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Latest Comments by x_wing
Humble Store is doing a 'Pixel Perfect Platformers Sale' and it has some top Linux games for cheap
17 July 2018 at 2:00 pm UTC

The Linux Programming Interface is a classic! If you like low level programming, this book is the bible for Linux devs. Paying just 30 usd for that book is an excellent deal!

Futuristic thriller 'State of Mind' has a new story trailer and releasing a day earlier than expected
16 July 2018 at 12:11 am UTC

FeistBought it! The game seems very promising and day1 linux-support is juat another reason to give my own support. However, my backlog has really started to grow lately so I doubt I´ll be playing it anytime soon.

Looks like they answer your question in May video XD

Futuristic thriller 'State of Mind' has a new story trailer and releasing a day earlier than expected
16 July 2018 at 12:10 am UTC

Sounds like a mix of Matrix, Tron & I Robot... Hope I don't regret of this pre-purchase XD

Prepare a glass for some more Wine as DXVK 0.62 is out with possible performance improvements
15 July 2018 at 3:52 am UTC

Purple Library GuyI think, though, that basically it's impossible for a thing like Wine to result in equivalent performance. This is not a problem for games where performance isn't an issue either because they're "smaller" games not demanding too much of the hardware, or older games that demanded a lot of old hardware. But when it comes to the "latest and greatest", Wine-based releases would mean Windows games would be consistently faster than Linux games, and the basic gamer position on Linux would then simply be "it's slow".
I still like Wine, though. But I don't like the idea of Wine as the default "release" method for games on Linux, no matter how good Wine gets. It would relegate Linux to a ghetto.

In the current situation of Linux gaming market, ain't we a ghetto? Also, I think that doing the right optimizations, many games will get the almost the same performance in both platforms. But even if we there is a performance hit, that shouldn't bother us if it lets people play the games they want in our platform with publishers support and one click installers.

Purple Library GuyI guess the main reason this bothers me is that to a fair extent I see games on Linux as more of a means than an end--I want to see the Linux desktop grow to the point of being a recognized serious platform with a big share of desktop use. I want this because I support Open Source software, because I dislike monopolies, because I specifically dislike Microsoft, because more Linux desktop users means more Linux desktop development and bugfixing, and because many of the remaining problems of the Linux desktop are related to it being too small for outfits doing desktop-related things (software, hardware, standards) to have to take it into account. A Wine-based gaming solution would in theory solve the problem of game availability for existing Linux users, but with inferior performance would be less good in terms of the problem of gamers being willing to switch to Linux, so it wouldn't help grow the Linux desktop.

Something is better than nothing. With nothing no one will make the switch, as they don't get "the software they need" in our platform (that's ones of the main complains I get when I offer a Linux), with something at least most of the people that dual boot will stop doing so, and that's a big win from my point of view.

Kalypso Media buy the rights to the Commandos IP, a new game is coming plus updates to older titles
12 July 2018 at 12:04 pm UTC Likes: 3

Wow, childhood coming back. Will be really nice to get Commandos in our platform.

Looks like 'Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive' may be coming to Linux
6 July 2018 at 12:21 pm UTC Likes: 1

cRaZy-bisCuiTWow, that would be amazing! Actually I'd love to play this game again! I spent so many hours on that one as a child.

Also, I think people like us are exactly the ones they're targeting with such ports. It's unlikely kids will play these old games under Linux.
The problem I have with this is most of us already own a copy so they're not going to make much money by porting it, unless we all start gifting copies to strangers.

Since I used to play it with a CD, I don't own it on Steam. And since it is out right now I'll buy it when I'm back home!

Edit: Is it native or wrapped?

If by "wrapped" you mean "with wine prefix", then no, there is native binary and didn't see any wine reference in the game directory.

Working flawlessly in Ubuntu 16.04! The only drawback is what Ketil mentions XD

Looks like 'Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive' may be coming to Linux
4 July 2018 at 6:03 pm UTC Likes: 2

The Commandos of the far west. Definitely will be part of my Steam library.

Mesa now supports OpenGL 4.4 Compatibility Profile for radeonsi
2 July 2018 at 2:14 pm UTC

soulsourceNext up: Firefox gets support for MSIE 5 CSS box model implementation and MSIE 6 Quirks Mode.

Sorry, but imho software using compatibility profiles should be fixed to use non-deprecated API functions. Exposing that functionality in the graphics driver just encourages developers to write code that uses it, what most likely means bad code.

I agree, but we also have to think on the end user, the one that just want to play/work, so having this in the driver will improve the user experience on Linux.

In the other hand, AFAIK, compability profiles are kinda an "standard" (or at least the khronos group makes an specification). Maybe the problem is that the ones that makes the API let the devs to use this feature, and should be them the ones to blame on.

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
30 June 2018 at 7:50 pm UTC Likes: 1

mirvBecause why would anyone consider porting to a platform where people pirate games anyway?

That's how it impacts the GNU/Linux gaming market.

Yeah, that's probably why publihser will stop release their games with Windows support. You know, lots of people using pirated software in that OS (even on a pirated OS!), who would want to keep publishing there?

If the idea here is to make think the publishers that we're all saints... I don't know guys, this is just stupid.

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
30 June 2018 at 7:30 pm UTC

jensSorry, but no. There is really no reason to not pay the developers/designers etc. for their work with their conditions if you use their product in some way or the other. If the product is not as you wish or if you can't afford it, just don't buy it and move on. Simple as that and applies to everyone.

So now and in the past, you always pay for your software? Let me see if I understand your point with a simple example: When I was about 11 years old I got a pirated version of 3DsMax. Based on what you said, I should have ask my parents to pay the license? And I have many more example, but I like the idea of starting with a software that his license cost more than 1k usd...

Also, I would like to know if always pay for everything you use. For example, you never download/ed a film/series with a torrent? Or shared your music with friends? Come on guys! Why do you keep bringing everything as a white or black dilemma when it has so many branchs?

NeverthelessI do understand that. What I meant was: We're a small community with a small platform. As was pointed out several times by other users in this forum, we have to be more positive (as in friendly, helpful, honest) than users of other platforms. That way Linux already gets more support than market logic allows.

I completely agree, playing games on Linux is not an easy task, we are in the beginnings and we make many sacrifices in order to get what we want. And that also means that if we want to get more people in our OS we need to make everything as simple as it is on Windows. In other words: the publishers and developer should give support to the software the publish in our OS, and no mather if they publish their game with a wrapper, wine, dosbox, etc. the idea is that they give the end users solutions to any linux specific bugs.

Keeping our self satisfied with the idea of "hey, at least it works on wine... for now" won't get us anywhere. What will get us is to buy the games on which the publisher gives support in our OS and address all the problems that their software have in our platform.

With all this said, still not see how buying a Windows only game will help the Linux market in any way. If the publisher doesn't work in order to publish the game in our platform it just means that they don't expect any earning from our side. So, going back to the "It's moral to not to buy the software you use?" dilemma, it's just a problem of each user and restricted on their own problems. But again, unless we're talking about of products with Linux support, I don't see how it'll impact our market.

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