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Ex-editor. Created the GoL mascot.

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'Alien Arena: Tactical' pre-demo release review

By Alex V.Sharp,
A first look at the alpha demo of the upcoming free, class based multiplayer shooter 'Alien Arena: Tactical'. We list the available player roles, explain the gameplay, mechanics and goals, as well as point out a flaw or two. All this to give you a general idea before the public demo, but also to prepare for feedback gathering.

Hyperspace Pinball Looking for Linux Testers

By Alex V.Sharp,
NOTE: This news is mostly a repost from the developer's Desura news page. Download li...

'Race the Sun' - a fast-paced racer with mod support

By Alex V.Sharp,
After doing some initial testing, Indie studio Flippfly was thrilled to announce that their upcoming title 'Race the Sun' will also include Linux support! Quoted from their

"The Unvanquished" team's interview

By Alex V.Sharp,
Following the uncharted paths of open source gaming deeper into the unknown, this week GOL brings you an interview with a whole lot of people involved with the development of the upcoming game 'Unvanquished'. It is considered the "spiritual...

Mercenaries explain Operation Vigrior

By Alex V.Sharp,
This time we bring you an interview with Mercenary Games, the dedicated team behind 'FleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior'. The article explains about the hardships they faced while working on their title, as well as how they see many aspects of the cu...

Salvation Prophecy predicted for Linux

By Alex V.Sharp,
Have you ever heard of Firedance Games? It's a fairly small Indie developer, small as in only Sean Lindskog

An interview about "Ensign-1"

By Alex V.Sharp,
This week we talk about the upcoming space game "Ensign-1" by Only Human Studios. Our guests are Brandon Smith (aka."Onion") the lead programmer, and Kevin Pe...

FireFall "might" be coming to Linux

By Alex V.Sharp,
It seems that Linux is making a comeback as a viable gaming platform as more and more developers consider adding cross-platform support to their titles. And while most of the times this is something associated with small Indie studios, sometimes triple-A ...

Exclusive interview with Gaslamp Games

By Alex V.Sharp,
Dear readers, it has arrived! It is with great pleasure that GoL brings you an exclusive interview with Nicholas Vining and Daniel Jacobsen, members of

"UFO: Alien Invasion" developers' interview

By Alex V.Sharp,
This... Tuesday...? Well there goes my Monday schedule... Let's just stick with "once a week", eh? :p Anyway, this time GoL brings you an interview with two lead programmers for the open-source game "UFO: Alien Invasion". We will fi...

Is Victory worth a Linux version?

By Alex V.Sharp,
Have you guys ever heard of a game called "Nitronic Rush"? Well, you would like to see it on Linux anyway, right?

Interviewing the Naev Development Team

By Alex V.Sharp,
Hello folks! This Monday GoL brings you parallel interviews with members of the core team for the free open-source game "Naev" QuoteNaev is a 2D space trading and combat game, taking inspiration from the
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