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Google have now expanded the launch titles for Stadia up to 22
18 November 2019 at 3:34 pm UTC

This news makes me wonder if Rockstar has already shared RDR2 with Valve/Steam, and they are prepping it to be a day one Steam Play Platinum release, that would be amazing.

Valve will bring out 'Remote Play Together' to give online support to local multiplayer games
10 October 2019 at 10:58 am UTC Likes: 4

Liam Dawe
TermyLets hope they roll it out for Linux, too and not leave us out like with streaming ^^

Considering it uses streaming, that might be a downside for GNU/Linux users then. I don't know - I don't use streaming via Steam at all, and so no idea what kind of shape it's in.
Given the Steam client upgrades lately and how they're trying to polish up GPU acceleration, it would be quite amazing to see this feature unavailable for Linux.

Plus I am able to share my Steam (stream) to my Android box on my TV, so I don't see why this would not work.

Dota 2 is going through multiple big ban waves and some matchmaking changes
20 September 2019 at 3:18 pm UTC

I've been playing Dota on and of for the past months, and I enjoyed the role queue addition , although I would love to see some adjustments to it.

I like playing most roles (except safe lane hard carry, I am not a good hard carry), so I tick Mid, Offlane, Support and Hard support.

It would be cool if it took in account previous matches for those of us who don't mind flexing, I don't think anyone enjoy 3+ matches in the same role unless of course they only queue on that, I feel sorry for the "Safe Lane" only queue times haha, and rest assured of that if you have "Hard Support" or "Support" ticked, thats what you are gonna play.

I guess the only real solution is to only queue for the one you want, but I like being randomly assigned a role.

NVIDIA have released the 435.17 beta driver with Vulkan and OpenGL support for PRIME render offload
15 August 2019 at 10:27 am UTC Likes: 1

NanobangI gave up futzing with all this a long time ago, shortly after Primus came along. I set my (I-will-never-buy-another) Optimus laptop to "Nvidia" and keep it plugged in. The downside is that sounds and feels like an idling Harrier Jump Jet. The upside is that it will probably die sooner, and the sooner it dies, the sooner I can look into non-Optimus options.

I am on the same boat, although (at least in Fedora with RPMFusion drivers) you can disable the GPU at boot time on grub, that way if I know I'm not going to game, I just use the Intel/Noveau.

It would be really cool if when updating nvidia drivers a new grub entry was created with nvidia disabled, I saw an open ticket (don't remember in which project) that was exactly this... but didn't get much traction.

That said I tried doing something myself, bit cant really seem to get the grubby docs.

2D indie platform brawler 'Super Powered Battle Friends' is now up on Steam and
20 May 2019 at 6:31 pm UTC

It's under a tenner now (£9.25), I did pledge on Kickstarter, sad they didn't make the cut. I believe it's gonna be a good native brawler for Linux

Godot Engine awarded 50K USD from Mozilla, more exciting features planned for Godot Engine 3.2
11 April 2019 at 9:35 pm UTC Likes: 6

AsuI'm learning godot, just saying lol...

Can you recommend some good tutorials?

This guy (Nathan) is pretty good (mostly 2d I believe):

He also has a website with full-fledged tutorials. -

Gamesfromscratch is also a good resource:

What have you been playing recently and what do you think of it?
17 February 2019 at 3:20 pm UTC Likes: 2

Team Fortress 2, long time player (used to play a lot, now sporadically), and still love it (when the games are fairly balanced).

Valve officially confirm a new version of 'Steam Play' which includes a modified version of Wine
22 August 2018 at 11:30 am UTC Likes: 2

My thoughts on how Feral or Aspyr are gonna be hit by this are that, maybe instead of full fledged ports they could offer a services that helps tweak the game to work with proton?

Plenty devs will give it a go, and if the game already runs reasonably well, but need tweaking, they could hire those companies to do so, since they have the experience.

Valve officially confirm a new version of 'Steam Play' which includes a modified version of Wine
22 August 2018 at 8:55 am UTC Likes: 1

scaineI'm most concerned that this encourages devs to simply do DX again and is the death of Vulkan.

DXVK is there to translate from DX to Vulkan, and it's a key element for Proton to work, if there are more Dx titles means DXVK, and by effect, Vulkan are necessary so I find it unreasonable to think this would diminish Vulkan?

Prepare a glass for some more Wine as DXVK 0.62 is out with possible performance improvements
14 July 2018 at 11:33 am UTC Likes: 2

If I'm not mistaken, you need the nvidia drivers 396.24.10 (396.24.0 will not work) to get those actual speed improvement, and If I'm not mistaken those are beta drivers.

So I'll be patiently waiting till nvidia releases the newer stable driver.

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