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gogonlinux client to help bring gog games to Linux

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A new application has popped up called "gogonlinux" which aims to hopefully help people play their games under Linux.

It seems very much like "playonlinux" in the way of it using Wine but this also uses scummvm and dosbox since a fair few games need them.

QuoteGogonlinux is a project that tries to port most games to the Linux platform. It's comprised of a set of tools apt to provide the easiest experience of games without requiring any extensive knowledge from the users. Simply launch our program and connect your account, you will then be able to download and run your videogames with ease. We will provide all the compatibility patches and updates required to make your games run flawlessly.

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I am the owner of GamingOnLinux. After discovering Linux back in the days of Mandrake in 2003, I constantly came back to check on the progress of Linux until Ubuntu appeared on the scene and it helped me to really love it. You can reach me easily by emailing GamingOnLinux directly.
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Anon Dec 9, 2012
Quoting: "liamdawe, post: 7045, member: 1"A new application has popped up called "[URL='']gogonlinux[/URL]" which aims to hopefully help people play their games under Linux.

It seems very much like "playonlinux" in the way of it using Wine but this also uses scummvm and dosbox since a fair few games need them.


While the idea of this is nice, all the scripts are hosted remotely (and you can't see their content ahead of time) and it's unable to use a custom Wine version (since many things do not work on the latest Wine but did before). Still, might be good.
Alex V.Sharp Dec 9, 2012
I don't understand why didn't they just help get PlayOnLinux upgraded instead of making a completely new client.
Don't want to sound rude or anything, but like I really needed yet another application besides POL, winetricks, CrossOver, whatever. :(
Xpander Dec 9, 2012
indeed, POL has really good support for most of the gog games. why create another client i dont understand really.
tho the effort is good.
Liam Dawe Dec 9, 2012
Well competition is good but I agree we already have quite a few.
Morgawr Dec 11, 2012
Greetings, I am the gogonlinux main developer.
First of all, thanks for taking notice of my project, I appreciate it ;)
I understand your concerns and I am well aware of the existence of PlayOnLinux (the name is similar, I took my inspiration from there). The problem with PlayOnLinux (and similar projects, like codeweavers for example) is that they are GIANT projects. They tend to populate a huge part of your Linux installation and they can become quite messy for the less trained users (read: people who just want to play games and not be bothered with problems). POL is an excellent project and I applaud the developers, it does a lot of things right and is surely a successful idea. The problem is that it relies on too many factors and on a platform that is too broad.
Targeting all wine binaries is an enormous project which spreads its effort too much and potentially makes it less intuitive for the average user.

With gogonlinux, I don't plan to just target wine binaries. With gogonlinux all I want is gog users to just log in, download, install and play their games. No strings attached. It doesn't matter if the game is wine, dosbox, scummvm, infinity engine or adventuregamestudio (those last two have half-ports to the Linux system and might get included in the project), it will just run. It's to pave the way to a gog supported Linux platform (I hope they start selling Linux games soon, and when they do my project will be there for them).
My scripts are much simpler and require much less overhead than playonlinux scripts, all gog games and packages have the same structure and make use of the same web API to download them. I doubt POL takes advantage of that (or if it does, I am not aware of it). I personally think that using POL for something as simple as gog games is way overkill and unintuitive for normal users.

I don't really think gogonlinux is "competition" in respect of POL, wine, codeweavers or whatever. It's all a big community, ultimately my goal is to help spreading games on the Linux platform and any alternative method is good and appreciated by me. I don't plan to take the place of POL with this (I very very doubt this would even happen), I just plan to create a place where users can point at and say "THAT is easy to use. THAT works". PlayOnLinux is for the people who want to be power users and get the best out of it, gogonlinux is for people who just want to log in, install and play their (gog) games.

One last thing to say when comparing POL and gogonlinux. Wine support for POL is embedded in their architecture, they provide the most supported wine version for their packages etc etc. That is HUGE and is very powerful BUT it is also very messy. With gogonlinux I expect the user to take care of his system, I don't want to enforce my views on how users should run and install their games. They don't want to use the latest wine release? Well, their game might not run as well as it could, but it's up to them. Each wine game on gogonlinux runs in its clean wineprefix but that's just it. I don't expect them to install different wine versions for different games, that in my opinion is very bossy hehe :)

All in all, want a powerful and heavily scriptable system? Use PlayOnLinux
Want a system that simply works without having to meddle with technicalities? Use gogonlinux

Whew, this was a huge wall of text, I apoligize... I like writing about my project and maybe this reflects too much haha. Btw, ask me anything :rolleyes:
Xpander Dec 11, 2012
thanks for clearing up.
i have yet to put it to the test tho.
gonna do that when i find some more time.
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The comments on this article are closed.