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Rack N Ruin Top Down Action & Adventure Game Released For Linux

By ripper,
Rack N Ruin is top down action adventure game similar to Legend of Zelda or The Binding of Isaac. As a demonic wizard you roam an open world, solve quests and puzzles, and most importantly decimate thousands of enemies using evil and malevolent magic, weapons and abilities. Instead of saving the world, you get a chance to destroy it for a change!

How Steam Computes Linux Sales

By ripper,
If you are a regular visitor of this site, you probably want your Steam purchase to be counted as a Linux sale. But how does Steam actually consider you to be a Linux buyer? It's trickier than you think.

Legend Of Grimrock 2 On Linux Is Uncertain

By ripper,
I have been really looking forward to playing Legend of Grimrock 2 soon. Unfortunately, the game is not available for Linux yet, and as it seems it's not certain whether we will see it on Linux at all.
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