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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell now available on SteamOS and Linux
21 December 2015 at 8:23 pm UTC Likes: 2

Quoting: MrTennessee17Just wanting to be sure...If purchased npw, all will count towards Linux sales right?
In this case it is on Steam with a SteamOS/Linux icon so purchasing from there will be fine.

If purchased on Linux it'll count as a Linux sale even if it isn't available on Linux yet, eg The Stanley Parable was getting Linux sales long before it was ported. Note that this only works with purchases made on Steam itself, and playing the game in the first week or two on another platform will override that. What you wanted to know was if the porters get paid though, which isn't quite the same.

When Aspyr or Feral port a game they publish it too, and for purchases on Steam which publisher gets paid depends on the platform; if we look up one of their games on Steam we can see multiple publishers. If a port is coming but isn't out yet then they aren't going to be paid even though the publisher knows that the sale wasn't for a platform they provide for. I hope that the SteamOS sale a while back with as-yet unported games was an exception but there is no evidence of that.

Other stores get Steam keys from a certain publisher so we need to take care that this was the company we want to support.

Virtual Programming aren't a publisher so things are a bit different, and we don't know how it works with them. Maybe they are paid a set fee, maybe it is a percentage of sales for the ports they've done. The publisher is going to be able to see what platforms a game is used with on Steam even if the key was bought from another store, but only VP and the companies they work for know if that affects how much they are paid.

For in-house ports payment may not matter but it would still be good for the developers to know their efforts were worth it. That means if buying and playing on Steam then doing so using Linux, and if buying a Steam key from elsewhere then redeeming it on Linux preferably fairly soon after buying.

Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle, almost all games available for Linux
9 December 2015 at 6:25 am UTC

Quoting: Keizgon3D Realms, if you pay attention to steamdb, is obviously about to drop their entire DosBox collection (+25 games). The real question is, why are they stalling?

Possibly waiting until the bundle those are in expires.

Halloween Game Sales, Where To Go For Some Deals
31 October 2015 at 11:17 pm UTC

The company which ported Alien:Isolation to Linux will not be paid for sales from Humble. Buying from retailers other than Steam can benefit the porting companies in other cases though.

If you buy a game from Steam it can work out what platform you use and pay the appropriate publisher. For Alien: Isolation the Steam page lists:
Publisher: SEGA, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)

Other retailers sell Steam keys which they've purchased from a publisher. In this case Humble say the publisher is SEGA, so that is who will be paid regardless of the platform used when purchasing (or redeeming the key on Steam).

Feral and Aspyr both seem to have adopted a policy of multi-platform games using Steamplay so purchasing for one platform will work on others too. I admire how customer friendly that is, but it does mean that they don't get paid for purchases from the other publisher. There were some exceptions eg Call of Duty: Black Ops for Windows or Mac but I don't know of any from the last couple of years or which affect Linux.

Sometimes retailers will have the same game listed twice, with different publishers and for different platforms. For example Gamersgate have Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY from both Warner Bros and Feral.

There are also retail operations run by Aspyr and Feral. These are the most profitable for them, with the retail cut going to them rather than eg Valve if the purchase was from Steam.

I don't know how it works for Virtual Programming who did the ports of Bioshock Infinite and Witcher 2. They aren't a publisher, so maybe they got a flat fee or maybe the publisher gives them a cut of sales.

Vulkan Looks Impressive Against OpenGL In A New Intel Demo
2 September 2015 at 9:09 pm UTC

Quoting: FiBuAshes of singularity is using dx 12.
I was really suprised with my gtx 760 performance on dx 12 too. It is much worse than on dx 11!(Except that as I said before the game designers have a good relationship with AMD .)
The developers of that (Oxide) have said that if anything they've worked closer with Nvidia than with AMD. They also say that the performance issue you've seen is mostly because while Nvidia's drivers report support for asynchronous compute that appears to just use slow context switches within the driver rather than have actual hardware support and performance would be even worse if Oxide hadn't disabled that feature when an Nvidia GPU was detected. Commenters at other forums have run benchmarks specifically to test for that feature and confirmed that it works for AMD but not Nvidia. More detail here

GOL Survey Results: July
17 August 2015 at 10:07 am UTC

I'd be interested to know what input methods people have available to them. Something like a list of checkboxes with:
What input devices do you have on your primary PC gaming platform?
Gamepad (eg Xbox or Playstation controller)
Joystick or HOTAS
Driving wheel

I had "keyboard and mouse" as one item originally because I figured everyone would have those, but thinking about it a little more assumptions should be avoided and perhaps there are a significant number playing on a laptop without a mouse. Maybe "touch screen" should be in there too

Repeating monthly wouldn't be much benefit but revisiting this a year later to see what impact some upcoming products have had could be interesting. We'd probably want these added then:
Steam Controller
SteamVR Controller or Oculus Touch

Pajama Sam Collections Now On GOG With Linux Support
7 July 2015 at 9:44 am UTC

I picked up these and the rest of the Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack from Humble Bundle just under a year ago. My pre-schooler thinks the Putt Putt games are great.

Alienware Show Off Their SteamOS Steam Machine, Looking Very Positive, More Games To Come
26 June 2015 at 8:21 pm UTC

Quoting: maodzedunI think we can call a Windows computer that boots into Steam Big picture a Steam Machine as well

From what we've seen Valve disagree with that, and will require that anything sold as a Steam Machine run SteamOS.

We know that some hardware vendors wanted to include optical drives but Valve wouldn't allow that, showing that Valve have some control over what can be labelled a Steam Machine. We also know that Dell came up a different name when their hardware was ready before Valve was, and I doubt that that name change was because Dell didn't want to cash in on the hype that already existed.