ESO now on WINE 2.19 staging.
With AMD R9 290x and works pretty flawless.

Just tried it with 2.19 staging. The launcher works just fine, but the game doesn't start up (hangs on a black screen). Did you install any other components to get it to run?

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