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I'm and enthusiast of Linux on Laptops and Secure Boot related stuff. Playing exclusively on Linux since 2013. Played on Wine on dates that trace back to 2008(Diablo 2, Lineage 2...). A troubleshooter that used to work with strace and it is now working with Kubernetes...

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Former Nouveau driver lead joins NVIDIA and sent a massive patch set

By nwildner,
Ben Skeggs, former Nouveau lead developer and former Red Hat employee has joined NVIDIA and appears to still be working on the open source drivers.

SDL 3 will prefer Wayland Over X11, if certain protocols are available

By nwildner,
Less than a week ago, SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) developers restarted the discussion regarding whether Wayland should be configured as the preferred over X11, but now Wayland will be sticking if certain Wayland protocols are available.

Nova, a Rust-based Linux driver for NVIDIA GPUs announced

By nwildner,
Danilo Krummrich who is a Red Hat display driver team Software Engineer, announced the Nova project, a Rust-based GSP-only driver for Nvidia GPUs.

Retro-gaming Linux distribution Batocera 39 released

By nwildner,
Batocera.linux is an open-source and completely free retro-gaming distribution, and a new release is now available.

Fedora Workstation 41 will drop GNOME X.Org session as fallback option

By nwildner,
While defaulting to Wayland since version 25 of Fedora Workstation (GNOME), and Fedora version 34 for the KDE Plasma Desktop spin, this Linux distribution intends to completely ditch X.Org session as fallback for GNOME on release 41.

Nintendo DS emulator DraStic became free of charge after Yuzu case

By nwildner,
After Yuzu emulator owners agreed to pay Nintendo $2.4 million USD and EmuDeck also announcing Yuzu and Citra removal right after the court settlement became available on the internet, Nintendo DS emulator DraStic is now free.

AMDGPU driver for Linux 6.7 enforces lower power limits from vBIOS

By nwildner,
Starting with Linux kernel 6.7, users of the AMDGPU driver are not be able to set power limits below the recommended values advised by the AMD Engineering team on the hardware itself. The new low-power limits are intentionally enforced and set based on each card vBIOS specification.

Lots of exciting updates coming to the free & open source RPG Veloren

By nwildner,
Veloren, the free and open source action-adventure role-playing voxel game made in Rust keeps evolving. Since its last public v0.15 release in July 2023, much has changed and lots of improvements were made so far.

NVIDIA open source driver to use NVK + Zink for OpenGL on newer GPUs

By nwildner,
A recent merge request on the Mesa Git repository added the initial support for allowing drivers to chose Zink as the translation layer for handling OpenGL.

The state of optimus-manager explained by its developer

By nwildner,
This Linux program provides a solution for GPU switching on Optimus laptops (i.e laptops with a dual Nvidia/Intel or Nvidia/AMD configuration).

NVIDIA posts NVAPI core software development kit on GitHub

By nwildner,
NVAPI is NVIDIA's core software development kit that allows direct access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers on supported platforms, and it's now been put up on GitHub.
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