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Latest Comments by Doc Angelo
Humble Store is doing a 'Pixel Perfect Platformers Sale' and it has some top Linux games for cheap
16 July 2018 at 11:08 pm UTC

QuotePixel Perfect Platformer Game Sale

Man, what a letdown. I really thought they meant "Pixel Perfect Graphics". But it just seems to be an arbitrary catch phrase with the word "pixel" in it. But at least they didn't call it the "rogue like sale".

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
15 June 2018 at 6:55 pm UTC

devnullIndeed. p2p should always be an option though. The issues with voice and trading are signaling, requiring an active connection to steam is silly.

You can't have p2p without giving away your IP to those chatting with you.

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
13 June 2018 at 11:50 pm UTC

devnullOne of the reasons to stag logged out of friends, is security. There were exploits against trading for example where people could send an offer and even if you didn't click on it, they could get your IP. In effect it pings your client.

Do you have a source for that? I don't think this is possible.

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
13 June 2018 at 9:51 pm UTC

devnullSteam friends and Steam DRM are entirely different things though. If I'm not logged into Friends / chat, it a conscious descsion. I don't care about "achievements" in games either, thus don't log in.

DRM, achievements and chat have indeed nothing in common, except the connection to the account. Anyway, as long as you are logged into your account with the Steam client, all those things are available to you. The chat status "offline" was really just badly worded until now. There is no reason to be online in Steam and being "offline" in the chat at the same time, so there is no reason to implement some kind of split status for different things.

As long as you are able to appear offline to others, all is fine. What would be nice however would be the option that the friends window doesn't open itself automatically, like it was before. For people who don't need it every time.

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
13 June 2018 at 4:13 pm UTC

devnullCan't say I've ever run into that. I have steam friends set to offline on start, didn't occur to me it would be logged in anyway but some quasi offline?? That seems really... creepy. I get flooded with messages when I login to it, if they've changed that now it may be the final straw for replacing steam entirely.

The above is with steam set to online.

I see it like this: You have one Steam account. It is used for everything you do on Steam. If you are not using the "Offline Mode" of the Steam client, you are logged into your account anyway.

The only question is how they call the different chat statuses and how they work. I don't see a privacy problem here.

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
13 June 2018 at 1:10 pm UTC Likes: 1

SwiftpawNo it does not do the same thing as "offline": you could get IM window popups if they send you an IM, and I assume you will get notifications about what they are doing unless you disable all of that notification crap which is harder than just telling it "offline"! This is all to push you harder into using their chat software which is proprietary and insecure and I don't care about or want to use, and it's SUBTRACTING a feature that was there previously: offline.

I'm not sure what you mean. You can receive and answer a message with the former "offline" and now the "invisible" mode. You can take a look what others are doing, before by going to the "Friends" page but not in the friends windows - now with invisible you can also see it in the friends window. You were not really "offline" before. You were logged in with your Steam account, and your messenger status was called "offline". It was weirdly worded. Now it's more straightforward and less confusing. I was irritated by not finding "offline" in the friends window at first, but it honestly makes more sense and is more correct now.

SwiftpawThanks Valve, I've deleted all my friends which I was only keeping around for emergency contact info anyway, because of this BS feature removal.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to do that, but you can switch to the non-beta version for the time being.

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface
12 June 2018 at 11:54 pm UTC Likes: 1

SwiftpawRemoved the ability to go offline? Good job, Valve, oh how sometimes I hate you.

I think it doesn't have really changed. The actual "Offline Mode", where your client doesn't need to log in to Steam online is still there. The "chat offline" mode regarding chat is just called "Invisible" now. It does the same: You are logged in to Steam, but appear offline to friends. The difference is that you can directly see what friends are doing while you are "chat offline". Before, you had to click on "Friends" to see that.

The only thing they should do is provide a "Always connect as invisible when starting Steam", which was available before. But it remembers your last status, which is okay-ish, too.

Developers and Publishers to get their own special pages on Steam this month
8 June 2018 at 11:24 pm UTC

TheSHEEEPOnly two review possibilities have the incredible downside that something can only either be very good or very bad. For many games, that just doesn't work out.
The result is that you almost only get reviews that are super positive or super negative or leave the reviewer with a very bad feeling because the rating doesn't reflect the actual situation.

Just look at GOG (or any other service, because I think it is pretty much only Steam doing the "only good or bad" rating system) to see how well it works.
You get far more variety in reviews and a much better glance at what people think.

If you would be allowed to read only one single review, a 5 star system would be better, because this reviewer has more range of expression. But the overall rating statistic of all reviews consisting of "recommend" and "don't recommend" has the same effect, while supposedly being more correct and helpful.

I just checked the game list on GOG. Roughly 100 Games have 5 stars. roughly 1500 games have 4,5 or 4 stars (ca. 750 each). There are 2500 entries on GOG. The more you get into the lower territory, the more you get DLCs, digital goodies or sound tracks in there. So it doesn't look like there are 2500 actual games on there, but a lot of the lower rated entries is just bonus stuff.

That means the majority of the games on GOG have either 4 or 4,5 stars. For me, that's not really helpful.

Developers and Publishers to get their own special pages on Steam this month
8 June 2018 at 9:45 pm UTC Likes: 1

TheSHEEEPSpeaking about reviews, I seriously hope they will remove that thumbs down/up nonsense, since many games simply aren't that clearly good or bad. A simple 5 star system would be much better.

I'm not sure about this. A while ago, I've read about rating systems, and that many professionals are saying that the 5 star system has failed. Looking at Amazon, almost anything has 4 and a half star. Most people give it 5 stars if they like it, some give 4, and people who didn't like it are giving 2 or 1 stars. Additionally to this, no one really knows where the "baseline" is. How do you rate a product you find to be neither good or bad, but sufficient? 3 stars? Or rather 4? Or 5, because you had no "problem"?

If I remember correctly, those professionals said that Thumbs Up/Down systems work better, because the emotion behind both options are stronger, and people wouldn't vote up if they didn't really like it, and people wouldn't vote down if they didn't have a substantial problem with the product or service. In the end, statistically, the result should be more fitting and useful.

Microsoft acquires GitHub for some loose change
4 June 2018 at 5:10 pm UTC Likes: 2

Yeah... I remember what Elop Microsoft did to Nokia. Nothing good will come out of this. I just deleted my account. I hope GitHub goes down as quick as possible.

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