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Another week down, most of us are still in lockdown with the Coronavirus and there's plenty of time to play games. Playing games can be a truly wonderful way to get your mind off everything too!

Personally, I've been very surprised by Iratus: Lord of the Dead which recently left Early Access with added Linux support. The mix of party-building from body parts, with reverse dungeon crawling as you're trying to escape is quite a wonderful. It's quickly become my new go-to game for a few rounds, replacing Slay the Spire. Apart from that, jumping into a few rounds in PUBG on Stadia (article info - see video) has proven quite fun.

Over to you in the comments!

What have you been playing recently on Linux and what do you think about it? What's tickling your fancy this weekend?

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riusma May 2, 2020
With some friends (Linux & Windows) we abandoned L4D2 (after twenty hours of play) for Insurgency and I must say that it is really an excellent tactical FPS, very pleasant to play (mainly in coop on the official servers for the moment), with a rather pleasant community (some undesirable behaviors from time to time but rather little overall) ... almost sixty hours of play in a few weeks and I do not think that I will stop soon (and there is not much else available in terms of tactical FPS under Linux)! ^_^
Cimeryd May 2, 2020
In my rather limited game time (I have two kids and for some reason, I still have a job), I've installed Star Wars The Old Republic, trying out a few of the classes. It's good fun, and I enjoy the opening stories so far. I'm undecided which class to keep levelling, but the game itself is enjoyable.

Yesterday, Star Wars Jedi: Broken Order came on sale for the PS4, so I will be getting a lot of time in the SW universe in the coming weeks.
Janne May 2, 2020
I got the Parklife DLC giveaway which sucked me back into Cities Skylines.

I'm also still playing Underlords, as well as Into The Breach (which got some much needed tweaks and a native Linux version).

But a lot of my extra free time has gone into playing with my Pinebook Pro. Amazingly, gaming is not impossible on it.
FredO May 2, 2020
I've been trying GRID in Stadia, and it's been smooth and without any input lag that I could tell. I didn't expect such a good result to be honest.

Also Street Fighter V using the latest Proton version. I still remember that full page Steam banner about this coming to SteamOS ;-) so it's nice that it can now be played on Linux, even if not native.
on_en_a_gros May 2, 2020
I play a lot of dying light lately, haven't launched it in years but it hooked me again with the Easter event. The rest of my gaming time is spent between dead cell (I wasn't interest in the game at launch, but after trying it out I understand all the surrounding hype, it's a fantastic game), Golf with your friend (which is more golf with your girlfriend in my case), and as always insurgency from time to time. Finally, via steam play, I started dishonored.
MrNilsson May 2, 2020
I'm going to play Planet Zoo and some CS:GO this weekend.
Feist May 2, 2020
Recently, I've played through in order:

"Black Mesa", a wonderful return to HalfLife and a worthy conclusion with the new Xen level.
"GreedFall", I think this is the most successfull game by "Spiders", so I found it somewhat ironic that I thought it was much less fun to play than both "Mars: War Logs" and "Bound by Blood".
"Resident Evil 2 (remake)", Nice gameplay/puzzles and beautiful, though a little on the short side.
"Resident Evil 7" Great horror game, I think this is the closest I've ever felt to being stuck inside a 70s-80s horror flick (The Hills have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw etc. etc.)
"Fahrenheit: Remastered". I finally got around to finishing this great old gem (again), now if only "Heavy Rain" would be released on steam....

Currently I'm playing through Expeditions: Viking which seems pretty good this far (20 hrs in) and Remember Me, which is much better than I expected, though the combat mechanics took some getting used to.
Leopard May 2, 2020
Kingdom Come Deliverance , ETS2 ,CS GO and Detroit Become Human on Linux.
Feist May 2, 2020
Quoting: PatolaAh, another Spiders fan! Have you played Technomancer to compare?

Does it run well on Proton? I have not finished Expeditions: Conquistador yet... How do the two compare?

Sorry to say, I haven't played "Technomancer" yet. I've had it on my wishlist forever but first I was hoping for a native linux port and then proton arrived and I almost forgot about it in the flood of new gaming possibilities. I will get around to it in time without question.

As for "Expeditions: Vikng",It runs great with proton but you must switch to "Proton-5.6-GE-2" for everything to work properly. The combat and camping mechanics are very similar. but there is also much more focus on resource gathering and building up strength & prosperity in your danish "home base".

Last edited by Feist on 2 May 2020 at 1:22 pm UTC
kaiman May 2, 2020
For the majority I've been playing The Bard's Tale IV. It's plenty fun, but plagued by technical issues.

Yesterday I went back to F1 2017 for another race, but still a couple more to go before I can complete the season.

Also started playing Counterfeit Monkey, a text adventure with quite interesting puzzles.
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The comments on this article are closed.