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Supraland stops supporting Linux shortly after leaving GOG entirely
27 June 2020 at 1:12 pm UTC Likes: 3

Quoting: Samsai
Quoting: Whitewolfe80Thing for me its too late yes our marketshare has increased but almost every single video/article that says nows the time to try linux has one draw back proton its all they talk about and lutris I use both so i am part of the problem. That problem is of course proton has become the clutch we all rely on for games on linux. We have collectively given up on native gaming with the exception of indie games and the one to three games we get from feral a year. We have already seen developers say use the proton version if you want a linux version that attitude has quickly become the norm.
It's definitely an annoying and stupid trend. People don't realize that Proton is putting our eggs in one ever-growing basket that will eventually collapse in on itself. We need game devs that know how to work with Linux that will contribute to the ecosystem.

But on the topic of "collectively giving up on native gaming", I will point out that there are those of us that still totally reject Proton as the future of Linux gaming.

The problem is not really Proton but the lack of consideration from some delevopers who targeted Linux. I'm totally fine with devs that officially target Proton: doing testing, QA and support as they are supposed to do for any target.

But I haven't seen a single dev doing so for Proton. Proton for devs is just an excuse for doing nothing to support Linux but still accepting money. That's shameful.

As a professional developer myself, and like ALL devs, I know that delivering on production an untested version is very risky and have high chances or being a support nightmare.

The Humble Indie Bundle 21 launches to mark the tenth anniversary
15 May 2020 at 12:33 pm UTC Likes: 1

I remember the old times where "Humble Indie Bundle" meant DRM-Free and Cross Platform. This is probably the first Humble Indie Bundle to neither be DRM-Free nor Cross Platform. A very sad anniversary.

But hey! Even is Humble Indie Bundle is dead, the situation is much better now! We have strong supporters like Feral, Steam and others. We have lots of native games available and even more thanks to Wine/DXVK/Proton. So see you HIB, dear old friend, may you rest in peace.

A note on using Steam Play Proton and counting the sales for Linux (updated)
11 February 2020 at 7:18 am UTC Likes: 3

Quoting: lelorrainI'll stop buying this type of games from steam and go to GOG instead

How does GOG count sales? And how GOG reports platform of users to developers?

Psyonix are ending support for Rocket League on both Linux and macOS (updated)
24 January 2020 at 7:45 am UTC

Quoting: Mountain ManWe're still niche, and that's a problem. Developing for Linux is more attractive than ever before, but we're still a tiny percentage which makes long-term support a problem for many studios.

I get the argument for Linux, less than 1% is niche indeed. But Linux + Mac is arround 4% market share which is not niche at all!

In the end this is very simple, there are companies that care about their customers and companies that don't. I'm not talking about Psyonix because they probably did not have a word to say but about the parent coompany.

Open-ended tower-defense mining game Mindustry is just awesome
15 January 2020 at 5:32 pm UTC

I spend a crazy amount of time on this game :) I LOVE it! It regroups a fair number of genres i like: base building, tower defense, factory management and rogue like. If you like these genres to, give it a try, you may like it.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition arrives on Linux on November 5th
17 October 2019 at 11:57 am UTC Likes: 1

Proton is nice indeed but having a Feral port is so much nicer. They took the time to optimize it to out system, ensuring all works great and they reply quickly to support issues. I contact the support once about Dirt crashing, they found very clicky that my keyboard was the problem. Yeah,the keyboard was guilty. I would have never thought of it myself. Thanks Feral

Unique tower-based strategy game Protolife is heading to Linux, needs more testing
10 September 2019 at 12:14 pm UTC

Just bought it, it works perfectly on NixOS via steam-run (even if i was not able to launch it via the steam client but command line worked fine). The game is fun. It feels indeed a bit like the creeper worlds (that i love so much!) but the gameplay is actually very different. Assembling pieces is fun and enemies destroying blocks create patterns in unexpected ways (the gameplay is maybe much more subtle than at first sight).

Fluid Simulation is one of the most mesmerising things I've seen in a while
4 September 2019 at 4:02 pm UTC Likes: 1

Thank you Liam, you made boredom flee :)

Google reveal more games with the latest Stadia Connect, including Cyberpunk 2077
19 August 2019 at 8:28 pm UTC Likes: 4

We might have a chance to see Borderlands 3 and Destroy All Humans on Linux finally ? But I highly doubt we'll get the other as Zenimax and CDPR are not Linux friendly.

At least Stadia will force these studio to have Linux developers, to develop for Linux (Debian+Vulkan), and learn how to release on Linux.

I find it unbelievable that one-person studios like SupraGames (Supraland) can manage to have a working port but big AAA studio can not. Would it be that these one-person studio are actually be made of skilled devs while big studio are only composed of juniors?

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