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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius is about to get a little hectic, as the Chaos Space Marines are on their way
17 May 2019 at 5:17 pm UTC Likes: 3

I haven't played the Tyranids yet but otherwise the game is excellent and runs flawlessly on Linux.

id Software going all-in with Vulkan, some interesting details about that and Linux for Stadia
14 May 2019 at 1:02 pm UTC Likes: 2

EhvisThe financial argument for supporting Linux only works if you don't have something else lined up to work on.

From a technical standpoint, it may be wise to do an official Linux port for Stadia. Many devs had trouble porting their game to Linux. It will be even harder to port to Stadia. So porting to Linux first may be a nice first step in process of targeting Stadia. I get that from in incompetent-manager point of view, only the size of the market share matters, but from a wise-manager perspective, optimizing the chance of success is also a strong point to address.

Many devs underestimated how hard it would be for windows-only-minded company to target a different platform. There are a lot of absent or broken Linux builds because this is a platform devs are not used to. They won't become magically experienced in targeting Linux because it is Stadia. Take Feral, they are now very experienced in targeting Linux. The quality of their port is excellent! But it did not come from free.

Linux gaming is indeed 1%-2% of market share, but strategically, we may worth it.

Single-player FPS 'Ravenfield' now has deadlier AI, new vehicle styles and continues being amusing
10 May 2019 at 2:51 pm UTC

QuoteIf you found it a little easy before

The bots were already very deadly, especially at long distance. It made my first approach of Ravenfield quite frustrating until i discover the ultimate feature: slow motion Then the game became a lot funnier, i stared to love it.

Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape is out and works with Steam Play, it's also very weird (updated)
2 May 2019 at 10:49 pm UTC Likes: 2

Linux sales are very important to show developers who did make the effort to target Linux (natively or via Steam Play) that it's worth it. The best example of that may be porting companies like Feral, Aspyr or VP. Those companies (developers, publishers and porting houses targeting Linux) support Linux Gaming. Some of the developers who stop releasing Linux native build did so in favor or Steam Play. That way i'm ok with it as they're still targeting Linux: i can still send support request and they still make their best to make their game run on Linux (hopefully). I feel legitimate to send those support request.

But Valve has also been very clear that issues on games via Steam Play have not to be sent to developers but to Valve. It clearly means if game is not meant to be compatible with Steam Play, then the developers are not responsible for any issue. How could we blame developers for not supporting what they never planned to?

QuoteThe exact same can be said for native games. Look at the Rust news, The Banner Saga, Human: Fall Flat, Phoenix Point, Heroes of Newerth and so on. There's a number that removed Linux support and just because a game is native, does not mean it will continue to work. How many times have I written about a game being updated and then broken on Linux? Too many times, in reality Steam Play is no different in this regard.

That's precisely the point: those developers who released on Linux committed to support it. It means we are legitimate reporting issues to developers, it means they have to test each release against the system requirement and of course we are also legitimate complaining when they break their word. But with developers who never meant to support Linux but whose games magically started to work on Linux thanks to Steam Play: they do not owe us anything! We have no right to expect them to take time to investigate issues. We have no right to ask them not to break Steam Play compatibility.

It is basically the same think as buying a product with a warranty or without. Even if the product is the same, the services are very different as without a warranty: you can only rely on luck!

Facepunch Studios have given an update on the future of Rust for Linux, issues with "third parties"
2 May 2019 at 9:04 pm UTC Likes: 1

If really their problems comes from third parties, then as sad as it is, we can not blame them. What we can expect from developers is spending some time (1% of their time because we are 1% of the market share) to fix issues, but in case it is not enough third parties are to blame.

Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape is out and works with Steam Play, it's also very weird (updated)
2 May 2019 at 7:57 pm UTC

I love Steam Play! Thanks to it, i can play Dying Light at 60 fps and the windows version of Tower of Time is more stable than the native one (but cut scenes don't work in Steam Play). I also get that it enables some people to switch to Linux which is great. I also love what you do Liam but i don't get why you regularly promote Windows only games on GamingOnLinux? You're obviously right to play what you want but as an old Linux gamer i remember the time when you were explaining people why it is important to be sure Linux sales are counted really as Linux ones. Our market share is still small, there are lots of unknown Linux native games that deserve attention and Steam Play does not provide any guarantee a game will stay playable.

If some devs would specifically target and support Steam Play, then i would be ok with it as they would be supporting Linux. There are games I would like to buy and play now. I've been waiting Shadow of the Tomb Raider for some time now. But honestly, how many people would buy a game a second time when it comes to Linux? What would happen if, when a port comes, a large part of Linux gamers already bought the Windows version? Will we reached the 0.1% market share? I'm not sure this is going to convince more devs to consider supporting Linux.

Once again, if the devs make the effort to guarantee Steam Play support, and count Steam Play as Linux sales, then i'm fine with it. It does not seem to be the case here.

Risk of Rain 2 works very nicely on Linux thanks to Steam Play, it's also pretty crazy
4 April 2019 at 6:57 am UTC Likes: 1

Steam Play is a wonderful thing but we still need two things:
  • Linux sales that count as Linux ones and not Windows

  • Official Linux support either natively or via Steam Play

I won't buy this game until it release on Linux because i know that if i do buy it now, I won't buy it again when it comes to Linux, so my copy would count as a Windows sales.

There are pleinty of good Linux games by developers who did the effort to support us that deserve more attention that windows-only games.

A good use of Steam Play is to me games like Dying Light that are supported on Linux but run better on Steam Play. My copy counts as a Linux sale, developers deserve my money as they made the effort to target us and I can play at 60fps on average hardware.

Of course everyone is free to buy and play what he wants. But for those who care about having more games targeting Linux, it's wiser to buy Linux games than windows-only ones.

DXVK 1.0.2 is out with some bug fixes, d9vk seems to be progressing nicely
2 April 2019 at 7:32 pm UTC Likes: 2

YoRHa-2Bwined3d is - for the most part - just good eough right now.

Wined3d is too slow to be called good enough. With the same hardware I can play Dying Light at 60fps with DXVK (thanks a lot!!) but most DX9 games at arround 20fps with wined3d which is too slow for action games. But with nine I get back the 60fps?. If only nine could be in vanilla.

GOG are ending their 'Fair Price Package program', soon after letting staff go
27 February 2019 at 10:43 am UTC Likes: 4

damarrinGOG's point of view is be grateful we're even doing this much for you.[...] We hate on them because they haven't given us what they've given others, they still don't care about us because we haven't brought in the money.

I don't hate GOG. They are a business, they want to grow and Linux is certainly not the best place to invest for that. It respect it. Actually i buy a lot of games on GOG, more than on Steam! So i'm definitely not a hater but there are problems and the excuse that they're not big enough to have Galaxy on Linux is just plain wrong as Itch which is much smaller does very well for a long time. One of the reason i desperately want Galaxy is updating can be a nightmare. Games that have several DLC are a such a pain to update. I have to download the full installer for the base game and one installer per DLC available, then replace the game folder because overwriting does not always work and install each DLC manually! When you consider GOG have games in early access which updates often, then you spend a lot of time updating. In the Steam client, this is just a checkbox per DLC with all activated by default and automatic updates. This so much more convenient!

Not to mention i don't have a fast connection so downloading the full installer per update is annoying. In Steam games updates are generally much smaller. And finally there is the multiplayer issue, cloud saves, overlay, social features, etc. I don't blame GOG for treating us like this: they are a business, they make the decisions necessary to grow. But we, as Linux gamers, have to acknowledge that GOG support for Linux is the bare minimal and that it is their deliberate choice to not prioritize it. We can not blame someone for not loving you. The best behavior in that case is moving on.

My guess is GOG always thought their best way to grow is convincing big publishers to come on the store. Bethesda and 2K have recently joined so this is clearly what was to be done. But i fear GOG did not invest as much as it should have to offer developers an easy uploading experience. There's gonna be many big stores now. It becomes harder and harder for developers to upload their games on each "big" store. Providing an effort-less uploading experience is probably going to be a strong point to get love from devs.

Recently i asked the developers of "The Long Dark" to upload on GOG the last version. They answered promptly that they already sent the new version to GOG but it took several weeks (yes i said weeks!) for users to finally see the new version available. When you consider many games left GOG recently (like "The Long Dark" for example), this is not clear if those game are going to be updated. Fortunately this is the case for this game, but it will not be for all.

Like probably many people here i care about DRM, i would love to see GOG support us like first-class citizen and i understand this is not their best move as a private company. Like one person said above, they're just being rational, so must we. This is not hate, this is acknowledging problems and selecting which company we want to support exactly like GOG select which gamers they want to support.

GOG are ending their 'Fair Price Package program', soon after letting staff go
27 February 2019 at 8:31 am UTC Likes: 3

Sir_DiealotGOG have been supporting Linux as was discussed back then for years, yet people keep whining.

I wish people were more honest. Like most Windows users won't ever use anything else most Steam users won't use anything else either. It's change, it's inconvenient and people don't like that. I understand, just cut the excuses, please.

There's no excuses, just plain facts. I think all the people that commented here liked GOG but it hard to support a store when objectively they don't care that much about you.

The excuses are that GOG is too small to have the ressources of port Galaxy on Linux. Sure GOG is much smaller than Steam but it is bigger than Itch whose client works nicely on Linux. GOG have money or ar least they had. Like any company they prioritize where to invest it. Feature parity for Linux customer is just very low on their priority list. Even if they had ten times the money they have now they would most probably use it to gain market shares on Windows or Mac. I think they put their efforts into bringing big developers to GOG. Through the years many big publisher have joined. This is surely a better move for the business than suppprting such a small niche as we are.

So GOG support for Linux is minimal. Many people here said they do not buy on GOG anymore. So this cannot be fear of change but just going towards he ones supporting Linux

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