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Porting Civilization: Beyond Earth, Dev Update 6 From Aspyr Media (UPDATED)

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In the comments of the official blog Aspyr have noted they are working on supporting both AMD & Intel:
QuoteMany different versions actually. Once our ATI issues are ironed out, you shouldnt have any issue on FOSS.

QuoteYes, we are talking with them now. Both Intel and AMD have shown great interest in helping here, and we are confident support for both chipsets will be included very soon.

Original Article
Aspyr Media has posted a new update on the Linux port of Civilization: Beyond Earth. Some bad news this time, as it looks like the port might be delayed and support for Intel and ATI graphics cards might be missing on release.

According to the blog post Firaxis/2K are planning to release a patch for the Windows version. Aspyr intends to release the patch for Mac simultaneously, but unfortunately they have run into some problems with it. The post doesn't specify the nature of the problems, but it's bad news for Linux too, since they want to have the patch in before the full release for our platform.

QuoteLike the Mac version, we’ve been working on implementing the new patch into the Linux version prior to release so that it’s fully up-to-date when it goes live. However, we’re seeing some of the same problems as on the Mac. And like the Mac version patch release, this may cause a delay in the full game’s release on Linux.

For Intel and ATI users there is more bad news, as these graphics card probably won't be supported on launch, due to some issues.

QuoteAdditionally, we’re seeing some graphical problems with Intel and ATI cards on Linux. The performance is good (i.e. no slowdown or chugging frame rates), but there’s still lots of graphical tearing and other anomalies that make it practically unplayable. Though not official yet, it’s likely we’ll drop support for Intel and ATI graphics cards on Linux platforms prior to the game’s launch on Linux.

Hopefully they're able to sort these issues out soon, and we still have our fingers crossed for a release before the holiday season. Article taken from
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Teq 4 Dec, 2014
That sucks (not for me, just in general). Hopefully it's only a temporary situation.
edo 4 Dec, 2014
Seems to be a hard work, after all they are porting the engine from scratch, not like porting a unity game.
I wonder how the free driver behaves related to that bug and performance in general, probably its a matter of not enough opengl 4 stuff in mesa 10.3 (that is the one probably tested, due to its the one included in ubuntu 14.04). Related to the intel driver, I have listened it's a good driver. I hope this get fixed before the release.
reference2myself 4 Dec, 2014
This is why I just got a new nvidia card, most games work like crap with ati and intel on linux.
natewardawg 4 Dec, 2014
I really appreciate them being so open and giving people the heads up about GPU support and a later release.

While they probably have good reasons, I wish the Metro Redux devs would be at least a tiny bit open with how it's coming as I'm starting to wonder if they will ever release it on Linux. I don't think we've heard a peep from them since it was on Pre-Sale.
fedso 4 Dec, 2014
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  • Supporter
Quote[...]due to bad performance.[...]
[...]The performance is good (i.e. no slowdown or chugging frame rates)[...]

toni 4 Dec, 2014
Quoting: fedso
Quote[...]due to bad performance.[...]
[...]The performance is good (i.e. no slowdown or chugging frame rates)[...]
Ok, seems contradictory but I suppose he means that the product doesn't performs correctly on those systems, but the frame rate is good.
flesk 4 Dec, 2014
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Oops. I rewrote that part a bit now. Thanks.
Pangachat 4 Dec, 2014
No ATI support, no buy.
coeseta 4 Dec, 2014
Good thing I decided to get a nvidia card, back when I was buying my pc.
Beamboom 4 Dec, 2014
If I understand correctly these are issues they are having with ATI and Intel across all platforms, not just Linux. So it seems we should not be too quick to jump on the conclusion that the Linux drivers suck. At least not solely.
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The comments on this article are closed.