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Latest Comments by Doc Angelo
Eastshade, an absolutely gorgeous looking adventure game about a travelling painter will come to Linux
12 March 2018 at 11:39 pm UTC

Leaving Lyndow was short and awesome. This seems to be the same world. The dev reacted quickly to a bug report and fixed it two days later. Wishlisted!

Adventure RPG 'EARTHLOCK' will gain a Linux beta build tomorrow
10 March 2018 at 9:05 pm UTC

I have to disagree with you. I was just expressing my opinion. You called me names. I honestly question that you are up to speed regarding the development history of this one.

Adventure RPG 'EARTHLOCK' will gain a Linux beta build tomorrow
10 March 2018 at 8:35 pm UTC

liamdaweTo expect the same level of support for a finished version, is silly.

instantly claim shit about everything.

As I said, everybody should have their opinion. You have yours, and that's fine. I have mine, and you should be able to deal with it without coming up with these straw man arguments. I never said that I expect 100% in an alpha or beta, and I most certainly did not "instantly claim shit about everything".

Read through the old alpha thread on Steam. I tried to ask them multiple times about how they are going forward with the Linux version. And I was polite about it and recognized that a human being can only do so much. They ignored the attempts to communicate. As soon as I realize that this politeness and patience is being abused, I get a bit of an arse. Rightfully so, in my opinion.

As I said, I don't accept that the Linux crowd is being handled like third class customers, just because their platform is not the most popular one. If a dev is doing this, the dev will get shit from me. If the dev will postpone the version multiple times without giving an explanation, the dev will get shit from me.

I don't really understand why you think their behavior is OK. I don't think it is, and I think I've given enough explanation to back up my view. Maybe you should backup your assessment.

Adventure RPG 'EARTHLOCK' will gain a Linux beta build tomorrow
10 March 2018 at 7:58 pm UTC

liamdawePersonally, I think you're being a bit of an arse. They're trying, it's more than thousands of other developers are doing and they replied to say they will be working on it.

If that is better than "thousands of other devs", then it is still shitty to me. I never understood to refer to a bigger pile of shit and then state that the smaller pile of shit is quite nice. Not for me. It's still shit.

Can you honestly say that the Linux support from this company was "good" in any way? The demo was released without even taking time to install a Linux distribution and start it one single time. The "alpha" was - as far as we know - pretty much the same: It worked for some, not for others. And now we have the "beta", and it is still the same: Works for some, for some it crashes, and most people can't even download it - like me.

Can you recommend buying the game in this state? If yes, you can maybe come up with good evidence that this time, they will not forget what they said and just shut communication for over a year again.

liamdaweIt's a BETA, you realise this is when to expect issues right?

I realize that the definition of "beta" can be quite stretched. If you make software, and your "beta" doesn't even start for half of your customers, I think you're doing something wrong big time.

There is a big loss of quality in game production lately. The Linux crowd gets the worst of that. I stay by my opinion that they are doing a shitty job all around regarding the already sold Linux version. And I stay by my opinion that it is not recommended to buy it right now - which people are sadly doing. Maybe they don't know the history of this one.

You think this is making me a "bit of an arse"? Maybe. But I don't think we should pamper any dev just because they mention the word "Linux" every 3 months.

Adventure RPG 'EARTHLOCK' will gain a Linux beta build tomorrow
9 March 2018 at 8:34 pm UTC

They just continue to suck. Most people can't even download it, one says it starts without the intro and is full of debug messages... and the only message on the forum is:

Quotethanks for the feedback. This week has been crazy much work so the team is resting this weekend. We will continue on the Linux version on Monday.

I'm pretty much speechless. They managed to fuck up the situation even more, and still maintain their policy of just omitting any explanation.

Adventure RPG 'EARTHLOCK' will gain a Linux beta build tomorrow
9 March 2018 at 11:16 am UTC Likes: 6

Lets hope they will actually do something this time. The demo they released on the Kickstarter just worked on Linux by pure luck. (They stated themselves that they just exported it from Unity without even testing it on Linux.) The "alpha" was just one version that had bugs and was never touched. Now there will be a beta. Just uploading some random game engine export is not the same as actually delivering a Linux version. Lets see how this turns out.

Until now, their behavior about the promised and sold Linux version and their way of communicating with their customers was quite shoddy. I hate that developers treat Linux customers like some kind of "minor urgency".

If you can't deliver a Linux version, don't sell one. And I would say, if you consider buying this right now, don't. Wait until they actually have a working version.

The SMACH Z gaming handheld has switched to AMD Ryzen & Vega, pre-orders start soon
8 March 2018 at 11:36 am UTC

slaapliedjeThe big difference here is if I run out of batteries on a train on a game system, I can still use my phone for you know... the smart phone bits.

If you are somehow repeatedly not able to stop playing when your battery reaches X percent, then this would indeed be a big difference for you.

The SMACH Z gaming handheld has switched to AMD Ryzen & Vega, pre-orders start soon
6 March 2018 at 9:48 pm UTC Likes: 1

slaapliedjewho's going to carry around a controller just for whipping out at random times to play on a smart phone?

If you don't intend to carry something around in order to whip it out and play on it, you wouldn't be interested in this product at all - or any other mobile gaming product.

The SMACH Z gaming handheld has switched to AMD Ryzen & Vega, pre-orders start soon
6 March 2018 at 8:34 pm UTC

ShmerlWell, show me a device that can run proper Wayland compositor without libhybris hacks, and I'd agree. So far Librem 5 didn't come out.

Why do you need Wayland for playing games on an Android mobile device? Or have you accidentally quoted the wrong person?

ShmerlOS should not be core part of the hardware. But as long as hardware has open drivers - Linux would run there. AMD APU is already a plus there (Mesa and all). What about controller drivers? Will they be open?

That's not quite what I meant. Of course is software not part of the hardware. Hm. Why do you suggest that Linux would only run if all drivers are open? Linux runs just fine with closed source drivers. I mean, it's cool if the drivers are open, but I don't see why running Linux would require that?

The SMACH Z gaming handheld has switched to AMD Ryzen & Vega, pre-orders start soon
6 March 2018 at 8:15 am UTC

CreakBeing able to play good 'ol SNES games on that could be very fun!

EDIT: Also, there is a display port, so maybe the possibility to plug it to the TV?

You can play SNES games and other retro games on pretty much any Android device. Just get yourself a bluetooth gamepad. Most smartphones can be connected to TVs also. No need for 900 bucks for doing that.

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