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Latest Comments by Pompesdesky
The Humble Store winter sale is on and DiRT Showdown is free
13 January 2017 at 10:11 am UTC

I don't know if I won't grab Distance and Absolute Drift

Multiple statistics have shown Linux market-share doing better than ever
9 January 2017 at 9:25 am UTC

I think that if by the end of Windows 7 support we have reliable graphics drivers and a little more games from big publishers we might see a spike of users switching to Linux rather than going to Windows 10, if they've been avoiding Windows 10 until the end there's a good chance they'll be tempted by another alternative

The most popular Linux & SteamOS gaming articles for December 2016, 181 in total
3 January 2017 at 8:48 am UTC

Strange or not, the Top 15 only consists of December articles ? Is it a regular pattern (i.e. there are generally more viewers in December each year) or has the site audience been growing lately ? The latter would be a good sign as it might show more people become interested in Linux gaming.

By the way are there signs of growing interest looking at the site audience ? I've never seen an analysis on this I think

Survival racing game 'Distance' has a big update with ghost car and replay support
26 December 2016 at 11:09 pm UTC Likes: 2

Don't worry we know Electronic Arts are not doing early access, they sell plain Alpha games and patch them when customer base gets too angry

If they were to propose some of their alpha's to Linux I might buy them however ^^

BallisticNG, a racer inspired by Wipeout has unstable builds for Linux on Steam
15 December 2016 at 9:52 am UTC

Looking forward to the Linux version. I'm ready to pay for this ^^

Editorial: A chat about asking developers for a Linux port
7 December 2016 at 4:15 pm UTC

edddeduckferalAsking and seeing what the community like in forums certainly helps as it gives you an idea of how popular the game would be among a smaller community, also helps get a feel for how hard it might be to get the news out to the Linux gaming crowd. Word of mouth is powerful in smaller communities as often it's hard to get the word out about your games, the response to enquires also helps you judge how many people will be excited and post about your game if you do release.

Did Feral note how often the word "Dirt3" comes up in the comments on this site ? Certainly is a sign that this community likes it a lot ^^

What one game would blow your mind if it came to Linux & SteamOS?
2 December 2016 at 9:38 am UTC

I don't understand why people are saying getting Street Fighter V would blow their mind when it's probably due for Linux this month

What one game would blow your mind if it came to Linux & SteamOS?
1 December 2016 at 4:23 pm UTC

Battlefield 1 (or Battlefield 4), Battlefield 4 is the only game I'm still dual booting for to play with friends (Sup Com Forged Alliance also but that might be working under Linux somehow). Then I could dump Windows 7 for good ^^

Alienware manager on Steam Machines lull: Windows 10 changed things
15 November 2016 at 10:10 am UTC Likes: 1

Mountain ManWhat? I've never had to "fiddle around" to get games working in Linux. Sure, I have to tune some of the in-game settings to get optimum performance, but you have to do that in Windows, too. Linux "just works" in my experience. If I want to play a game, I click "Install" in Steam. It installs. I click "Play". It plays. You shouldn't have do any "fiddling" beyond that unless there's something wrong on your end.

Seems not everyone is having the same experience. I've ditched Windows about a year ago and probably won't return, however I've never had to put such amount of research on the Web and fiddling to get things going on Windows.

First anytime I install Steam on a fresh Linux install it will not start, there are some libraries to wipe or some driver to switch so that it accepts to launch. Then some games won't launch either, you have to take a file from another working title and paste it in the folder of the said game. Then when the game finally launches Feral says your GPU is not supported, it will work but not flawlessly. All in all it quite runs on my Mint 17 rig but on the kids rig with Mint 18 only a few games are working correctly (like Dirt Showdown), the others won't launch lately (Euro Truck Simulator for example), when launched the desktop display changes to 640x480 and nothing else happens, I'll have to take another 2 or 3 hours to find a solution on the Internet to solve this.

Then I decided to give a try with a DRM free game to see how this would work. I bought Oddworld New'n Tasty from GOG, installed it on the kids rig (by the way there's not such thing as a double click to install the game as in Windows, you have to open a Terminal, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the game and run a .sh command, that's not something my mom can do for example) and.... no luck, it wouldn't launch. Then installed it on my PC, there it launches but so far I've been unable to configure my Xbox One controller to play the game so I've just given up and cross my fingers thinking that maybe the future Mint 18.2 will magically solve things.

All in all I'm still happy with Linux but I must go with compromises, not only on the number of games available but also on the difficulty of getting everything running. And I don't think most of my gaming friends would accept to make such compromises just for the sake of not being spied and locked in the Microsoft environment.

Linux desktop marketshare has grown for three consecutive months
4 August 2016 at 12:41 pm UTC

I've tried Linux several times over the past 10/15 years and always came back to Windows for gaming and because of the complexity of Linux.

I've switched again beginning of this year (to Linux Mint) because I was so fed up with Microsoft's pushing on W10 and because of their policy on privacy as well as on what you can control in W10 (like it does what it wants regarding downloading updates). I now have a dual boot, using W7 only for playing Battlefield 4, I switched the kids computer completely to Mint, my dad's computer also and my mom's as well.

I must say that if I was not so angry about Microsoft I would maybe not have remained under Linux as it's still very complicated when compared to Windows. I'm running into issues all the time. To make Steam work I needed to either switch to proprietary drivers for my AMD card or suppressing some Steam libraries conflicting with the OS's libraries, that's after hours of forum surfing when it's a double click away in Windows. Then I installed Tomb Raider and it wouldn't launch either, some more hours of reading and I found out that I had to replace a file in the Tomb Raider folder by a file of another working title of my Steam library, this also never happens in Windows. Then Tomb Raider launches but says my driver is not supported so I play laggy because after many more hours of reading I didn't find out which driver would be pleasing Feral's launcher...
Then on the kids computer I made the mistake to install proprietary drivers on Mint 18..... seems they were not supported, black screen on boot up and I was left with a terminal and no clue on how to fix that. So instead of doing the usual Start in recovery mode > Select the last Windows save point > Restore working parameters, I just reinstalled the OS from scratch.

All in all I'm hanging in and slowly learning how everything's working but it's definetely not a smooth experience for someone addicted to Microsoft's clickodromes

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