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The full SteamWorld series is heading to Google Stadia "soon"
20 February 2020 at 5:32 pm UTC

Does Stadia counts "Linux sales"? I mean is Google telling devs how many of the players are using Linux?

This is a deal-breaker, quite simple, I want the dev to know I'm playing its game on Linux.

The latest update and brand new trailer for 'Vintage Story' look fantastic
16 February 2020 at 8:10 pm UTC Likes: 2

The fact is not on Steam, keep me away from the game. But before anyone jumps into the "you are a Gaben Fanboy", I just think that the third party between Devs and consumers is quite necessary.

It looks really good, maybe I'll check it out on, I had never bought a game there, this could be my first.

Edit: It seems it is not my type of game, more of exploring, survive, build, I expected some sort of Minecraft with story...

Metro Exodus is now live on Steam and Deep Silver say it's coming to Linux
16 February 2020 at 8:03 pm UTC

Lol, that guy triggered everyone with a bunch of baseless arguments. 91 comments and counting.
Have anyone think that he did this on purpose? I mean, just check how many times Liam has said in this site and the Internet that Stadia only accepts Linux native ports, confirmed by Google itself, I think it is impossible by now that anyone could think that Stadia is using some sort of Proton/Wine with the stability issues that "emulating/simulating" could bring to the table.

BATTLETECH considered complete with one last patch coming, Harebrained moving on
15 February 2020 at 4:19 am UTC Likes: 3

The_Aquabatyou are lucky I guess just check the user profiles here there is still A LOT people using hardware more than 4 or 5 years old. You miss the point Linux is about extending the lifespan of old hardware. this has been discussed before but contrary to popular belief we Linux users are not bleeding edge lords... again check the profiles and you will see there are lots of ppl and on really old hardware.

Yeah, one has to be lucky for having a job that gives you the pleasure of changing your PC every two years, the same reason console users use against PC gaming because people like him are a minority, but really vocal, they actually make people think that you have to be buying new GPU and memory modules every 2-3 years.

But Steam surveys show how 16GB isn't even the half, 8GB GPU is not even the 18% and four cores are the most used CPUs by Steam users.

You can say most people don't change their PCs because they are struggling with money issues, even when they have a stable job, but even that, for me it is really hard to think how I'm gonna treat my old PC knowing to recycle this kind of waste is quite costly and I don't want to just trash something is still working.

For me is sad when devs have to resort to raw power instead of optimization.

BATTLETECH considered complete with one last patch coming, Harebrained moving on
15 February 2020 at 4:03 am UTC Likes: 3

TheRiddickFirst load time is fine,
did you try with 8gb of RAM?? with more is fine but with that amount it is not.

I know this is gonna sound strange, but my first thought when you said that was "who is still running with only 8gigs of ram?" I've been on sixteen for like seven years, back in the DDR3 era. I'm on 16 now because I was impatient to get my new Ryzen budget build up and running. I'll upgrading to 64GB by end of Summer. A 3900X or even 3950X by end of year to replace the placeholder-2600 currently installed. Probably a 1TB Samsung PCIE4 NVME, also. New GPU+43in 4K monitor sometime next year.

Memory leaks should be fixed, granted, but get with the times.

Yeah, we live in the times of "who cares about optimizations", when games have memory leaks with 64GB then you'll get in 128GB?

You pretty much use this just to brag about how you have money for a 64GB PC, exactly the kind of PC gamer which is a minority but very vocal in forums telling people bad optimization is on their end and devs should not be blamed.

Urban turn-based tactics arrives on Linux with Black Powder Red Earth
15 February 2020 at 3:10 am UTC

14I guess I don't see where fascism and capitalism came out of the game description or video.

It seems to me, based on his credentials, that he has pursued understanding in those areas at least. You can't quite write a whole chapter or "about the author" piece for every Internet publication and expect to get much readership. I say he chose an angle and wrote to it.

I felt a little bit of that complacency attitude I think you're getting at, but I wouldn't boil his position to be that simple and then apply it generously to the whole world. What stood out the most to me as a theme was (his definition of) radicals ignoring presented facts.

Facts? Ok. It is historically accepted that under fascist regimes around the world from Asia to America, that the wealthy got richer somehow. Not all of them, but most of these rich people were already participating inside this countries as businessmen or part of the bourgeois class. It seems that most of these people just get the advantage of the situation to get monopolies and concessions in countries like Italy, Germany, Nicaragua, Argentina, etc.

Now in the spirit of capitalism is "the competency", the idea that competing against each other makes better services and good prices, but when a capitalist could see the opportunity of getting a monopoly over a productive sector or service, they just take it, so fascism is good converting any capitalist into an oligarch.

I can perfectly see why Nanobang linked both terms "capitalism" and "fascism" inside the figure of an authoritarian system as "dictatorship", it has a historical background which should be checked first instead of recommending to read someone else opinion, which is pretty much what you suggested(I guess you believe that anyone who make this kind of comparisions between capitalism and any non-democratic system is a radical person).

I agree too, that both factions has awful backgrounds which causes me to feel no sympathy for any of them.

Serious Sam Collection & Panzer Dragoon announced for Stadia plus some timed exclusives
15 February 2020 at 1:55 am UTC

Lag will be always there no matter if you have 1GB download/ upload of the internet.
You cant defy physics thinking your Internet speed will be ignoring the fact you are playing in a computer that is in another city, country or even continent.
Stadia is a service for rich kids, living in first-world cities, the fact is it seems these rich kids can actually buy a PC good enough to run any game without the hassle of adding more delay to the gaming formula.

Now I can imagine people blaming lag in a split-screen competitive game. LOL. Surely Cloud gaming is here at least for the memes.

It is bogus or dummy thinking Windows users will come to Linux because Apex and Fortnite players would have the chance of playing those games on Linux, they are already playing them very nice on Windows. Why would they install Linux?

Stadia will bring nobody to Linux, it just makes some games to be available for the platform, games that work really well on Windows already.

The only chance I see for cloud gaming is the fact there are more gamers, with every newborn child becoming a gamer because gaming is so attached to popular culture, more users, more chance of getting a player base.

UNLESS you are ignoring the fact that most ISP are looking for charging extra bucks to those users who download tons of stuff on home Internet connections as they do with phone ones. Also since the neutrality of the internet is in danger we could see ISP providers charging extra money to users or companies for the use of their network... So it seems with all these things happenings that having your fav games in your hard disk is still your best choice.

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection
13 February 2020 at 5:47 pm UTC

You can see clearly that the problem is not exactly the smurfs, people will behave like this, even in real life, but the people who know the smurfs exist and they decided to get offended by anything.
"I don't play this game because of the community"
Come on, take a chill pill and just mute the voice chat for default and set a high resolution so the text chat will not catch your attention.

More than 1000 hours on CS:GO, 1500 hours on Heroes and Generals, 2000 hours on Starcraft BW, rarely ran into a hacker and when smurfs come, I just ignore and if they insist, I just report them.

Most of you are blaming the 90% for what the 10% do.

There are millions of Dota active accounts but you feel you must judge a whole community because of 40.000 accounts?

I could say most whiners are just "forum smurfs" who just like to whine and judge others.

Valve making steps to address toxic behaviour on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8 February 2020 at 6:15 pm UTC Likes: 1

SirLootALotIsn't the entire point of cs:go to swear at each other in russian?
or in spanish, depending on time you play ^^

You English speakers are not exactly the "etiquette masters". Just saying.

About hackers, I think some people can't deal with the fact that some players know the map so much that their shoot at walls knowing their bullets are going somewhere where enemy players could be passing by and it is not wallhacking. "50% of cheaters" sounds you are frustrated with your own level.

Steam hits a new all-time high for users online, Linux share rises
3 February 2020 at 8:42 pm UTC

"As expected, Steam does still appear to be growing."

"A huge number of people of course but plenty are likely to be bots."

It is like saying

"On communism, there is food for everyone"

"Sadly most of the food is rotten"

This is pretty much your opinion Liam, unless you have some source you chose not to share with us.

I just don't get this contradiction.

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