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Latest Comments by muntdefems
The fun top-down shooter State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem recently had a big content update
25 April 2018 at 11:31 pm UTC Likes: 1

QuoteYou can find it now on Steam, also on but it's not clear if it's up to date there.
Unfortunately it isn't. No new builds have been updated there in 2 months. Time to contact the dev, I guess.

Crossing Souls, an action-adventure inspired by the 80's with cartoon cutscenes now has a demo
7 February 2018 at 8:52 pm UTC

QuoteTurns out, it was a game funded on Kickstarter way back in 2014. Turns out it's a game our old contributor muntdefems covered here when doing a roundup of crowdfunding projects. Naturally it's easy to forget stuff written in a roundup years ago…

Hahahaha, don't feel bad for not remembering it, Liam. I had completely forgot about it myself, and it was only while playing the demo that I had a strong feeling of déjà-vu and remembered we covered it in The Funding Crowd.

Also, I don't think I wrote the bit about this game back then. Looks more like flesk's or scaine's style to me, so credit where it's due.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory, a third free content update has been announced
1 February 2018 at 12:47 pm UTC

RoosterSomeone remind me.. Did Hollow Knight have a first day Linux support? Or did it come later?

About 6-7 weeks later.

Pixeljam are crowdfunding Dino Run 2, the developer answered some of my concerns
1 February 2018 at 10:15 am UTC

CheesenessOut of interest, what problems have you had (beyond the original Dino Run/Dino Run DX not shipping for Linux on Steam)?

It's not only Dino Run on Steam, and the Linux support for their games elsewhere is rather inconsistent: e.g. Potatoman on and on Humble.

Also, and unfortunately like many others, once they made it into Steam (hah, remember when getting into Steam was an arduous task? ) they basically abandoned their DRM-free builds on sites such as Desura and IndieGameStand and didn't update them any more.

Pixeljam are crowdfunding Dino Run 2, the developer answered some of my concerns
1 February 2018 at 12:36 am UTC

QuotePixeljam are currently crowdfunding Dino Run 2...

Not for the first time, by the way:

Dunno... I'm not a big fan of Pixeljam after their iffy Linux support. Let's hope it will all change after leaving Flash behind.

On the other hand, setting a base goal of $20k, but considering the much higher $65k stretch goal as their 'target goal', kind of rubs me the wrong way. I don't think I'll be backing this one.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory, a third free content update has been announced
1 February 2018 at 12:29 am UTC

ExidanDid anyone ever completed the White castle? I didn't had energy to play the DLC after that...
Yes, it is tricky but if you have any experience with other platformers, it turns out not too crazy if you are patient. Some of the hidden sections of Guacamelee were harder for me. I never quite got the final stage of the Arena in Hollow Knight, though. Many optional parts are challenging but the game does reward practice and skill.

Same here. I feared the White Castle after everything I'd read about it, but in the end I found it quite feasible. The Trial of the Fool at the Colosseum, on the other hand...

Disney's The Lion King & The Jungle Book now have Linux support on Steam
19 December 2017 at 11:46 am UTC

QuoteStrangely though, they're actually cheaper on Steam, looks like the GOG prices are a little inflated.

Welcome to the wonderful and nonsensical world of regional pricing!

But you're wrong, the price is not really inflated on GOG, but rather 'deflated' for you on Steam (or really inflated there, depending for whom).

Let's see, take The Lion King for example:

· It is actually flat-priced on GOG (except for a generous discount for Russia and some ex-Soviet republics)

· On the other hand, on Steam you get a 6.39% discount if you pay in GBP, while you're surcharged by nearly 18% if you pay in EUR

So in fact, and as an example, at an equal discount, for me it'll be always cheaper on GOG rather than on Steam.

Haque, a rather great glitch fantasy roguelike has released with Linux support, also something about Penguins
11 December 2017 at 2:24 pm UTC

liamdaweI was glad to see it come out, as soon as I saw it I reached out for a key. Really pleased with it, shall be playing more of it on my time off!

I've only been able to play a couple of runs so far, but it's great. I agree with you that's really easy to pick up and get going, but after the first couple of levels and the first boss fight it became apparent to me that in order to beat it one really needs to carefully consider each of their actions. Like with any good roguelike, in fact.

The Signal From Tölva is now officially released for Linux on Steam & GOG
24 November 2017 at 4:54 pm UTC Likes: 3

jgacasGreat, it's 50% off so great time to pick it up.

It's now 66% off on GOG.

PS: Also GOG finally got the Linux version of >observer_, though that one is not on sale.

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