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Latest Comments by Brisse
All older games being sold in Germany on Steam now require a content rating
1 March 2024 at 10:22 pm UTC Likes: 3

Good. If they're asking for money for these games (i.e. it's a business working within the capitalist framework) then that's exactly the sort of demand a state and it's citizens should be able to put on the sellers, whether they're a small self published indie or a massive publisher. This is a consumer friendly thing, as long as they keep their hands off open source, freeware, abandonware etc.

And to anyone who screams cENsORshiP: No it's not, not even remotely. This word has been so misused in the last few years and every time it happens, it's meaning is hollowed out, which is paving the way for actual censorship.

Check out this great overview of NVK, the open source NVIDIA Vulkan driver
21 December 2023 at 7:39 pm UTC Likes: 3

Quoting: pleasereadthemanualNVENC would be nice, but I'm fine with not having it. CUDA might be necessary for some of my workflows at some point...

Vulkan Video Decoding (and encoding) is a thing and might be a good alternative for NVENC at some point, especially for people opting to ditch the proprietary driver.

Probably, the things people are going to miss out on is CUDA and maybe DLSS, which I assume will not work without the proprietary driver.

Quoting: NozoThe GPU I have is a kepler-based graphics card, which is about to be discontinued by NVIDIA, it is literally going to have a higher lifespan on Windows than on Linux due to the transition to Wayland, since the proprietary drivers for this graphics card have already entered the legacy branch for a long time, which is ridiculous, the planned obsolescence caused by proprietary drivers is alienating.

My R9 Fury is also considered "legacy" by AMD proprietary drivers on both Windows and Linux, and also AMDVLK, so no Vulkan 1.3 support and no Vulkan Video. Runs great on the latest Mesa drivers though, which means Vulkan 1.3 and Vulkan Video (still experimental though).

Actually, I got to experience the whole upbringing of the open stack using this card which was an exciting journey of sorts, and earlier this year I received an RTX2070S as a very generous gift so now I get to experience almost the same thing again all over using hardware from team green.

GNOME 45 released with dynamic workspace indicator, camera indicator and much more
20 September 2023 at 9:37 pm UTC Likes: 1

Installed it yesterday from Debian experimental, but it turned out to be unusable initially due to mutter Issue #2974. For me it was much worse than described in the bug report. Mouse pointer froze all the time for 100's and sometimes even 1000's of milliseconds when the system was idle and would then make huge jumps every now and then, like when there's an animation or something.

The workarounds seemed reasonable at first, but today I wanted to play some Baldur's Gate 3 and the in-game mouse pointer was gone due to the workarounds needed to make it work on the desktop. I ended up reverting to GNOME 44.5 for the time being. Not sure how they could release 45 with that bug. Maybe it doesn't affect many systems or something but for me it turned out to be unusuble in this state.

Looking forward to trying again as soon as that bug is resolved.

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny to focus on Scandinavia and Finland
7 June 2023 at 9:39 pm UTC Likes: 1

As a swede I have this weird habit of almost always playing Sweden (that goes for EUIV too). At face value it seems like an uninteresting choice in this game (unlike EUIV), but the thing is, you can chose to side with either of the three major coalitions, and it is just powerful enough to be able to decide the fate of the entire world. You can also successfully prevent the fascist takeover of Norway and Denmark, either by siding with them early on and supporting them, or by going communist and conquer them by invasion (works on Finland too if you side with the USSR). Or just allow the takeover to happen... Either way, you can side with the allies and win the game, you can side with the fascists and win the game and you can side with the communists and win the game. It's tricky, some more than others but they are all viable with some careful planning. Sounds like this expansion was basically made for me

Mesa graphics drivers 23.1.0 out now with RADV GPL enabled
11 May 2023 at 9:30 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: KROMI'm specifically excited for this rusticl stuff. Not having access to a usable version of OpenCL with Mesa made a lot of things I wanted to play with pretty much impossible. Really looking forward to what it is capable of.

I've just started poking around a bit with it too. Just keep in mind that it's still early, and I guess experimental. The way the release announcement is written can make one think it's production ready or something along those lines, but it is so experimental in fact that it's hidden behind an environment variable.

So unless you want to see:
Platform Name                                   rusticl
Number of devices                                 0

You will need to run:
RUSTICL_ENABLE=radeonsi clinfo

Factorio gets official Wayland support on Linux
4 March 2023 at 4:53 pm UTC

Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: BrisseSteam Overlay does not work.
Steam itself never had Wayland support, that may be why Steam Overlay does not work. Does mangohud work?

Yes, Mangohud works. I think it's implemented as a Vulkan layer so it doesn't really matter what display protocol is being used in that case. I don't think the Steam Overlay can be implemented as a Vulkan layer though since it's quite interactive and I don't think Vulkan layers are suited for this.

Factorio gets official Wayland support on Linux
4 March 2023 at 12:00 pm UTC Likes: 1

I don't have this game, but I recently tried this environment variable (SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland) on my entire library which currently sits at 42 installed games. Obviously not all of them use SDL or has an up to date version, and some games are using Proton, but I found two games which actually started and was rendering a proper Wayland surface: The Long Dark and Terraria. Tried playing the former for a few hours, and if I play with mouse and keyboard it works nicely. Two caveats though: My Xbox One controller was not working, and the Steam Overlay does not work. As I understand it, the latter will be tricky for developers to solve due to Wayland's security model, so don't expect it any time soon.

Returnal is just rough on Steam Deck but great on Desktop Linux
16 February 2023 at 6:41 pm UTC

Completely unplayable on my desktop system, probably because of my limited VRAM.

In-game benchmark
Initial run, 1440p low, probably some shader comp stutter: 8fps
Second run, enabled FSR Performance, otherwise same settings: 40fps (although very irregular and unpleasant).

Tried playing briefly. Cinematic plays fine, but when you gain control it's really unpleasant and unresponsive. Not going to waste more time on it.

Quoting: DoctorJunglistHas anyone tested it yet with an Nvidia Pascal GPU? I have a GTX 1070 in my desktop and I'm curious how well the game would fare on it.

My guess is your system will fare better than mine and it might be playable although not super smooth. Minimum system requirements state GTX 1060 6GiB.

Big new Stable Update for Steam Deck and Desktop Steam
2 February 2023 at 12:33 pm UTC

Spent a few minutes looking around the new big picture UI. Seems to work pretty well. Performance was fine and it didn't seem to load the system too much (makes sense considering it was developed for a battery powered handheld device). Surprised how much it has in common with the desktop UI, and they crammed a lot of the same features in there, yet it works really well with a controller.

Just one issue: When reading a "news" article, the background blurs while the article is presented on top. So far so good. When pressing B on the controller to go back, the blur effect doesn't go away even though the news article closes. Other than that, I didn't see anything odd.

Remember to support the projects you use and appreciate
11 January 2023 at 7:53 pm UTC Likes: 2

Maybe a bit off-topic, but it reminded me of some thoughts I had a few days ago. I noticed lutris-wine hadn't been updated in a while and I decided to check on GitHub to see what was going on. The only things I noticed was that the person who used to publish new releases disappeared completely roughly in the middle of September. I'm not saying I know what's going on, but his name sounds quite Russian, and the timing coincide with the mobilization ordered by the Kremlin. Judging by the pride-flag next to his avatar, my guess is he's no friend of the Russian government, but gosh I hope he's okay and that my assumptions of what might have happened are totally wrong.