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Latest Comments by Kimyrielle
Big games of Stellaris are going to run a lot smoother in the 2.6.0 update
21 February 2020 at 4:14 pm UTC

DuncGreat work, guys. Now do Cities: Skylines. (Yeah, I know it's not in-house, but surely they could give Collosal Order some tips?)
Tips aren't going to help much if their code architecture isn't even similar.

But I never had any problems with Cities: Skylines performance to begin with.

It's not very noticable with smaller cities, but as soon as a city grows large, the game becomes both laggy and unstable. And I am not even talking about the 81 tile mod. Superficially, it seems to be a similar issue as with Stellaris: Too many Cims doing too many things.

Paradox have updated their handy launcher - should help Linux gamers too
17 February 2020 at 10:29 pm UTC Likes: 2

eldakingThere doesn't seem to be a common reason, it is just something that is done badly.

There is not a single good reason for these launchers to exist in the first place. It's just lazy software engineering. Nothing they do couldn't be done just as well in the main application (and/or in Steam, which most Paradox games require anyway). Their most common use case is to adjust the configuration in some fashion, which most people do exactly once after installing a game and then never again. Even if that would require a game restart, it would still be preferable to having the deal with an useless extra step every single time you start the game. Really, what's next? A launcher to launch a launcher?

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection
12 February 2020 at 4:08 pm UTC Likes: 6

ArdjeWould be nice if they can apply some ip matching to match the original Steam account with the Smurf Steam account, and address warnings there too. But then again, that might be a privacy issue.
Maybe they should ask the right to process your IP against fraud cases like this.

There are legit cases of two people using two accounts on the same IP. Such as e.g. two siblings sharing a PC. IP matching is almost guaranteed to identify one of them as a smurf, when they're not.

Godot Engine enters new territory with Vulkan API support merged in for the upcoming 4.0 release
11 February 2020 at 6:41 pm UTC Likes: 1

BielFPsI hope once Godot Vulkan becomes stable, someone will put a Killer game made with Godot to encourage more devs to use it.

It will probably be more an evolutionary process. I can't see anyone making a AAA production with it quite yet, but I guess we will see more and more small developers picking it up, so the engine can make a name for itself and eventually gather the attention of larger studios.

System Shock 3 development has been left in limbo with lots of people leaving OtherSide Entertainment
10 February 2020 at 8:05 pm UTC

After Underworld, which IIRC released for Linux a stunning year after the Windows version and wasn't a good game anyway, I am not sure if I would have bought another game from them. No big loss for me personally.

Valve making steps to address toxic behaviour on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
9 February 2020 at 5:39 am UTC Likes: 1

TheSHEEEPYou prevented yourself from being taken too serious in this discussion by bringing in that "toxic masculinity" nonsense as soon you saw an opening to stick it to "the patriarchy" or whatever crusade it is you are on.
If you truly believe shitty behavior in gaming would only come from men, you are absolutely delusional. And probably blind to the irony of trying to paint masculinity as toxic.

Most reports of harassment and stories about people being douchebags in a competitive game tell about that person being male? What a surprise, in games that have a player base that is 80% (or more) male...

First you say that most people in games known to be problematic are males, then you bash me for pointing out the fact that the overwhelming majority of toxic people in online games are males, and that the underlying problem is what's usually referred to as "toxic masculinity".

That makes obviously no sense. Other than it's the expected reaction of people that are part of the problem, either actively or passively, by defending these people or ignoring the issue to exist in the first place. I just wonder...if I am making all of this up, how come that many games publishers put in place measures to combat a problem that according to you and some other posters here, doesn't even exist?

Honestly, the gender issue is important only because it's required to understand what the issue ultimately roots in, and you cannot solve any problem without realizing its root causes. Not every male is an online bully. But almost all online bullies are males, and to solve the problem we need to talk about the difference between toxic and healthy masculinity. It's just a fact. Get mad at me in the "Just shoot the messenger and the issue will go away" fashion, if you want to. It's not that I would care. Honestly not.

As a general remark: I got quite some experience with bullies, both online and offline. And honestly, if I had a dime for every time I heard the line "Take a chill pill! It's just a game!!!" when somebody tried to excuse being an asshole in a game, I'd be rich. Thing is that that people don't magically change their personality when they log into an online game. If somebody behaves like a complete piece of crap in a game, a complete piece of crap is who they really are. The people that are part of the problem obviously don't like to hear that, so they get all defensive and aggressive when somebody points that fact out. As if a nice person would ever log into a game to troll others. Sorry, but no, that doesn't happen. Only assholes do that. As in real life assholes. So no, I don't need to take a chill pill. The people who deny the issue to exist need a reality check and acknowledge that a great many humans just aren't nice, and we need sufficient means to deal with them. Both in real life and in online games, where the prevailing culture is still in Three-Monkeys-Mode.

Valve making steps to address toxic behaviour on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8 February 2020 at 5:26 am UTC Likes: 2

SalvatosInteresting, but I hope it doesn’t start penalizing people who make frequent legitimate reports... I would expect people who are frequently targeted by reports to be weighted down instead.

... The toxic masculinity (and that's what we're talking about here in the end) that has more or less defined gaming culture since its inception needs to be finally removed from it.

Oh I think you forgot to mention that it is WHITE toxic masculinity! Of course women (and divers people?) do never show toxic behavior. Masculinity is the root of all evil (at least in the gaming world)!

It is really sad, that you bring this nonsense into the discussion. Hope you can find the irony.

I have no clue about their skin color, nor that it matters. You can't really see that stuff in chat, or in voice com. Shocking, I know! But what I can tell you is that in the cases I was able to ascertain their gender, 100% of the people that ever harassed me online were male. To you and your personal version of reality, it might be nonsense. To me - you're probably a part of the problem. Among things because your post made it evident that you're clearly in denial mode, because you felt a need to ridicule my point like that instead of addressing it in a mature fashion. Gosh, were have we seen THAT rhetoric before?

Valve making steps to address toxic behaviour on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
7 February 2020 at 4:40 pm UTC Likes: 2

SalvatosInteresting, but I hope it doesn’t start penalizing people who make frequent legitimate reports... I would expect people who are frequently targeted by reports to be weighted down instead.

My thoughts exactly. They build a system that relies on people reporting bad behavior and then they take that exact component out of the system by starting to downplay/ignore the people that actually help the system to work. That makes no sense to me. The correct way to do it would be to look at the percentage of successful reports (number of reports that got verified by the moderators as legit, divided by that person's total number of reports) and start ignoring people who file a high number of baseless reports that got tossed out by the mods.

There also does not seem to be a mechanism to punish abuse of the reporting system, which also would be indicated by a low successful reports rate.

The above is assuming that human moderators look at the reports to begin with. If it's fully automatic, it's garbage to begin with, as it would be prone to be abused by the very people it's designed to combat.

In the end, the system is not nearly radical enough for me. Toxic players shouldn't be just muted, they should be perma-banned using a three-strikes system. Two warnings and you're out. Forever. The toxic masculinity (and that's what we're talking about here in the end) that has more or less defined gaming culture since its inception needs to be finally removed from it.

Direct 3D to Vulkan translation layer DXVK has another small release up
7 February 2020 at 4:16 pm UTC Likes: 9

TemplarGRDXVK is awesome. It is hard to believe it only began a couple of years ago.

That's putting it mildly. It was a complete game changer. In my book, DXVK is what made WINE gaming viable. Before, WINE was mostly useful for running legacy games. But modern games would either not run at all or run in a way that tempted you to boot back into Windows...

Godot Engine was approved for an Epic MegaGrant
3 February 2020 at 4:17 pm UTC Likes: 5

I said it before, but even when the money is coming from the next best thing to the devil, it's still money that will help Godot to become a better product, and they would be fools not to take it. If Godot will one day become good enough to bite into Unreal's market-share and cost Epic MORE money, that would be an added plus.

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