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Editorial: On paying for Linux games when you already have a Windows version
15 March 2017 at 5:59 pm UTC Likes: 5

So, here's how I feel about it.

Nowadays, I only buy games that run on Linux, where the Linux icon appears on Steam. I do even wait to buy it, until I'm on a Linux box, should I somehow be on another platform at the moment. I try to buy as many games from publishers, like Feral, on their site directly, if they have a Steam key. So far so good.

Now, there are currently 90 Windows-only games in my library (I now have many more games that run on Linux too), from when I was still gaming on Windows, like 3 years ago. And there, it becomes a difficult question.

Honestly, if a game was really worth it, I might buy it again.

However, that being said, before a game is ported to Linux, or any other platform it currently runs on (this isn't a Linux-only problem), the developer/publisher of course needs to do a market analysis, if the port is even worth it.

Now, that analysis will probably include a lot of factors, such as:

a) Will people, that have the game on one platform, buy it again for the target platform?

Probably some will do, as we have already seen by the comments to this article. But you can not count on the fact that everyone will. It would not make sense from a business perspective to expect that, either.

b) How many new sales can we generate?

Here again, you can not rely on the fact that 100% of the users of your target platform will actually buy the game. Some are not interested, some don't have the money, some already have the game on another platform. Also, you have to account for the fact that some people only buy games on sale.

c) How much buzz can we generate?

When porting to another platform, there is also another thing, besides money for the port, that you get. Popularity. Even if you may not break even on this port, you have to consider future games, too. If people know you release games for their platform, and they like your games, there's a good chance they'll buy in the future. The future porting will probably also be less costly, as you can pre-plan for the platform from the get-go, and make porting a lot easier. Or develop for the platform directly from the get-go.

TL;DR: So what I'm saying is, as a developer/publisher, you probably already take into account sales on other platforms, and that they might not rebuy, before doing the port, amongst other factors.

It's not an easy business, and everyone should get paid what they deserve, but you have to do your market studies. Just like for every other product you want to sell.

Fossil Echo, the gorgeous platformer may finally land on Linux soon
15 March 2017 at 9:38 am UTC

Wow that was fast!

The Steam page now lists Linux + they have an announcement!

Valve have announced 'Steam Audio' an SDK of advanced audio tools, it will support Linux
1 March 2017 at 7:49 pm UTC

Shmerl... The license does permit modification to the software for use in a product, so hopefully the empty "source code" archive is just a place holder or an oversight and they still have plans to release it at some point. The empty "source code" archive does seem very strange.

That's actually GitHub. When you do a release, it will automatically zip and tar a snapshot of the repo and call it "Source Code". Happens when I do releases too, and automatically.

Valve have announced 'Steam Audio' an SDK of advanced audio tools, it will support Linux
1 March 2017 at 9:34 am UTC

drakkar123I am not sure why there are always people that jump to the worst conclusion possible about anything to do with Valve, but Steam Audio is 100% royalty-free and they have made the source code available as well. There is a link provided to the GIT page right in the original post, or take a look here-

As far as I can see, there is no source code anywhere to be found. Not in the repo, and not in the releases.

drakkar123OpenAL is partly free, but for the more advanced features, Creative holds the rights on it and licenses it out, and I don't think MS will be sharing any of their crap anytime soon (thankfully). Sure, I would have preferred to see a full GPL license on Steam Audio, but I am still all for any free option, with freely available source code, especially if it provides a high quality, free alternative to other "less friendly" companies.

OpenAL is LGPL. Sure, there are "devices" (basicly output plugins) that Creative holds licenses to, but you don't have to use them. MS has actually released some nice code under MIT license recently, like .net Core and Visual Studio Code (which is really good, btw), not every code from Microsoft is bad and crap anymore ;).

And again, no source code for Steam Audio. Sure, it's free (as in free beer), and even if it had source code, the license is not FOSS-friendly at all.

Valve have announced 'Steam Audio' an SDK of advanced audio tools, it will support Linux
24 February 2017 at 4:09 pm UTC Likes: 1

Not FOSS? Not interrested, sorry.

I mean, even if I would develop a commercial game, why would I rely on 3rd party libraries that I have no control and code of? Just so that down the line in 5 years my game becomes unusable and unupdateable if said 3rd party library is no longer being made, or the company that made it bankrupt. Or I want to port to a new platform the library doesn't support...

HITMAN released for Linux, initial port report and two gameplay videos
17 February 2017 at 9:03 am UTC

ageresWhat about performance on AMD CPUs? Once again my FX-8350 is in the minimum settings and only Intel is in the max settings.

Haven't tried it extensibly yet, but from the few minutes I played it was running very well (I have an RX 480 8GB GPU, in case it's important).

EDIT: My CPU is an AMD FX-8350

The Talos Principle has a new stable build with more Vulkan optimizations
15 February 2017 at 10:52 am UTC

SolitaryTo remember REISUB, you can either:

- Remember that it's BUSIER backwards
- Reboot Even If System Utterly Broken

I originally learned it wih "Raising Elephants Is Utterly Boring".

The developers of Heavy Gear Assault say that supporting Linux is a 'top concern'
9 February 2017 at 6:49 pm UTC

beniwtvWell, tried it now - on some maps you can actually play now, some are still broken
Do make sure you report any issues

Yes - I report quite a lot of issues to developers, and up until now all have been solved with updates / beta-branches .

I need to give this a little more testing time, though. have not yet had the chance to test this properly - or to play with graphical settings and such.

The developers of Heavy Gear Assault say that supporting Linux is a 'top concern'
9 February 2017 at 6:43 pm UTC

Well, tried it now - on some maps you can actually play now, some are still broken

HITMAN for Linux officially announced, port by Feral Interactive and arriving this month
9 February 2017 at 2:21 pm UTC

stanI would also prefer if Feral and others (Aspyr, Croteam…) made DRM-free releases on DRM-free platforms, because with Steam a tiny change by Valve can mean I don’t have access to my games anymore. Tomb Raider stopped working here, but I have no idea if it’s because of a game update (that are impossible to prevent with Steam), a Steam client update, or a system update. And that’s only one game but if the Steam client completely stops working then it’s bye bye to hundreds of games I paid for.

The positive thing about Steam is I can get a refund if the game doesn’t work or I don’t like it…

Many people seem to forget here that only a percentage of the money that you pay for a game goes to Steam/Valve - the rest goes to the publisher / developer of the game.

Which means that even if Steam went away, you still paid for your goods: To the publisher / developer. And I very much doubt that any sane company would just tell everyone to "just buy our games again" - first, because it's probably illegal in many countries, and second, would be a pr disaster.

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