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Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood delayed to April 8 and no more Early Access
6 February 2021 at 4:06 pm UTC Likes: 1

The reasoning for the change is (sort of) given on the Discord channel:

So, "several issues on the Early Access" it is. :) A collective decision with the publisher (Headup Games).

TUXEDO announce the InfinityBook S 15 with Intel Xe
22 January 2021 at 4:34 pm UTC

For those interested in powerlift^W mass: 1.74 kg.

Godot Engine gets a sixth 3.2.4 beta with a new CPU lightmapper
19 January 2021 at 11:34 am UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: KimyrielleFINALLY they're going to add MP3 support. About time, really. MP3 has been a free format since about 2014 and like it or not, is still used about 99% of the time for compressing audio files. There was never really a point in NOT supporting it.
I don't get it.
MP3 is dead! Or, I was told so. Do you imply I was lied to?

With turn-based strategy and time management the VN Lotus Reverie: First Nexus is out now
19 January 2021 at 11:24 am UTC Likes: 2

Just wanted to inform that the developer confirmed it will be available on as well, just a little bit later (after the initial critical patches).


Möbius Front '83 from Zachtronics now has online and AI multiplayer
19 January 2021 at 8:16 am UTC Likes: 1

The game has many shortcomings besides the "difficulty".

A "spoiler guard" for those who didn't play (or didn't see the YouTube full "Let's Play" like myself).
Spoiler, click me

1) The game is very lackluster in terms of "landscape". 95% it is just the same "grassland/forest" setup. The (rather) late addition of "nanobots" does not change much;
2) there "gameplay" is very repetitive: imagine the "<Something> Wars" game for Nintendo systems but with only the pre-positioned maps. Half of the fake difficulty comes from the initial "fog of war" (a player does not know in advance what to expect) with no opportunities to probe the ground during the first attempt. After memorizing the setup and positioning of the OpFor scenarios become easier;
3) while the AI is not bad, the other part of the fake difficulty comes from the fact that a player is always outnumbered, sometimes 3 to 1;
4) if we continue to pit this game against the "Whatever Wars" series, there is another problem: however tactically brilliant a player may be, (s)he is always handicapped by the fact that (s)he does not have access to all of the equipment/armaments but only to that the developers impose (most of the time the "tanks_for_the_win" are not only limited by the high cost in points, but also by additional "maximum number deployed" restriction) because the developers have realized the game is not balanced (is heavily biased towards tanks) and tried to prevent "tank rush" tactics;
5) on top of previous fake difficulty instances the game is a cheating bastard: the addition of the "third side" is a bluff -- the "nanomachines" do not have their own separate turn. Nominally (according to lore), they are hostile to all, but the AI moves them as it sees fit in an arbitrary order: if a nanomachine does not impose threat to any "grey-US" forces, it might move first, otherwise the AI will make sure the endangered unit moves first out of range. Smoke and mirrors, just another attempt to throw even more enemies at a player;
6) high level of "RNGod" involved: an attempt can be easily successful, or totally ruined by an enemy tank just one-shotting a player's tank (one of the two);
7) in terms of a story… the game has none. All those intermissions are basically "one day in the army" vignettes, nothing more. And nothing gets explained/resolved. Just shoot the "bad guys", that's all;
8) probably something I've forgotten.

All in all, a rather lackluster attempt at "tactics game" from a company versed in programming puzzles. Some may say it is a programming puzzle disguised as a "tactics game".

I hope their future attempts will be more polished (if there will be any).

Bytten Studio say not to sleep on Linux in their postmortem for Lenna's Inception
18 January 2021 at 4:07 pm UTC

QuoteSo the Linux version sold approximately 340 copies…
Correction: now it sold 341 copy. :)

NVIDIA getting geared up to support hardware accelerated XWayland
9 January 2021 at 7:21 am UTC

Quoting: BielFPs…not following the standard of the linux support is…
I believe nVidia follows the standards, both Linux and Khronos Group.

Quoting: BielFPsI call "fanboys" those who use Nvidia on linux and blame every other factor when their cards don't work well because of an update. If you're not one of those, then I wasn't talk about you.
Ideally, "their cards" shall not stop to "work well because of an update" because that, quite frankly, is against Linux rules. Or, more specifically, against Linus Torvalds' rules as he has always said "Do Not Break ABI". Sadly, other (both X.Org and Linux) developers are not so strict and situations when a GPU has stopped working due to kernel/xorg update breaking API (with subsequent recompilation failure) are not that rare.

Quoting: BielFPs(Please some reader correct me here If I'm saying anything wrong)
The "general consensus" as you said was defined back when developers started to planing wayland, and they call every big vendor at time (including Nvidia) to decide which technology they would use. They decide to use GBM in the end and everyone accepted, except Nvidia who wanted everyone else to use their solution, and Canonical, who decide to not support Wayland at all and launch Mir (which didn't worked, and now Mir is another Wayland compositor).
Can not delve into this because I was not paying attention to these matters besides noticing (and probably commenting on) Canonical's NIH syndrome with Mir. But, honestly, it is hard to blame nVidia for not following suit when even major "Linux developers" (such as "Canonical" and "Red Hat") can not come to a consensus and are pushing Linux ecosystem into two mutually exclusive ways.

Quoting: BielFPsI even recognize that Nvidia is superior in hardware (and price) and I would probably get one again if wasn't for their actual business practices.
Granted, nVidia often uses shady methods of promotion and has some… strange obsession with ray-tracing pushing it down everyone's throat. But if we look into history, we will see that all GPU purveyors have used such tactics.
In Windows world custom-tailored drivers intentionally straying from standards in order to boost that one particular overhyped game are the norm (I'm talking Quake, for example) and even ATi having separate "minigl drivers" (stripped down OpenGL subset just for Quake) is a part of gaming history. And it continues right now, with both AMD and nVidia competing to beat each other at providing top "Cyborg & Punk 2077" support (with who knows how many hacks and coding errors and standard violations on CDPR's part).
Quoting: BielFPsI'm just tired to see people spreading misinformation about Linux topics (which happens more than you think).

It's always about "If the software doesn't work with Windows, then it's the software's fault"

But when it's on Linux is "If the software doesn't work with Linux, then it's Linux fault"

And this makes me sad because it has a indirect negative impact for us.
But it is to be expected, as all those "people spreading misinformation" just want a Windows without a Windows logo and expect everything to work "just the same, but better". Yet, who are we to blame them? Because, for better or worse, bundling all the drivers with the kernel and active dissuasion form downloading them from side sources is considered to be the norm.
And what other reaction we are expecting from a Windows user trying out Linux and suddenly finding out her/his quite expensive hardware not working due to:
a) nVidia having required drivers but they are either not included in the LTS distro (Debian/ LTS Ubuntu, Mint etc.), or are not compatible with the current "bleeding edge" kernel/Xserver (Arch, Manjaro, Fedora to sime extent);
b) AMD not being prepared for its own GPU launch and not providing its drivers on day-1, or preliminary support being in the bleeding-edge Git version of Mesa requiring the latest RC of the Linux kernel and obviously not included in any distro yet (hello, "AMD RX 5700")?
Quoting: BielFPsIf they tried to go against any of the Microsoft driver standards on Windows, not only their drivers wouldn't work at all, but Nvidia would have bankrupt by now.
If they tried to "go against any of the Microsoft driver standards", their drivers simply would not work. Just as it is on Linux.
But if you are referring not to technical, but to "legal"/"business"/"corporate shenanigans" side of things, then no, nVidia is regularly "going against Microsoft" and provides beta/enthusiast drivers without WHQL support and has even provided drivers without a certified signature in the past ("Windows XP" would freak out but ask user whether he/she really wants to install unsigned 3rd-party drivers, don't know how it is now). We are talking drivers, of course. DirectX support was never a part of AMD/nVidia's obligation, AFAIK.
But yes, I agree, it is not healthy for your business if your hardware is not working on a buyer's PC at the get-go. Both AMD and nVidia know this and provide beta/non-certified drivers on CD's in the boxes with their cards at day-1 (at least for Windows).

NVIDIA getting geared up to support hardware accelerated XWayland
8 January 2021 at 6:51 pm UTC

Quoting: BielFPs…it's the company the cause of those said problems.
Selling hardware to Linux users is "causing problems" now?
It is an open market and a company can choose the way it wants to sell and support its products. Don't agree with said company? Do not buy its products. Plain and simple. But calling people who are of different opinion and think nVidia's level (or way) of support is good enough "fanboys" is just a little overstepping the red line.
Quoting: BielFPsBut every time I see an argument about "Wayland sucks because they didn't choose the "superior Nvidia EGLStreams""
Care to provide a single instance of someone stating "EGLStreams is superior"? I'm having a hard time recollecting the instance I saw this. And I myself have not ever said such a thing because I have no competence in the field to make such statements.
AMD "non-fanboys", on the other hand, like to say that it is "general consensus" to use GBM (or whatewer it is called) and nVidia is the sole black sheep daring reject the norm.
Quoting: BielFPsWayland (compositors) are far from perfect and it have it's whole share of problems, but Nvidia non standard proprietary drivers is not one of them.
Strange, I thought the EGL_KHR_stream is a standard approved by the Khronos Board of Promoters. Apparently, Khronos Group mean nothing when it comes to standards on Linux.
Quoting: BielFPsPersonally, I'm only comment because of the Wayland subject, which I'm really happy to see "some progress" from nvidia (even if I don't use it anymore) because it has a positive impact in the wayland adoption as default
Yeah, in an insulting way. Some people just have to put salt even in the good news. :(
Quoting: BielFPsIf you're using Nvidia drivers + wayland without any problems, then those drivers are in a better state than I thought
I don't. I see no point (and just like XFCE better). All the games are for X11, all my apps are running fine with X11 and, as I've previously said, I'm no developer, so technical side of things is completely hidden from me. Wayland without the XWayland is useless for me, and the last I've read, the XWayland is still not ready for "production", even on Gnome+AMD setup.
So, I take the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" approach.
Quoting: omer666…drivers on Linux are meant to be provided in a certain way…
Meant by whom? Is it not legal to provide drivers in a binary form? What about other drivers (Broadcom wireless etc.)? How about other parts, like BIOS (UEFI) firmware? Or, well, AMD firmware? Are those meant to be provided in a binary form?
Please, tell me you are using Libreboot firmware with gNewSense GNU/Linux OS. But, I bet you are not (your profile states Fedora).
Quoting: omer666For most users the problem is more technical than ideological…
Yet, some seem to be inclined bashing nVidia whenever they can, even in good news, because, nVidia does things the "wrong way", not the way things are meant to be done. Sure. No ideology here whatsoever.
Quoting: omer666I think you would live a better life if you stopped doing archetypes.
Quoting: omer666…idiotic…
I seriously think you shall calm down or, better yet, go to bed. Because direct insults are not healthy and right now you are clearly not capable of restraining yourself from them.

NVIDIA getting geared up to support hardware accelerated XWayland
8 January 2021 at 9:27 am UTC

Quoting: HoriI'm not an AMD user, but... why would <you stop> playing proprietary games just because you support open drivers?

Sure I'll always be happy when I see open source games, that is great, but IMO it is not a requirement!
Maybe it is because you are not an AMD user?
Those using nVidia… are just playing games.
Those using AMD feel the need to preach everyone on how closed source is bad and not the Linux Way, so using closed source proprietary "blobs" is a big NO-NO! Oh, and "NVIDIA, F*CK YOU!" Because in their eyes nVidia is EVIL and is actively undermining the Linux ecosystem by… doing what it is supposed to do: providing software support for their products.

Because, remember, closed-source proprietary drivers are EVIL!

I am personally all for open platform ideology. An ecosystem providing possibilities for everyone. If a company decides to sell their proprietary software on Linux -- fine by me! I will not pull everyone's nails with a pliers demanding access to source code.

But some AMD "non-fanboys" will not rest in piece until nVidia opens its drivers (and, preferably, abandons all of its technology, such as CUDA, NVAPI, GSync etc.) because it is not the Linux Way. Also, said "non-fanboys" are quite happy using their AMD GPUs with closed-source firmware in their open drivers. Ask them, they will tell you "that's different" (talk about "GPL Condoms").

And they will find a way to derail every positive nVidia news thread into a hatred-avalanche by posting how they have stopped using nVidia products on principle because "NVIDIA, F*CK YOU!".

NVIDIA getting geared up to support hardware accelerated XWayland
8 January 2021 at 8:23 am UTC

Quoting: BielFPs…there's a lot of fanboys using Linux who are defending Nvidia…
Personal insults already?
Why there are a lot of ATi users in the nVidia thread? Don't you have anything better to do than spew your hatred towards nVidia?
Quoting: ShmerlThat's usually the perception of those who come from Windows and there indeed Nvidia is very dominating and people really don't care about whether something is open source or not. So when such gamers are switching to Linux they can also bring that kind of attitude with them, but even they often get what the point is eventually.

The way I see it, the actual trend among Linux gamers is growth for AMD and decline for Nvidia. But influx of former Windows gamers might continue to offset that.

I think with AMD investing more in gaming cards in general, situation on Windows will balance out too, so that influx will have less of an impact on Linux in the future.
Yeah, those "nVidia fanboys" definitely should have come from God-forsaken Windows! And they continue to poison True Linux Users' minds with their heretical choice of accursed nVidia products! True pure-breed Linux users have always used ATi, even back when those cards outright refused to work on Linux (say "Hello!" to fglrx). How dare they use cards that just work while true follower of the Linux Way must manually compile the latest Mesa drivers from Git applying patches and using new "sometimes working sometimes crashing on start" ACO shader compiler!

So, yeah, let's bash those silly ex-Windows users for their wrong choice.

P.S. Not to mention, AMD "definitely not fanboys" talking about "open source" and Linux Way while playing proprietary Windows games via WINE using closed source AMD firmware in the drivers look comical.

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